Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor at the Lions Club anniversary celebrations

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Seen here is the gorgeous Sridevi with hubby Boney Kapoor and brother-in-law Anil Kapoor at the 50th anniversary celebrations of Lions Club Andheri.

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Credits: viral bhayani

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the origional goddess of bollywood.

nice saree

the glamour doll is back with a bang.doesnt look her age at all,has got a fab collection of sarees.

sri u matter what u wear looks appealing.the only maharani of tinseltown.

For someone who's about to touch 50, she looks good.

Every actress in Bollywood will look scary without their grease paint. Sridevi being brave enough to come out with minimal make-up.

I've always loved sri

Sridevi's neck broken?

wow!love sridevis look.the saree is so beautiful and her make up is minimum which adds her to her charming persona.

sreedevi is a diva for sure.she looks so beautiful in this saree.she always experiments with her looks and succeeds.

This look is very severe but I think only she could pull off such a complex look.

He really does look like a koala bear!

LOLLLL@ "koala and polar bear are on a walk out.... lol."
Sri devi looks so off in these pics, why is she looking so different???

This is what you call real lighting, darlings!
No soft whitening Bollywood lighting.

The cheek implants look so weird.

So elegant as usual. The collar was unnecessary,but pretty sari.

Holy... Sridevi does NOT look good without full coverage foundation. I had no idea she looked this bad with light makeup

Nothing about this look is right!
Blouse arm border and neck is hideous!
Sri is off her game - in every way!!!

looks tired with a zit on her face

she looks diving but a bit tired.

Yikes this look, that blouse neckline highlights all the worst things about her looks e.g. the beak nose!

Have you all noticed that Boney hasn't been spotted in a XXL satin shirt in a long time? I bet cause his wife and daughter read all the negative comments about his satin shirts.

Such a pretty saree and blouse.
Vidya Balan should learn from Sridevi about sarees and fashion....instead of boring us with her aunty ji type sarees.
Sridevi has a great fashion sense.

She looks a bit like Asin in some pics!

koala and polar bear are on a walk out.... lol.

sridevi is still stunning n graceful.

so so beautiful!

Sridevi has a great dress sense and knows exactly how to present herself. Besides, she is blessed with thick hair and hair line which always helps especially when one gets older. Her nose is too prominent these days though..may be time for another corrective surgery??!!

Sridevi looks very bad..........

sorry but she looks old, thin and washed out!! the charm that she use to once have is not there anymore
i guess people call her beautiful out of respect that she is an old actress and use to be really loved at one time.
some people look nice with a bit of meat on them like sridevi use to, but now she just looks washed out!
waheeda rehman, hema malini are 2 examples of women who still managed to preserve that charm that they use to have about them.

Sri devi is looking amazing ! beautiful Saree :)

Without proper makeup this is how she looks.
Sad, she didn't grow old elegantly like Sharmila ji

Lovely Saarhi... but I get so sad when I see beautiful faces ruined by so much unnecessary surgeries

at this age she is too graceful.a diva for sure!

why does she always hide her tummy by putting her hand infront of it! silly! she looks awesome though!

She looks like asin here

Bad makeup..she looks tired.

sreedevi looks damn stylish.she has got impeccable taste.

wow she really is the epitome of class and gorgeousness

Sridevi looks scary without makeup wow.

She looks terrible

sridevi looking beautiful and gorgeous.she has got a great fashion it.

She's not applied any foundation it seems... Looking washed out.. With that gorgeous saree she should've applied some foundation and a red lip to pop..
Loving the saree and hair though.. Gorgeous as ever..

Sri aunty copying Deepika's look at SLB's birthday party...but both look god

gorgeous Shree.. makeup could have been little better but she is still gorgeous

Ok I admit I am jealous now. Sridevi, you're phenomenal.

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