Anushka Sharma on the cover of Grazia [Spetember 2011]

Anushka Sharma on the cover of Grazia [Spetember 2011] 0
Anushka Sharma on the cover of Grazia [Spetember 2011] 0

Anushka Sharma graces the cover of Grazia for the month of September 2011. I love the fact that cover has not been photoshopped much.

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The youngest bollywood superstar!!! and the best part.... she is so totally NATURAL.... Love you Nushie .... you totally rock everything you do and you're better than the immensely talented RANVEER and you'll always be. He's now trashing himself with the most OVERRATED OVERHYPED NONENTITY called SONAKSHI

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I like her pose!

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flop.she has been just trying too hard.whereas she is natually sexy

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Vogue India, take notes, this is a cover (blows the Nargis cover right out of the water!), she looks good, and the styling is GREAT!

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love it! anushka is great!

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