Anushka Sharma family album


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i love you Anushka

i an big fan of yours anushka . i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

hey hi anushka my esha ebrahim molla u r the suppprrrrrrrrrr girl♥..........

anushka sharma u r so sweet ;cute and beautiful girl . i like u so much

hello anushka

hello aunushka

i love u anushka more tn myslf

i like it'

i like ih

انتي افضل ممتلة عندي انوشكا شرما جمالك ابهرني وضحكتك ساحرة وانتي كثير حلوة انا من معجباتك بنت من جزائر ولاية غليزان

very bad

Cute, simple girl. She can become really big in bollywood and beautiful if she works hard

u r very sweet di

i like ur pics and ur mom is soo nice bilkul ap ka jasi

Anushka is a smashing talent. One of the leading actors for me in the industry on par with Kareena. Love her raw natural acting.


u look beautifull in salvaar suit

i like anushka, mainly in tujhe mein rab tikthahe yaara me kya karu...

nice pictures

I like you. rab kare aap se ek bar mila de. {you are a most fvt.for me}thank you
you are my angel


hello i am simran

Anuska is very cute and sexy heroin, i like her acting....

fokirnir mot dekhte

she seem's 2 b really tipsy

seems to be a really very happy family. May God bless them. she is one of the gorgous ladies of bollywood. love her

I love this girl. Anushka seems so unaffected and nice. She and her family just look so real and normal. Not all freaky and filmi at all.

i love you more than my self

anushka rocks

ewwwwww i can see her nip** in the 3rd pic

awwww she is soo cute! wonderful pictures
TFS emysal..really brought a smile to my face

shez cute


she's really cute!
but look at her friends legs, they are so skinny!!! i can't help notice..

It's funny because she looks extremely petite compared to the rest of her family. She looks a lot like her Mom though. Love ya Anushka!

can't wait 2 watch more movies of her...

aw cute! I like the one with her brother

she is not that pretty for an actress but i LIKE HER ATTITUDE, and she is cute i guess. eVERYONE IN HER FAMILY IS HEAVY EXCEPT FOR HER?!?!?

so sweet. =]
I like her pic with her bro the best, anushka rocks!

so sweet, where'd you get these scans, a magazine? did an interview come with it? =]

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