Anushka Sharma at UTV Stars promotional photo shoot

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Anushka Sharma at UTV Stars promotional photo shoot.

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such broad features. & are her tan booties from wal-mart?

I loooooooooooove her floral dress! I want it badly, I also liked the black blazer n her tennis BUT those tennis don't go with the whole look! =/ But she looks very pretty n fresh here!

i have that same dress lmao..
its from Forever 21

changing eye colors i see, mhm mhm..

i feel like she's got ridiculously good skin.. i mean yeah she's fair skinned but the texture is soo good smooth and clear unlike kareena...but her features lack! kareena's hot not only because of her skin but also because of her sensual and sharp features. i feel anushkas pretty..but also pretty average she's plain..jmo

nooooseeeee job!

too thin man

Why has she got contact on?

love her desert booties!! she looks gorgeous... very very pretty!!!

she looks so gorgeous

thank God some one has a big face like me

she looks so cute!!!

anushka has started looking so ordinary and common these days.

Her smile is so board....below ordinary.

sweaty armpit lady :D :D

very pretty

OMG she looks gorgeous! that busy print dress works for her skinny body too

she has eye contacts on!!

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