I am not anorexic - Anushka Sharma

Since this discussion of Anushka Sharma being too thin started here at Pinkvilla, I thought let me post this interview of Anushka Sharma from Mumbai Mirror where she refuted this topic.

Here is the bit where she talks about it. Read the whole interview at MM

People believe that you have become anorexic...

Rubbish. I am very tall. 5’ 9” to be precise. This means that if I really put on weight, I shall start looking like a giant. I don’t have the tendency to put on weight. (Pauses)

Go on…

After seeing me in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, people got the wrong impression. In the film, they made me look bigger. I have always been a lean girl. And for heaven’s sake, I am not anorexic. Anorexics eat so little. Watch me eat and you shall know (laughs)!
Another interesting interview about the same topic was published in DNA where Anushka Sharma said that she wears a size 8.Read the DNA interview here

What about you being sub-size zero?

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is nothing known as size zero. I am a size 8, UK. To call me sub zero is ridiculous. 8 is a very healthy size. Being skinny is not a compliment for someone who wants to put on weight, it’s frustrating. The world is obsessed with being overweight. If you are happy the way you are its fine.

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she is not anorexic her weight is 56 for 5.9 so her bmi is 18.5 which is normal

is this girl is anorexic naah she looks very healthy watch nargis fakhri and diana penty 50 kg for 5.9 anushka have 56 kg for 5.9 yes it is not a perfectbut it is not called anorexic and anorexia is a mentle disorder in which people who is suffering from it refuse to eat and get slimmer and slimmer she 56kg from years ago

she looks skinnier now than she looked here. she should eat a cheeseburger now and again.

does she looks anorexic she only look skinny in mere brother ki dulhan's success party just because of the camera angle watch her at women's health magazine launch and other shows you will be notice that she is not anorexic and some people write that her weight is 54 they are wrong her weight is 56 and normal weight for 5.9 inch woman is around 56 to 60

she have skinny body and big face during promotion of jthj she looks super skinny as compare to kat and she says that she is always been a skinny girl is true but she is always been anorexic because she have started modling at age of 16 so she loose a weight from that time

anushka sharma is like iphone 5 more slimmer and more taller thats call SKINNY

anushka sharma is not anorexic i have a proof about that her weight is between 56 to 59 the average weight is about 60 her weight persentage is 8 persent less than average anorexic person have more than 15 persant less weight than average

Anushka seriously looks like she can do with a good meal. She looked like a walking bag of bones during Ranbir's b'day. In the same interview (unmentioned here) ,she says weighs 54 kilos for her 5 ft 9 which is NOT normal.

she doesnt look bad .......the fact is that she is not sexy or very good looking but she is cute and sweet .........she doesnt look very thin here ........i think she looks good generally .......and she can actttt

WHAT? She can definitely put a little bit on some weight and she will never look giant! She will look better, thin but healthy and not with her chicken legs and bones outside!

She is not thin! She needs to work on her love handles for instance

She should remain how she is and continue her diet/workout regime. The skinny look of hers is hot.

some people are naturally skinny but anushka isn't one of them. Thats why her face looks so dead and pasty these days. She said in her kwk interview that aditya chopra thought she wasn't the very pretty so she had to work extra hard on other attributes, skinniness i'm guessing is one of them.

she is not size zero. She is tall and a size 4 US and its perfect on her frame. She has her curves, so she is perfect. Stop hating.

People need to calm down with being obsessed with her weight. I know a lot of people that are just naturally skinny.. It IS possible. Maybe its just the way she is!

She's so in denial!!

if all thin ppl r labelled anorexic, then all fatties should be called gluttons.

Anushka....the worst attitude in bollywood......belive me, if u want to be thiner than this, then im sure u'll be anorexic....

It's true that if you are tall and put on weight, you look giant but when you are too skinny you would look like a wooden stick.

She is probably size 4 or 6 uk. No way- with that skinny body of hers- she wears size 8 uk.

sorry, if she thinks, she looks healthy, i am the queen of Saba *rolleyes*

Who is she kidding? She not only looked healthier on screen but in real life too during the BNBJ era. There is no way she is UK size 8. I'm a UK size 8 and I look much bigger than her.

She sounds deluded (and a little rude, I may add).

"The world is obsessed with being overweight." Uhh... Yeah right!?

nomadays she gained so much attitude.

some people (and i hate them oh so much!!:P) are truly naturally thin. i have had many friends as such. doesn't make them anorexics. anorexia is a serious disease, and you can't just go around labeling skinny people with that. that said, she has lost weight since her first few appearances. but then again, skinner the better in the big bad world of entertainment, right? its the same story world wide!

lol she has lost it...she is a 2d girl in a 3d world!!! she has gome much much thinner than before!! she is just denying it and giving excuses because she know what the truth is. she needs to gain weight asap or she will be in minus sizes

Maybe all the not-eating is killing her brain cells because some of the above conversation doesn't even make sense!
Fact is that in the new Jazba song she is looking extremely thin, much thinner than Band Bajaa Baraat her last release.
Maybe she is eating fine but is really, really overworked? (because that can make you lose weight)
But she has only worked on 1 movie this whole year so how is she overworked?

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