Style File: Anushka Sharma VS Bipasha Basu

We hardly get to see our Bollywood beauties sport a yellow gown at events, but recently Anushka Sharma and Bipasha Basu were both seen flaunting their yellow gowns at different award functions. While Anushka Sharma opted for a Victoria Beckham gown for the Filmfare Awards 2013 ceremony, Bipasha Basu opted for a Gucci gown for the Stardust Awards 2013 ceremony.

Who do you think flaunted their yellow gown the best?

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Credits: pinkvilla

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omg anushka bone sticking out! i really feel for this girl! she is anorexic indeed! i seriously think she needs medical advise!

Bipasha looks far better and effortless...anushka..looks like she has put a lot of effort to stand the victorian hairdo,red lips...she is too thin for any clothing that will show her thin shoulders n back...bipasha carries the dress off effortlessly n thats what i like..

Def bipasha...anushka..looks like she tried too hard to stand out..with the victorian hairdo,red lips...n she is too thin...bipasha def looks better without a lot of effort.

I like Bipasha but Anushka wins here...

Anushka. There is no comparison here. Anushka wins it by a huge margin.


Well Anushka looks great over here and i love Bipasha but its unfair to compare..i mean their outfits are just similar in color but they both have different pattern.


Urgh u can't compare when bipasha's pic are so unflattering nd while she is walking..but in this comparison anuahka qins it !

i hate anushka with a passion nowadays, but gotta admit she looks better here, neither of them are amazing though.


anushka sharma hands down....she elagantly carried such bright color...

They both look good. I feel like they got Bips in a bad angle. Anushka is looking elegant and she looks healthier which is a good thing.

anushka is too thin for my vote. i would like her dress on bipasha's body.

I have to give it to Anushka, as much as I like Bips, Anu looks better here.

Anushka sharma for wearing it first and looking like a million bucks.. Bipasha looks nice but something is off!

Anushka wins so easily it's not even funny - the best red carpet look this year by far! Bipasha herself looks good but that dress just ain't doing nothing for her

Bipasha try to COPY anushka hahahaha
Anushka looks divine
one of the best red carpet im ever seen , i just cant tack off my eyes from her !!!

Both look bad but Bips looks better

Both look bad but Bips looks better

Both look bad but Bips looks better


Bipasha looks good her hairstyle makes it look stylish !!

Hands down Anushka! She looks fab! Diva-ish!



i will go for anushka here



just bips
i hate anushka

hands down anushka - bips hairstyle is getting too old nowadays and the off the shoulder style is too cliched

bipasha bipasha

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