Arjun Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra at Karan Johar's birthday bash

Seems like Arjun Kapoor does not want the shutterbugs clicking him. But he is a celeb now, better get used to it.Siddharth Malhotra will be making his debut in Karan Johar's Student of the Year.

Credits: pv

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I like this very handsom cut smart look

Sid looking cute... wow.. i love arjun too

siddhart is very very very very very very very very very handsome,cute,good looking..............................................

Siddharth is a hotie

Siddharth is so cute. I love him

First of all, all you idiots that actually beleive he got into B'wood cos he is dating Karan are stupid as hell!
Manish Malhotra is enough reason for him to be put into this business...he's his uncle...he doesn't need to be gay or whatever to become famous!

That guy is too cute to be KJO's man. He must be desperate for fame.

siddharth malhotra is karan johar's boy friend! confirmed!

siddarth malhotra is sooo hot wat does he see in a fatty like karen

no the guy in blue in this pic is a newcomer in karan's student of the year the siddhard malhotra you guys are talking about is a director hes not the same perosn as the guy in the picture. they just have the same names this guy is a model turned actor you'l see him in student of the year movie

the guy in blue is karan johar's boy friend. they have been seeing each other for two years now. karan johar has even bought a car for siddharth malhotra(boy in blue). and he even sent him to london to learn dancing n got him acting lessons. their sex tape has also been leaked where karan was weaing a saree n siddharth was licking his chest. but karan used his power n made sure that it was taken off. wish thw whole world could see what these wannabe actors are doing to be launched. SICK. shame on u.. SHAME ON UR PARENTS,SIDDHARTH MALHOTRA. U R JUST A KEEP.. A GAY MAN'S KEEP. DISgusting!

Siddharth Malhotra is so hot!!!!!! :)

Siddharth is karan johar boyfriend whreas Mallika Arora khan is having affair with ARJUN KAPOOR

Love blossoms at Kjo's b'day bash!

The guy in back is Karan's piece. No point in girls falling for him beyond just to think he's cute. Save it for someone who can want you back. I'm getting really sick of all the good looking guys in entertainment being gay. Let gay men go to their movies and make them superstars then.

Lol, why is Arjun making faces like that? Reminds me of the faces the guilty people make outside the court once they are convicted. Bwahaha

Why are people saying the guy in blue is Karan's bf? :p

siddhart malhotra is karan's rumored boyfriend is he not? girls calm down, hes playing for our team :P

Siddharth Malhotra is smokin hot!!!!! :)

guy in blue is karan's boyfriend!!!

i think arjun is just embarrassed about the malaika arora controversy

sid malhotra looks handsome!

the guy in the blue is SOOO HOOTTT!!!!


The guy in the back is cute!!

siddhart is looking cute

poor guy :(

arjun is camera shy! haha cutie!

Arjun , Avoiding glances = admission of guilt!

lol at Arjun!

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