First Look: Alia & Arjun in 2 States

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Here's a sneak peek at Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor's characters from their upcoming film, 2 States. 2 States is directed by Abhishek Varman and is based on Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name.

Arjun plays Krish Malhotra, a Punjabi boy while Alia plays his love interest, Ananya Swaminathan. What do you think about their look? Do they look their part?


she doesnt look south indian at all... no features

Geez clearly none of the casting experts here at PV have bothered to google Anusha Bhagat, her younger pics have a marked similarity to Alia.

Arjun Kapoor I like as a person but I don't think he has enough pull, charisma or super acting ability to really get people excited about his solo movies. Alia I am simply not a fan of, period! Lets see how the movie is... I'll judge the promos.

I am not sure about their chemistry....let's see on big screen....

They look cute together, but I don't see how they can fit the characters. They could have found other actors to fit the part

I dunno. Doesn't strike me as a great pair but we haven't seen much except for this pic so let's see.


Yami gautam would have been better

Cute still :) I don't agree with the person saying that actors like Arjun and Deepika look too old for college students.

Really people pushing 30's with mature adult bodies pass for teenagers in your books?

They r nt playing teens they r graduates who r pusuing post graduation..atleast criticize wht u knw..

As a South Indian, Alia looks like a bad choice. They could have made an effort to find someone more suitable. Arjun looks more South Indian in this :)

Like the pair. ..not sure about the South Indian aspect

PV - on both article for 2 States you have needlessly not posted my comment - going to try again. After reading all the stereotypical and uninformed comments about "South Indians" and this particular "look" they have - all dark skinned, all with thick hair, all with big eyes and all with some weird accent - I really think that no Indian, especially the ones commenting on PV, have the RIGHT to call the US as biased or racist and they should not DARE to post even one critical comment against skin whitening in US magazines or sale of whitening products. Such hypocrites! So you think there is some special category that south indians all have an accent, all look a certain way and cannot be "normal", "city" girls!?? And when some people have pointed out top heroines like Aishwarya and Deepika and Hema Malini who are all South Indian then the reply is - but they look "North Indian" and that too after "enhancements". Sheesh. Really sick to read such small minded comments on here. Don't know which century you guys live in! I bet you will comment like some goody goody, holier-than-thous when you want to talk about racism in the US - but you yourself think and comment like one.


Actually asin was a first choice to this role. She edged out because of that conflict in srilanka during ready shooting. She even edged out from many offers including SRK movie and more. VERY SAD...

Arjun looks hot

Loving the pair. Arjun looks different for a change. Alia is a breath of fresh air. No casting is correct according to anyone until you watch the movie or it does well!! Haters...calm down :)

iyer girls can be really small framed so i guess she is ok that way

Personally, I think Asin is too old to play a college student, same with Deepika. In fact, I feel Arjun with his muscular body and developed features, does not resemble a college kid at all. Alia at least fits the young part. Shraddha Kapoor would have also made a decent choice, because she still looks girlish. Need younger boys in the industry.

HUH people complaining she doesnt look south indian? OK, what does it mean to look south indian?

When I think stereotypical south Indian, I think thick hair, dark complexion, black eyes, pretty eyelashes and full lips. THat is me stereotyping. But had they put a typical south indian girl, people would be like, way to shove stereotypes down our throats. Whatever, we are all Indians, let's not fight over petty issues.

Kareena rejected this role. She was the first choice. So you people just stay shut.

That's not true. I wish though. Kareena needs good movies. I love bebo please come bsck.

There is something very innocent about Alia they make a really cute couple. Love love Arjun kapoor

How i looooove arjuns teeth oooo Mashallah

Getting really annoyed of Alia! Her daddy gets her all the good films! Should have picked Asin for the lead actress!

so bored of this north and south concept stories...YAWNNNNN...only thing new is the actor and actress...

Alia bhatt and arjun are looking super cute i am happy to see alia in indian outfits and arjun in romantic role

Where did all these Asin fans come from? The casting has been decided..what are you gonna do about it now? The pic is super cute :) I can't wait to see the trailer

they've always been here, you were the one that was ignoring her and her fans all these days.

For the person who said i dont know why everybody is complaining that alia isnt south indian looking or why they didnt cast any south indian actress. i mean even the bollywood actresses from the south dont look south-indian at all (ashwariya, vidya balan, deepika, sridevi, hema malini, rekha etc.). in bollywood there is no single south-indian looking actress, so why is everybody complaining?!

Uhh I can totally tell they are south indians: Sridevi, Aishwarya, Hema, Deepika all have the trademark big south indian eyes which bulge out. Aishwarya also has thick lips which is a south indian trait. Aishwarya also has a hook nose shared by southies. nothing against them but they all look south indian.

and you look racist
thanks for sharing the result of your scholarly study on 'racial traits of the south indians' i hope you realize there is no unique race/ethnicity called south indian!!!

but many punjabis have also thick lips (kareena kapoor, dharmendra etc).. ;-) and many northies have "bulging out eyes" like mahie gil (which is considered as very beautiful "moti ankhen")...and there are many tanned actors like randeep hooda and chitraganda singh, akshay kumar and they look very north indian!!

theres a difference between big eyes and eye shape. north indians have big eyes sure but they are inner set, unlike south indians where the eyeball itself is big and protruding. hows it racist? its a common characteristic shared amongst south indians! anyway i just meant to say that yes all of those before-mentioned actresses look south indian, which isnt a bad thing!

None of you have any idea how Tamil Brahmins or any South Indian brahmin looks...isn't it? I have seen many who look like Alia, and better than her...taller and with sharper features.

i have many south indian friends, they are also very pretty, but they dont look like alia at all (alia looks very north indian, i would even say she looks a bit european). south indians have fuller lips, big eyes, darker complexion and soft features (north indian women have sharp features, are taller and have light brown complexion)
and i dont count examples like ash, who dont look south indian at all! all south indian actresses in bollywood look very north indian (and that only after many surgeries).

here we go again: Aishwarya is "South Indian" and, therefore, her looks are "South Indian." or, do you not understand this simple equation?! LOL. Ash's eye shape, nose, and lips are so regionally (south-western coastal) typical, but i guess you would never know that if you've never visited. see, i've been all over Indian extensively in my travels and i can attest to the fact that Ash's features are pretty typical of where her family is from: Mangalore, Karnataka. and, it's funny that you yourself say that "South Indians have fuller lips, big eyes, and soft features": all the facial features Ash possesses. LOL... then again, i suppose it's too much to ask for some common sense on a Pinkvilla comments section.

but she has white skin and light eyes which is not common for south indians!

What is 'South Indian'...? ..Are Aishwarya, Deepika, Asin, Shilpa Shetty, Rekha, Sridevi, Illeana, Genelia, Amrita Rao all South Indian enough? .

I am eagerly waiting for this film.

i dont know why everybody is complaining that alia isnt south indian looking or why they didnt cast any south indian actress.
i mean even the bollywood actresses from the south dont look south-indian at all (ashwariya, vidya balan, deepika, sridevi, hema malini, rekha etc.).
in bollywood there is no single south-indian looking actress, so why is everybody complaining?!

If Alia wouldn't be fit in this character, I am sure Chetan Bhagat would be the first one to oppose, because no body other than him would know what his wife's character should look like. I have read the book, and according to that Ananya Swaminathan is not an ordinary girl. She is boisterous, bold and a go getter and Alia sure can carry that character image pretty well.

*did anyone here read the book?

Did people here? In the book Ananya is described as fair and does not look like the typical Tamilian (to all those people complaining that she doesn't look Tamilian).

Looks like there making love ...arjun so cute m jealous

awww badly waiting for this awesome couple!!


asin does not look even south-indian!

Why? Just because she is beautiful?Deepika also played a gujrati character in raamleela and she did it so well but she is not gujrati.
it is about talent not face.

no one can beat aunti jee beauty

I really dont like the cast :( should prove

Alia doesn't even have the tan that usual South Indians have. She has a glow instead. Arjun looks more like the South Indian guy. Alia is just too glamorous for this part. Asin where r u??:/
1 hour ago- Thank you for proving your lack of knowledge or awareness.

AWW! Arjun's expression is so cute :) I think this will be a good change-- he's done a LOT of action movies (all of his movies have been action/thriller in fact). So this will add to his repertoire :)

Aliya looks a lot like Bhagat's wife here. The big loose curls and even choice of clothes!!

"he's done a LOT of action movies"

he's done like 3 movies to date..

obviously i know he's done a grad total of 3 movies. I'm just saying that there's been a lot of action in the movies he's done. It'll be good to see him in a different genre. and from what i remember of this book, there's no action in it at all.

Audience needs to understand, Alia is not only playing a south Indian girl but she is playing Chetan's wife. His wife is not a typical South Indian with dark skin and accent. I have a Tamilian friend who is also fair, have big eyes and doesn't have chennai express accent. People should not judge and decide solely based on skin color.

i'm sure these two are dating...priyanka and ranveer basically made that pretty clear in one of their gunday interviews...and arjun looked so embarrassed. he quickly tried to change the subject :P

Alia doesn't even have the tan that usual South Indians have. She has a glow instead. Arjun looks more like the South Indian guy. Alia is just too glamorous for this part. Asin where r u??:/

We are too early to decide on whether the casting is bad or the movie is bad. Need to watch the trailer. I am sure they have cast these 2 for a reason.

I think Alia looks a lot like chetans wife in real, than any other young actress in Bollywood right now...chetans wife is pettite, fair, don't have stereotypical big eyes...very simple, girl next door charm and looks, and Alia will carry that off well

Arjun Kapoor is hot and happening, as for Alia - she looks too immature, like some high school drop-out. I watched "Gunday" thrice 'cause I'm a Arjun fan. Because of him, I'll watch this movie and my eyes will be only on you tons. Hope this movie does well.

Unless I see the promo I can't decide whether the casting is good or not because the actors could surprise me with the accents. However, simply on the basis of looks, both Arjun and Alia don't look the part. Arjun could easily pass off as a South Indian and Alia looks like a typical North Indian girl. It's all ulta here

Is it me or this pose looks little vulgar, I mean why is she sitting on his crotch?????

Alia looks a lot like Kirsten dunst, same smile and teeth

Cute Cute & Cute...!! Love these 2

would have loved Ranbir with ASin in this one...would have been just too perfect...alas..


really excited for this one!!! such a nice pair.

Bad casting - he is a gora-chitta North Indian Punjabi boy and she a southern belle...

It looks like Krish Swaminathan and Ananya Malhotra!

Lol! U r funny :)

A big NO. Asin would have been a better choice.

Asin wasn't allowed to be in the film, because she filmed in Sri Lanka for London Dreams with Salman I believe or attended an award show there. And the south indian audience did not want an actor who went to Sri Lanka during a civil war to represent a tamil person. She also, lost another movie due to this.

it was for ready, not london dreams. also she never attended any award shows there, she clarified that. poor thing got affected by south politics just for being a professional.

Oh right, ready! I forgot. But I believe she was given a warning about doing so, but she decided against it thinking her Bollywood career would flourish with out ever having to look at the south again. So I wouldn't say poor girl, she knew what she was getting into. Personally, I feel that doing that was very disrespectful going against the southern audiences wishes, because without them she would not be where she is today.

I wish Sharukh Khan has done this movie instead of Happy New Year. If the original cast SRK and Asin has been kept, the movie could have clicked with the audience and critics alike. The beginning of 2 states will have some comedy scenes making fun of each states and it will have an emotional climax. Could have been a milestone in both their careers considering how much of a splendid actors they are in comedy and emotional scenes (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai & Ghajini are their examples). But looking at all these mixed reactions here it seems like the movie will not convince the audience.

okay dude i am also a Shahrukh fan but that doesnt mean he would be appropriate to play any kind of role. He is too old to play an IIT student! dont you think so? and our industry have such talented young actors who are really suitable for such kind of roles so i think they need a chance as well. Just think what'll happen when all the seniors actors started to play college going young 20 year lads :/

Meh. They look alright together but nothing special.

She looks exactly like herself here, no difference. Maybe she'll surprise us with a decent Tamilian act, but I honestly cannot picture it. Guess we'll have to wait for the trailer to judge properly.
But I am excited to see more of Arjun, he's slowly improving as an actor.

Aalia is cute but not convincing as a Tam Brahm. Could they have cast Trisha Krishnan instead?

trisha can't act. she is just a pretty face down south. watch khatta meetha and you'll see how much of a horrible actress she is. at least alia and asin have market while asin has diehards to give this movie a better opening. but trisha will do no good.

Obviously you haven't you seen Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa.

nothing special in that role. just dialogues and romance.

trisha? you want it to flop?

She looks nothing like a Tamil Girl at all, they could have taken a girl from the South, so stupid.

This poster makes Arjun look like Uday Chopra's character in Pyaar Impossible.

like it or not, this the truth are really funny...i like your comments...

She is talented and has proved herself. Ask your idol to be as talented as her and she will get all the media coverage also.

hey i know who you are the same person who said bad stuff about asin on indiaforums. cruelty at it's best. you are poison for sure.

POISON !! U fail miserably with your comments .. ASIN is the best .. ALIA is just a kid

But how she is the best?????I really want to like her but for what???? For Doing Ghanjni, 786, Ready etc?? There is a same problem with Katrina..I want to like her too but I don't find any valid reason for it.
I will love her the day she will a ONLY SIGN(forget about doing it well) film like Highway, Raamleela etc.

if ghajini asin is not creditable then kareena's jwm cannot be creditable.

seriously poison if you don't stop it than i will have no choice but to play along with the other people who don't like you and your idol

You are already doing it really can fool yourself but not me.

ok this is just too much...when did she prove herself???

Watch highway and wait for 2states

Alia with her second chance has proved herself but asin has been giving so many chances but what she did? nothing only forgettable roles.
Not only kareena fans, everone who are fan of well established actresses will not include asin in same category as anuhska, deepika or parineeti.

ya like how kareena proved it with JWM and lost it with GTPM

You don't lose it once you gain it.
Aish did devdas, hddcs and in last she did raavan, guzarish which failed so does it mean she lost it?? never..She will always be remembered as one of the best actresses in her time.
Asin atleast has to gain it for once..

her fans are competing with kareena and alia when it comes to dumbness. all actresses have their role of their life time. madhubala in mughal e azam, shabana azmi arth, kareena jwm, priyanka fashion, deepika cocktail, asin ghajini, ileana barfi, vidya the dirty picture, rani black, katrina in new york, kajol kkhh, and the list goes on. the only actress you should be arguing with is sunny leone.

I really like your display picture dear. Asin looks pretty in that picture.

Alia Bhatt is the perfect example of a PR job well done. in fact, excellent PR and promotions and boosts from industry beings. now she just needs to live up to it.

nice pic btw.

sajid , karan johar and siddharth roy kapur all are apart of this project in some way.. but the outcome just seems so sad and low budget

Alia looks cute!!

she looks more like a anglo indian like her mom soni razdan lollol.

Cute pair!

so according to karan drawing in her eyebrows will make her more south indian? this is going to tank at the box office.

Arjun? yes. Alia? no. She looks more like a punjabi.

Cute Cute & Cute...!! Love these 2

promotion have not even started and im already tired of seeing alia everywhere.

Lovely Jodi

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