Official Trailer of 2 States

Here is the official trailer of Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar's 2 states starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. The film is based on the best selling novel by Chetan Bhagat. The movie releases on April 18th, 2014.


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Alia looks super pretty! Looking forward for the movie..It's gonna be fun!

Amrita singh was the best part in this trailer other than that I don't think the lead pair will work

Amrita Singh actually says "90% tamilians KAALE bhi tho hote hai".They dubbed it over as "gore bhi to nahi hote" !!!

This story has been told several times ek dujhe ke liye, Hema-Dharam, Sri Devi-Boney Kapoor are living examples of this story. What's really fresh about this? Chetan Bhagat , the pseudo intellect with his glasses and that 'smug' look on his face, repulses me. When will Bollywood ever come up with anything interesting or refreshing...

this movie looks great! finally fresh young pair in a love story. we have been wanting this for a long time

Alia and Arjun have it very easy being star kids..interesting films offered to them very early in their career from big production houses. KJo promoting them as if there is no tomorrow. They are not that great actors and there are plenty of other actors who could have done these roles better than them. Hopefully they will do justice to their roles.

its going to be a hit

Chetan Bhagat the trite author, why are Indians buying his crap. This is his own love story whats new about this story? Seriously????

Revathy is not a Tamilian but Malayalee welcome to the Southern stereotyping!

First it was irritating Deepika as a Tamil girl in Chennai Express, who literally gave a slap on all Tamil's face with her horrible HINDI accent , so called overrated acting ..and look's.. then this double irritating ALIA who is ready to give double slaps on all TAMIL girl's faces.. I have got wonderful TAMILIAN friend's who speaks excellent Hindi without any accent, extremely beautiful people with down to earth attitude..

I'm shocked to see asin has such a vocal fan following...hora to her....but kjo still not going to case her lol lol lol lol lol.....besides no debut actresses with amir come to Anything lol

*see that Asin *Kjo is still *cast *Aamir first improve yourself and then laugh at others

the movie has the potential to recreate jab we met magic again, but bit doubtful about alia, maybe vani kapoor from shhudh desi romance would be a better choice.

Alia is definitely a better actress than Vani Kapoor

jab we met 2 for sure...... at least trying and alia is trying her best to look like kareena.

It's OK but Alia looks like a twelve year old playing dress up

I liked the book and felt it had great potential to be made into a unique and great cinematic love story. But going by the trailer,
they have 'bollywoodized' the point where it looks like every other generic film. Wish they had restrained themselves. (I think we will have to see the whole film to judge Alia and Arjun's performances)

Haye yeh toh madrasi hain ...Mujhe madrasi nahi aati. ...... Just made my day !!lololol

i liked it !!!! gonna watch it!! for alia !!

Okay so Arjun isn't that great, but stop bringing ranbir into everything, he's not that fantastic either.


All the south indians can keep crying this movie is going to be a bockbuster. All the engineering students are going for this movie. Welcome our new queen alia.

Okay Alia Bhatt, if that is what you think.

Haha! Well said Anonymous #2 it must be Alia supporting self

All the south indians + dp fans comming and crying here . One tjing is completely right in the book . Non of south indian girls want to marry south indian guys . They fantasize about north indian gura chitta punjabi mumdas for example sridevi stole boney from his wife , hema stole dharam from his wife and deepika is still eyeing ranbir who is moved on . :-p

May be u don't know how many north indian girls who acted in southern movies settled for south indian hero's even as 2nd wife's...

The above two comments are perfect example of North Indian thinking. I don't want to say anything else.


Seems like you are south indian ;)

I dont have a clue if the people commenting have read the book . I have read and the charecters are supposted to be like this , arjun is apt to play krish . Krish is not spontaneous , he is geeky , healthy punjabi sides , he is bit slow but at the same time very smart . I cant anybody else playing krish . And ananya is fairer than krish ( as mentioned in the book )she has a small petie frame and is very young spontaneous charming bubbly. I feel uts apt casting as it gives the movie bit realustic approch than the whole animated romcom types if anybody noticed its not the actingbis not animated like total siyapa. Its more to real grounds.

alia is just two films old...and she feels she'z on top of the world
the whole month of february had alia all over pinkvilla. gettin bored of her and her big mouth.and yes was not upto the mark

Alia doesnt look like TamBrahm from any angle ...

her tamil is bad!! another failed attempt by bollywood thinking the person is really pronouncing tamil language correctly -_-

Even deepika dint look like London girl in cocktail with her south indian english " wht man " ... hehe.

Whn I read the bk hw I imagine the krish's character was like a nerdy guy who is lost n innocent yet funny m witty in his own head.lazy at frst look bt has 100 of things going in his mind..gooosshhh thats just arjun kapoor fr me.he is every inch of krish.glad he was offered the role in trailer also he is so effortlessly belivable krish..

but krrish was palyed by hrithik roshan and i dunno wen krrish comics released and wy r u commenting abt krrish here nd dat too nw

kaun hai ye pagal?


Sajid Nadiadwala is close to Asin. Chetan Bhagat is Asin's bestie, but still she is not in the film. Proves how influencing and dominating Kjo is.

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web page and thought I might as well check things out.
I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to
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Asin would look like Arjun's 10 yr older sister

I wished to see Asin in it :\

lol chill guys.. there was no way Asin could have been part of the film.. coz the day KJO signs an outsider like Asin for a Dharma film would be the day of the apocalypse :P

True. It is more about family :-P than talent for him ;) Alia was launched by him so he is making sure she get films. Otherwise who would have casted her after watching SOTY.

May I know why are people still crying about Asin not being in the movie? Either way she would have rejected it because she doesn't do kissing scenes. It is the same reason to why she has rejected Shootout at Wadala. Yes maybe a south indian might have suited the role better but I wouldn't think Asin would ever accept Kjo's cheap gimmick to lure the audience to the theaters. Can't do much about it now, I am sure Asin will get better projects than this movie.

alia sucks with emotional scenes

Going to watch this movie only for REVATHY and AMRITA.. both great actor's.. ALIA please go back to school .

Horrible Casting of this movie.... horrible trailer.. ASIN would've been better choice.. what in the world the director thought of casting ALIA.... PINKVILLA please post my comments.. wonder why you never..

Asin could play aliyas mother. Coz the role is of a below 25 girl . Not 30 plus women .

I just finished commenting on the '2 states-stills' post that Arjun-Alia seem to have good chemistry.. and then I came here and watched the trailer.. now I want to delete that comment.. :P

I will watch this movie for Revathy and Amrita, both very talented actresses.

alia is reaaallly overrrated! she still has to prove herself, and people who are buying her pathetic acting skills have really low standards.

Sorry..but very disappointed..the leads are not working at all..Alia seems to have walked out of SOTY and into this!

I don't get the hype. THIS is what we've been waiting for? YAWN.

I think this trailer is pretty decent. I thought arjun was good and alia as well. Might check this one out. It doesn't look too bad.

Alia cannot act!!! She is cute and that is about it.
And seriously, what a racist film!!

have u read the book? the film only follows the story of the book, nothing else. Yeah, they are showing racism, but in a fun way which is not to be taken seriously

The movie might do well due to the hype around it and since it is based on Chetan Bhagat's book. But overall the movie seems mediocre and has nothing new to offer. Arjun-Alia pair doesn't have the spark or chemistry that such movies might need. It would also depend of the songs. Alia is better than Arjun in terms of acting. Arjun definitely has a lot to improve.

Trailer is okayish..nothing great. It seems just another rom-com like Bewakoofiyan, HTP, etc. Amrita Singh and Revathi looks impressive in their roles.

I am tired of seeing Alia's 'oh I am so cute' kinda acting!! Guess it's just me.. And her dialogues delivery is so not South indian types

Asin is not in the movie, please get over it

i know she likes to play sidekick to akshay/salman/ajay. she doesnt like to act much or play different types of roles.


not sure if you've missed her recent interviews or ignored them but she has clearly stated that she will be only doing performance oriented roles from now on. saying that she "doesn't like" play different characters out of nowhere will make you seem silly.even she is acting in an important dramatic role in All is Well under OMG Umesh Shukla's direction. Guess who's the actor? It's Abhishek. I don't think any actress are willing to act as a sidekick opposite Abhishek :/ as the producer said, she has a dramatic role in the movie, therefore she is playing something different. no need to spread such comments around milanax. -_-

Ranbir Kapoor's acting credentials and Asin's strong looks could have created the magic. Arjun looks tired and Alia is caked with makeup and doesn't look real at all. Both are boring! Asin could have looked like Revathi's real daughter in the movie but Alia looks like she is adopted. Acting is also bad.

I'm a South Indian... and no way does Asin look like Revathy's real daughter. Dream on!

are you serious? -_- if you are a south indian thamilian then you should have known that asin's looks have been compared to revathi very often down south.

Only a non-south Indian would say that :P Revathy and Asin would have been perfect

lol asin does looks similar to revathi. she could have been the better daughter. alia looks more like kareena's beti.

the other anon is right. asin is known as a reminiscent of revathi. you can even google it.

The actress is Alia, not Asin!

I was gonna give alia the benefit of the doubt and wait till the trailer came out...but sge can't even pronounce "tamilian" properly!! First thing I noticed in the trailer....grrr

Haha... oops!

Will prolly just for it for Revathy and Amrita!! Both talented actors..looking fwd to seeing them onscreen again. :)

p/s: that kiss was just the most unromantic and iky thing ever..unless it was meant to be that way? dont' know the story yet..

also ananya is a Brahmin thamillian right? i thought Brahmins are not supposed to get into any sexual encounters before marriage. during the scene she wasn't wearing a thali. was it really necessary? thank kjo for this cheap gimmick. now i have to keep my mom away from the theatres. she loves revathi but i don't want her to glare at me for bringing her to watch a movie with such scenes.

every religion and culture advises against premarital sex. MOst Tambrahm girls i know are married outside the community , which means they dated.I cant understand what u r trying to imply here???

They definitely had sex in university, read the book.

so true, this kjo is just plain whack

Indian society disapproves pre marital sex but that doesn't stop youngsters from it.

In the book they did have premarital sex. So they went along with it.

LOL no culture promotes pre marital sex.

Many cultures promote abstinence prior to marriage not everyone adhears to it, its just a story anyways

****HAS ANYONE HERE READ THE BOOK????**** I am tired of the same comments. In the book, Ananya Swaminathan is described as not Tamilian-looking and fair-skinned. Can't wait for this movie!

I don't care about her skin being fair, I care that she speaks hindi like someone who grew up in Mumbai. No attempt to sound Tamilian

If that's the description of Ananya in the's odd, as in real life Chetan Bhagat's wife does look like a Tamilian..and she should be proud of it.

thanks for the info alia bhatt

Alia should have reduced that zing in her dialogue accent delivery. It fit SOTY not this movie...

Alia bad choice for this movie...maybe asin or deepika would have been a better choice. Amrita Singh was the best. Kissing was off putting

The only reason to watch this would be the parents. Alia and Arjun both look miscast and the tone and look of the film is all wrong. Too glossy and clean, no real life feel. No way this will be as fun as the book.

The best thing about this trailer is Amrita Singh! She is really talented and I'm glad she is still doing movies. I hope she gets to do more interesting roles. Alia I feel is the wrong choice for this movie and I don't feel much of a chemistry between the lead pair.. think they have made a big mistake in the casting!

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