Sonam Kapoor thought that Arjun-Alia were actually engaged

Arjun Kapoor revealed to Mumbai Mirror that his cousin Sonam Kapoor had a blonde moment of note recently.

Recently Alia Bhatt tweeted an image of a wedding invitation, as a promotional tactic for '2 States'. Sonam Kapoor, apparently, fell for this and immediately called up Arjun. In Arjun's words, "she called to rant about why I hadn't told her earlier. I explained that it was just a marketing gimmick"!

He also added that in his entire family, Sonam would be the most interested to know who he is marrying!

Credits: Mumbai mirror

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Sonam is a dumbo, doesn't she read articles before making a comment. As for Alia, she's going way over-board, who promotes a movie and relates it to an engagement (which is a commitment or rendezvous between 2 people). She definitely needs to grow up and use more original and informative methods. Whatever, I don't think 2 States will be as good as "Gunday". Arjun K looks better with stars like Priyanka, Deepika, Anushka - not a high school drop-out look-alike girl.

I don't think Sonam is an 'airhead'. I feel that the reason Sonam was mad was perhaps because Alia and Arjun are hooking up for real and she assumed they got engaged because they were getting serious ?

Indian Blonde lol

Publicity stunt..nuff said

she does not make sense sonam is really dumb i guess

Sonam is such an airhead. Arjun and Alia are the true FWB in Bollywood, they've been hooking up on and off for awhile now but I don't think it'll turn into anything serious. She's going to end up with the Kapoor heir, mark my words. I can see that coming as plain as day.

Aww i always thought sonakshi made an amazing pair with arjun..but alia looks cute beside anyone so it doesnt matter lol

Oh she's such a bimbo ! I love it. It always makes me laugh that she professes to know all these literature classics etc but she's really just a ditz who wanted to project the image of a softly spoken, learned star ..

Arjun-Alia are dating for sure. But I dont think they are serious. Alia is too young to get into any serious relationship at this point.

After watching KWK, I thought Alia has a thing for Sidharth. Oops! Now I come to know that she is dating Arjun. BW Celebrities talk one thing, show one thing, do one thing, then hide it with something... messed up people.

Dumbo alert!

Then who'll take care of Malaika Arora?

o_o OKAY. Whatever she was smoking then, i want

o_o OKAY. Whatever she was smoking then, i want

awww so cute

Oh Sonam. Why must you act so ditzy?

coz she is THAT stupid?

Arjun just gave away that he's dating Aliaa by sharing this Sonam story! lol

Bang on! Why would she otherwise think that it could be true?

congratz arjun and alia

Hahaha Sonam :) Another person who confirmed Alia & Arjun. Priyanka and Ranveer have been doing that during Gunday promotions all the time, teasing him about Alia and all. It's quite obvious there is something going on. You could even tell on his KWK episode with Ranveer, the way he talked about Alia was a dead giveaway. I am not sure if it was or is (in case it's still going on) anything serious because Arjun said he is making up for lost time. *cough* But whatever makes them happy, they look good together.

good job confirming the Arjun-Aliya rumor, guys!

another kareena

LOL! She is a bimbo and considering she gets no work in the movies, of course she has nothing better to do than to worry about who is marrying whom.

you probably dont know she has 5-6 films lined up,including one with shahrukh and another with salman

lol weird because Sonam probably has the most movies on her plater right now!

i dont like her as an actor at all but she does have movies for herself lol. and arjuns a cousin ofc shed be curious.

oh please holier than thou highly intellectual person! as if you are not interested in stars personal lives! arjun is her cousin at least!

Totally real life Emma.

How cute. lol.

Doesn't she know how to read? I hate these promotional gimmicks adopted by these celeb's PR.

Then she must be a real bimbo. LOL. I think this statement is just more publicity for 2 States

So they ARE dating?!

Did Sonam and Arjun unintentionally confirm the Arjun-Alia relationship?

Promotions and Publicity for 2 states are in full swing, huh ????

alia babe u need to lose some weight...

I rally do think they're dating, or dated and were serious about one another. Sonam was obsessed with Alia awhile back as well.

They just confirmed with this news.

Did anyone notice there was an article on PV last year where sonam talks about alia and she said that she hopes alia proves it with highway. And guess she was right.

Lol. The only way this makes sense if they are indeed dating in real life.

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