Asin spotted at the airport

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Asin spotted at the Mumbai international airport. She was leaving for Dubai with Akshay Kumar.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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she has gained weight, looks a little sloppy. i do like her smile however it brings me back to her kalpana character so bubbly and full of energy. we need that asin back not this one!

but OMG look there are indian cops without pot bellys!
and they sure enjoy the attention + seeing Asin !

Anyone know where her bag is from?

simplicity at its best.....looks amazing's a change to look her

I just love everything about her...

hate her

hello ms. gorgeous smile!

I love that handbag....but that smile is priceless.......

don't know why people dislike her....guess maybe because bwood reduced her to a decorate piece....but watch her telugu movie sivamani i'm sure opinions will change.

So far all of the comments are positive..Thanks god pinkvillians still have hearts..She is just simple but gawjusss & that smile is to die for :)

down to earth! she is vr angelic!

Super diva!

i can die for her smile!

her smile!!! seriously which guy would'nt fall in love with Asin?

Looks like she's working out.She's developing a hot figure these days.

Love the outfit! And shes got a new haircut too it seems...with those wispy bangs

10/10 for just smiling! best accessory possible.

Cute outfit. Love how she's smiling the whole way there lol

she is the only actress who can look good even without make up! others looks horrifying

AAWWW I think she just made that policeman's day!

she very short

She's been looking great these days

Grt style, she looks nice

wow....smiling and looks so unassuming....I just love her yaar......

Love the outfit

Wow Asin looks so stylish in this outfit! She looks good in all styles!

omg!!! she stole my heart!!!

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