Full Video: Ayushmann Khurrana, Siddhart Malhotra & Sushant Rajput on TRF w/ Anupama Chopra

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Credits: YouTube

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Ayushman is really nice and cute but I can't stop staring at Sid
He's amazing!!!!!!! Suhant is ok but really has nice personality

Nice interview :) All the best to 3 of them :) Btw SID is so HAWT !!

Great Interview! Loved their candidness!

Sid will go far. He is so honest!

Sid is a total heartthrob (literally). His eyes are dreamy and to die for. Total hero. I liked the way Ayushman talks. Liked hearing him. Very gentle and talks really well. Sushant also seems nice. Ambitious! Good watch.

sushant i loved your choice-"my left foot" any day,Daniel Day Lewis is legendary,he has Humphrey Bogart kinda intensity in his eyes..Daniel is way ahead of his contemporaries..his portrayal of Christy Brown in "my left foot" can show any one in this entire world of cinema how to portray a physical challenged character without overdoing it..

Sid ^_^

Sidhart Malhotra is hot!!


i love how passionate sushant is. that dude will go far.
the other 2 are great too!

They are all so cute, talented, witty, good looking and hope hard working too. Wish them all lots of luck!

love Sid but Sushant seems the most ambitious of the three

Sushant looking so edible...yum!

I am SO floored with Sushant's answers - so intelligent and well thought-out. Man I need to watch Kai Po Che!! I'm sure he has a very very bright future ahead with the focus and seriousness that he has.

Which movie did Sushant say he will kill for...My left foot and ?

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