Vivek Oberoi with (pregnant) Priyanka Alva at the Balak Palak premiere

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Vivek Oberoi with (pregnant) Priyanka Alva at the Balak Palak premiere hosted by Reitesh Deshmukh.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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good he married a younger richer and soft-spoken girl .. compared to Ash.. he would have a nightmare with the arrogance of Ash

Priyanka has a really pretty face. Genelia looks awful with that hair [almost looks like a wig]

Why in the world would you put a bracket next to her saying (pregnant?!!) it just me who finds this weird??

As much i see pregnant celebs i found Aish's bump was the most weird. And plz i'm not fan/hater any of theses pregnant celebs.

Happy for them especially Priyanka. :-)

WTF is Genelia wearing?!

Looking cute..may god bless her and vivek.

Priyanka is glowing!!! she looks so happy!!! and with little meat on her face, she looks so pretty !!!!

she looks like shes carrying a boy

anyone know how many months along she is?

congrats vivek and priyanka, she looks beautiful and glowing. and so so so radiantly happy.

Nice scarf on priyanka. Genelia is so cute!

Looks cute.

Priyanka is face is glowing! Genelia looks cute admiring Priyanka's bump, little broody may be... :)

Priyanka looks so genuine...Happy for her and vivek...God bless them and wishes for a safe pregnancy

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