Bhagyashree, husband and son at Trilogy launch bash

Bhagyashree is she is a mother of three growing children. The guy on the right most in the first picture looks like her son.

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Credits: pv

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She left movies because, let's face it, that's the only role she could have ever played. She was smart that she spared herself the himilitiation and left movies while her fans loved her. There are so many actresses around in her category that don't get the point....

es baat me koi shak nhi ki bhagyashri k face pe jo ajeeb si kahish h osse define nhi kiya ja sakta..massom se face ki jitni bi gals hain lagta h jese wo duplicate hain orignal toh bhagyashri hai...n no any doubt about it..ydi bhagyshri nhi hoti toh maine pyar kiya..kabi bi...maine pyar kiya nhi bn sakti ti..she 1000 percent justified suman role.
but i think real life me bhagyashri bahoot confused personality hai thats why insipte of liking her i dislike her.
1stly-----mne pyar kiya se ratoin raat star ban gyi ti...shadi karne ki pata nhi kyo jaldi thi..ok himalya boy fren ta...but shadi kyo ki...oosne apne fans ko bahoot nirash kiya shadi kr k.
2.jb oosne declear kr diya ta aab m retired ho chooki huin phr vapas laut k aanee ki kya zaroorat ti..oos time pe married heroine ko log pasand nhi karte te..its ok ydi vapas aanee ka man ta bi toh oosne ye kese soch liya ek non actor himalay oos pe husband..k sath log oosee pasand maine pyar kiya ki record tod succeness k karan hi 1-2 producer ne condition maan li hogi...matlab shadi kr k oosne apna career alrdy barbaad kr hi liya ta..n hsbnd k sath aanee ki condition k karan maine pyar kiya se bni reputation bi barbad kr li.isse toh better ta ki wo vapas aati hi nhi.
3.jb itni sati savitri ti ki boyfriend se shadi karna zaroori ta n husband k sath hi films me aanaa ta..n ooski image bi simple next to door ki ti phir jawani chale jane k baad sexy glaomour banne ki masti kyo aa gyi.theek ydi oosee apni image todni hi ti toh jawani me apne prime time me time chale jane k baad sexy glaomr banne ki kyoi soojhi....

Dont understand her prime, she wanted to be sati sativitri, now when she's old, she's letting it all hang out. I dont midn the dress at all, I dont think its bold, but her attitude, the way she's standing is cheap.

bhagyashree I love you

Still looks lovely. Really ruined her career tho' .

both Boney Kapoor n this Himalaya (bhagyashrees hubby) need some extensive grooming...esp if they have gorgeous wives like sri n bhagya...

I thought she had 2 kids?? the boy was born even before MPK got released ( she was pregnant while shooting some of it) so he must be about 18 or so...

I wondery why she didnt come in alot of movies after MPK .... She was so good in it n worked so well with sallu...was such a good opportunity for her

His mom's a MILF!

omg!! she looks greatt

don't like her but if that's her son, she looks pretty good.

omg, her son is goodlooking, somone might spot his good loks and cast him in a movie. she has maintained her self well, she looks the same from her mpk days

Lol @ "three growing children" :P

son looks lyk his mom.very cute.

Bhagyashree is so pretty n she looks 2 good 4 her husband. Wow cant beleive she has a son tht old already. I loved her in MPK n her pair w/ salman was so cute.

She has maintained herself well !! She looks like her son's older sister !!

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