Bigg Boss 6: "Am attracted to Sana Khan" admits Rajeev Paul as ex-wife Delnaaz Irani looks on

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Bigg Boss had another surprise up his sleeve for some of the contestants when he created a 'Moment of Truth' scenario for them. Rajeev Paul, Nikethan Madhok, Ashka Goradia and Delnaaz Irani were asked to answer some personal questions and via a polygraph machine, were judged for their truthfulness.

Rajeev Paul was asked if he was attracted to co-contestant Sana Khan. Rajeev, who often plays the heartbroken husband of Delnaaz Irani on the show, surprisingly admitted that he was indeed attracted to her. This came as a shock to Sana, Delnaaz and other contestants though everyone managed to keep a straight face through the session...



It's all drama to stay in the show by friending someone and pushing other people's buttons - that's the game and person who stays under the radar and does not associate himself/herself with one group will win. It's obvious. People crying and forming relationship is just for entertainment and saving their image as person/actors.

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