Bigg Boss 7: Ajaz breaks down as Kushal and Gauhar dance away

The Bigg Boss house seemed pleasant and happy for a change today. Bigg Boss assigned a special task to Andy and Ajaz to create a warm and friendly environment in the house. Ajaz therefore decided to dress up as a girl with a short dress and lots of make-up. This got the house-mates in splits, indicating that this task was turning out to be a success. Sangram also mock interviewed Ajaz where Ajaz answered all of Sangram's questions with a lot of wit.

House-mates were in for another surprise when a box of letters arrived. Armaan got a letter from his family, which he read aloud. His mom had written many a kind word to him, saying that he was the most important one in their lives and that they pray for his happiness always. Tanisha received a collage of family pictures and a letter from her mom. She thanked her mom on camera and said that she missed her mom too.

The luxury budget items were parked in the garden area. The difference this time was that only the winners of the weekly task - Armaan, Tanisha, Andy, and Sangram were entitled to these items. Tanisha and Andy were seen discussing if they need to hide some items lest Ajaz and Kushal steal them. However, when Tanisha checked with Armaan, he refused to team up with them on this and mentioned that he does not wish to fight over this issue.

Bigg Boss then called over Andy and Ajaz to the confession room and told them of a garden party that has been arranged for Sofia's birthday. The excited duo sped to inform house-mates, who rushed to the garden. They surprised Sofia with the cake and a birthday song. Bigg Boss played some music, which got the house-mates all excited. A romantic song got together lovers Kushal and Gauhar, who swayed to the romantic beats. While they were lost in the madness that only love can bring about, they did not notice a heart breaking somewhere. Ajaz, who exited to the washroom lounge broke down into many sobs, for having lost in love. Pulling himself together, he spoke to the cameras and said that this was a wonderful experience for him and thanked Bigg Boss for it.

Andy's first day of captaincy thus went on very smoothly in this high-on-drama house. Tomorrow is Salman's turn to chat up the week's happening with the house-mates and also to announce the evicted house member.

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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I like tanisha and salman khan .

salman bohat bohat unfair hoo... kabhi housemates ko bata do k tumhe kitni galiyan parh rahi hai es tanisha ki wajh se... we love kushal and gauhar

salman is not unfaire

in sabko add karke sabse gira hua = salman khan .

that douche bag woman abuser Arman hit Sofia with a broomstick right on her face..
and salman is still after kushal, taunting him trying to bring down his image..
what the heck is going on in this show..??

Sulemaan cann't see gauhar going for kushal and he is venting his frustration out one way or the other. Kushal is loved and supported by billions of hindustanis because he is from a bigger medium i.e TV and he had to bend to public demand of bringing kushal back in the house. So now he is taking revenge for the humiliation he had gone through because of kushal. That is the reason he will try to get back at kushal for no rhyme or reason. People have shown him where he stands,lol

i love Gaushal! and i dont think ajaz was crying because of them dancing together..
it could be that he was thinking of his ex wife and son...just a guess!

Haha. I loved ajaz's girly act. Laughed my ass off specially that crying part. :p

this cry looks fake, the body language says he s faking

Kushal is good chap , see he cam back and never said anything bad to Arman , Andy Tanisha, it was Armaan who was back said he warned Kuashal and Azzaz as woman . Somtheng very bad was said by Kushal and Azzaz . all next day these guys have given good thud to Armaan . That the reason he got weak and is behaving OK now Sir pe Armaan ko Big Boss and Salmaan ne chadhaya pehel din his Jab usne Andy ko dhamakaya tabhi Big Bos ko deba dena tha people are not that bad including this buddha koi baraber ka milna chahiye.

Kushal ne Andy ko kabhi kuch bura nahi keha only when sir se pani upper huwa tab une kuch keha . Andy ne kitna kuch keha Kushal ke bare me Gauhar ko . If I was there bad me jake fir se Andy ko marta , yaar some saying that you are of lower level at some ones back that to someone you want to propose or like is very big gunah which Andy did in past.

Kushal good guy doing positive Drama mean trying to retain himself at least by showing love and dra only against Big Boss. very one in the house has done ethically bad or worse then Kushal including Gauhar see how she is trying to adjust with ppl like Andy and Sangram Tanisha whereas Kushal is trying to avoid neither saying anything bad , but if some one says bad or show power he is the guy .

When there was task to do handstand and Dips Kushal has shown himself way more powerfull then Buddha Armaan

OMG please DONT lie in the live feed he siad he was missing his WIFE n BB has cut down that part .... he even said the same to Armaan

ajaz is the rockstar...but i like him only after gauhar..i remember him being a big flirt to most of the girls in bb7


then just out of curiosity what the hell was he doing trying to hit on gahur???? if he has a "wife" and people are worried about "twisting" things around??? LOL I think this is twisted enough!!!

is it just me or does anyone have a crush on ajaj too? hes got beutiful eyes, body, bum :) all that n hes very entertaining. i came here to post something negative from all the crying drama he did. it didnt make sense cuz hes already got a wife n son, no? but i guess it is all big boss editing.

Today's episode was owned by Ajaz. He showed a multitude of emotions, funny and goofy to dramatic and sad. He is the best entertainer in the history of the Bigg Boss. He is awesome!
Now, coming to the episode, how icy cold was Tanisha to his antics earlier!! She is a total B!!!!!! Earlier I used to feel bad for her, but now I firmly believe she deserves Armaan!!! Yuck! How she was snubbed off by Armaan today which she was asking for a dance, I couldn't stop laughing. Gauhar and Kamya were both right in their own arguments, and I was glad it didn't blow up. Sangram was boring as usual. Andy failed to make anyone laugh, Ajaz overshadowed him completely. Kushal was thankfully sober today. I've heard that Sophia has been evicted, well, nothing unexpected here.
All in all, a good episode only and only because of Ajaz. Forget Gaushal, Tanman, bhikhari Andy and boring Sangram ---- I say vote for Ajaz!!!! :)

Isnt Ajaz married?

i think he mentioned earlier that he had a divorce. so he is a divorcee / single.

But seriously the whole scene was so over-the-top fake. lol. and that too for Gauhar & Khushal, please. hahaha


Ajaz is a big stupid Gadha. His plans to flirt with Gauahar Failed. He was Jealous of Kushal and Gauahar Love-relationship. He was not crying for Alexander or his wife, NO!!! He was jealous of Kushal and Gauahar dancing. He is a bigg Liar. Even after Bigg Boss 7 this Cowboy is talking only Bullshit about Kushal and Gauahar.


He looked nice crying and there's very few ppl who ie Srk. This guy is very talented

Ajaz is AWESOME!!!!!! :D

Ajaz was obviously crying for personal reasons, and BB makers tried to make it look like he is crying for Gauhar!!! Sooooo hungry for TRPs!!!!!

Ajaz!!! what a performance! hahaha-- he cried more than even SRK cried in whole of Devdas! Obviously, it's all entertainment. He even asked bigg boss how he was being received by the audience. I think he's pretty much trying to show that he can do anything, go anywhere and that he's great with drama, comedy, romance and all. I like him!!

Ajaz was crying for his family. BS editing by BB team. :-/

Kushal gauhar look nice toghether. Kushal u r true winner
Arman tanisha u both r veery cheap. Armaan ur age is 45
U tell lie in bb. Kushal is 29 .armaan very cheap tanisha
Tumhare mom dad ko tum p sharm aa rai hai .
Kushal k mom dad ko nai even they have proud to HaVE
Son like kushal...

Ajaz is the biggest Liar of the house. Bigger than Gauhar! He always tries to create misunderstandings & fights among the housemates. His feelings for Gauhar is totally fake. He doesn't love her. It's all for camera. Apparently, he is happily married. What a shameless guy! He used to be good initially but later he lost it. I thought Gauhar is the ultimate Drama Queen of BB house. But no, Ajaz is giving her tough competition.

Ajaz was going so good until this, why wud u cry for a girl u don't even know properly?
But he's an amazing favourite for sure!

I love Ajaz Gauhar and Kushal ❤️❤️❤️

ajaz is full on nautanki but we like his nautanki .... he is quiet funny on the show and a wonderful singer

Armaan hit Sofia with the mop stick a day before her birthday but that douche bag is still in BB7 and they protect him with editing!

Kushal is too controlling and argumentative, he gives me 'abuser' vibes sometimes. She better watch herself.

I loved Gauhar-Kushal dancing on Tum Hi Ho... Ajaz's crying was so dramatic! well idk if he was crying for Gauhar but wouldn't be surprised, she's a really nice girl. Hope Gauhar wins BB7!

Ajaz was not crying because of Kushal and gauhar dancing together, it's the case of very bad editing done by Bigg boss production house. In the live feed i clearly saw that he was crying because he was missing his ex-wife and kid . Before writing an article please do the research and then post . Don't blame others when you don't know the whole scenario.

I got really sad to see him crying like this...don't know whether Ajaz was doing this for the cameras or in real..!!!!!

Love you Gauhar!!

This Ajaz is a bigger 'Drama Queen' than Rakhi Sawant. I hope 'Jeejus' finds him a girl. :-)

This is by far the funniest comment I've read in a long time! You are my current favorite. I used to love lord Voldy until he went moldy over Gauhar;) . But seriously I always scroll down to read urs and lord Voldy comments

You know, I am flattered ! Thank you !
But I would also say Lordvoldemart is good too. I myself follow her comments.

tey think society is full of ididots.

after a woman gets hits they throw a party so veryone forgets about it and start going awww what a fun episode. sick tht a big channel can promote violence to such an extent!

disgusted in indian channels and indian govt and indian media. and some indian people!

worst ,biased show

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