Bigg Boss 7: Games get exciting as housemates compete for that finale ticket

Day 86 started with the announcement of a new thrilling task for the house-mates. Called 'Ticket to the Finale', it included a set of old tasks played in the house. Bigg Boss announced that the winner will get a direct ticket to the Bigg Boss finale.

Naturally, the house-mates were all enthusiastic to play this game well and grab the golden opportunity. The teams formed were Armaan, Tanisha, Sangram, and Andy in one and Kamya, Gauhar, Kushal and Ajaz in another. Also, the winning team in each task could eliminate a member from the opposite team, from the competition for that finale ticket.

The first task was the time tracking one that the house-mates had played in their first week. After a battle of time keeping and distracting, Armaan's team won this task. A dejected Gauhar complained that this decision has been unfair. Armaan's team took the decision a notch higher when they decided to eliminate Gauhar from the competition. A visibly shocked Gauhar accused the other team of coming to this decision owing to the fact that Gauhar was a strong contender to the finals.

The second task was that of collecting medals for each team. Gauhar was made to moderate this task. Between all the medal snatching and all the defending, Armaan's team won this task too. This time, Armaan's team decided to eliminate Kushal from the competition. This got Gauhar all worked up and then followed a heated argument between Gauhar and her biggest rival in the house, Tanisha. The incident left Gauhar very upset and boyfriend Kushal was seen coaxing and soothing her down.

The last task of the day was 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na'. Armaan's team of four was now pit against Kamya and Ajaz. Putting behind their personal differences, Kamya and Ajaz fought with all their might. They did win this task, surprisingly. They then decided to eliminate Armaan from this game.

Thus came the interesting end to today's episode. Tomorrow will see Tanisha, Sangram, Andy, Kamya and Ajaz fight it out for that big ticket!

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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I was wondering on Gauhar's explanation about "YOJANA" issue. she said i was not planning I was discussing..dumb lame explanation..can anyone ask her what do you do for making a is discussion..and u are accepting tht you were discussing..strangely she thinks that she was not part of it...
clearly visible that gauhar and Kushal are using AJAZ for voting purpose only in the name of "friendship".
she knows that AJAZ is an easy person to manipulate..and she is specialist in the house for manipulation..
In last couple of task it is shown that she is good for nothing..except showing frustration on others for no reason..damn you Gauhar..lost gud chance of winning, since you came back..

Tanisha is Great. She belongs to gud family & nice family that’s why she is always smile on her face and
Taking only fair side.

the way Ajaz cry's even girls don't cry. why? I think he is looking for sympathy votes. it looks very irritating.

i would pay to see the look on armaan and tanisha's faces if gauhar wins LOL

Kushal and gauhar are the worst contestants in the house. They are even worse than armaan and tanisha. Mean and liars.

I have stopped watching the show because of Armaan and Tanisha! I just hate their existence. Guys, please vote for Guahar and Kushal. Let's throw Armaan & Tanisha out of the show

I wonder if Kushal knows the true age of Gauhar.

Yes, bhoot Kushal and bhootni Gauhar is out!!

Gauhar: Genuine, fair, loyal but too loud and needs to not take things personally and move on.
Kamya: Asli Thali Ke Bhaingan. Wouldn't surprised if she goes. She's lost the Gauahar-Kushal fan vote, TanMan fans are too busy trying to save their own faves. I lost all respect for her this week. I only like how she doesn't always go around shouting.
Andy: Two faced, petty, nasty and spineless. He used to be my favourite but after I watched the LF and saw how much he back stabbed FOR NO REASON with Tanisha, I hate him.
Sangram: Biggest liar in the house but despite that, you know he has a good heart but just can't stand by his actions.
Ejaz: He is side splitingly funny when he wants to be but this forced triangle stuff is annoying and makes him look dumb. Love it when he takes down Armaan.
Kushal: He is a good guy but immature at times.
Armaan: He makes me sick. Abusive psycho. Glad that everyone hates him.
Tanisha: Vile, negative, doormat, insecure. Like Armaan, no redeemable feature.

Y is arman still inside the house, he is the most abusive and tanisha who was a really sorted contestant at the beginning has lost her appeal completely.. She is so submissive in front of armaan and has no mind of her own.. And salman is a biased host, trying to turn game in favour of tanisha and is no fun watching the show seems's become cheap

I want Sangram/Andy win the game. Because they are good and best. Kushal, Gauhar are the worst people in the house.

According to Armaan himself, he was cast for 'Deewana (1992)' before he stepped out and SRK came in. If it released in 1992, and Armaan was born in 1972 according to his dad, does that mean that Armaan was 18-19 while filming for the movie???? How dumb do these father-son think the audience is?

hey bhai gauhar age 33 born at augest 1980.and pretent to be 29 year old and romance with 28 year old guy

Gauher khan is very annoying as she always wants to be right all the time and does not close any discussion. she wants everybody to be puppets in her hand.

gauhar the idiot will lose, kushak the stupid will look

Pray and hope Armaan leaves then we'll see Tanisha for what she really is.

I have been watching bigg boss 7 from very first day and hardly missed any of the episode and I want gauahar to win the title but during the course of the episode I realized that gauahar and kushal are the spectators.Wat I have seen that arman had fight with every single person in the house and bigg boss never reacted,,, What should i write for tanisha she is simply a coward insecure lady.she doesn't have self respect,i don't care when salman favours them(tanisha and arman).

Tanisha is real villain, who actually irritates people..

i hope gauhar wins..she deserves it!

gohar khan and kushal is the best

Gauhar is pathetic. Kushal is kutta.

Tanisha is sooooo irrotating. She attacks gauhar everytime she manages a task. She should act her age actually. Jealous old woman.

Because Guahar has a opinion on anything and everything and won’t stop yelling like a crazy women. Guarhar is only couple of years younger than Tanisha so get over the "old women comments"


hahahah "i have to be a ladka for you" love you gauhar

Tanisha behaves like a teenager...making faces at people and does stupid shit. All she does in the show is hold on to arman's tail and follow his lead. She doesn't have any self-respect for herself and she keeps on attacking gauhar for no reason. I feel bad for gauhar because she is actually fair and she even goes against her friends if they are doing the wrong thing.

I am so glad that it will come to an end

me 2

biased and bb7 and biased salman...

Whenever Gauhar doesn't agree with anything task related, she claims it is unfair and that Bigg Boss is unfair. But when other accuse her of being unfair, then she says, "If I am wrong, then Bigg Boss will say so."

So which is it? Is Bigg Boss unfair or fair? You can't have it both ways! Her need to be right all the time is damn annoying! Please someone eliminate her already!

I love the cheerfl gauhar..dont know where her smile and energy has got lost.

The games were fair...gauhar is always a spoilt sport in everything...she has to say how everything is soooo unfair. Her exact words all the time, when kushal has any episode and bigg noss gives a verdict, if its not to her favor its always...not fair, so not fair!!!
But i think this was just for games and fun, i think nominations will happen, the way its always done. I still cant believe kamya is still in that group. Guahar has always been the bully, this is the first that tanisha has even raised her voice...i am sorry, this is all gauhar's fans writing all these blindly without logic or thinking.

Tanisha is a bully with underlying self-esteem issues for sure! Hope Gauhar wins... now that will be a slap to Tanisha's face!

the biggest bully of the house is gauhar. but then she cries and makes herself look bechaari. she is very manipulative. at least tanisha has inner strnght.she does not cry and does not make friends for benefits like gauhar does with aijaz. tanisha has a lot of patience and she is soft spoken...the only thing is that she is with armaan....but even then she is far more better than gauhar...she is a strong lady from within not always shouting to make her point and listening to others...she says sorry atleast and she means it. not like gauhar who thinks she is correct all the time even when she is not...

no use even if gauhar gets more votes than tanisha. . . bb7 has become that biased. .

Tanisha has some serious insecurity with Gauhar! you can so tell with her behaviour towards her!

they took out Gauhar 1st because she's the strongest contestant! so obvious, Armaan even said it! Gauhar doesnt need the ticket to finals... she has her fans voting! Gauhar 2 win

Gauhar is soooooooo annoying!!!

Andy makes me ASHAMED to be British! Lets get one thing straight he knows damn well what is acceptable and what isnt. He crosses so many boundaries that he wouldnt be allowed to over here. Shows him for what he really is. A douche.

Granted Tanisha hardly reacts to much in the house but what makes her nostrils flare from Russia to Brazil when she speaks to Gauhar? There's a lot of animosity there but it makes no sense. What has Gauhar ever done to her? Anyone? Dislike them both, no class. Happy that Arman's anger has resided. It was not nice to watch him abuse Tanisha like that.

I don't understand how people can still support Gauhar and Armaan. Such manipulative, lying, conniving, douchebags!

How?? Gauhar let the other team take two of the trophies without contest but when the other teams were taken they all yelled at her for being unfair. Miss 5'2 should step up and be the moderator! Lets see who takes her advice. Tanisha is a vile women.

Dislike the fact that Kamya said ''I dont make friends for votes''. No sweetheart you dont but there is a thing called LOYALTY. Gauhar, Kushal and Ajaz have been her friends since day one. Youre allowed to mix with everyone but the way she acts towards them is despicable.

Thus far everyone that has 'claimed' to say what they want to everyone's face have been the root of all arguments. Happened to Sofia and now its happening to Kamya. Unfortunately for her, unlike Sofia, I thought she was a lot more intelligent than this. Some things are better left unsaid.

I don't know why but I never liked Tanisha , armaan n Andy from the beginning .i'm just waiting them to get eliminated.

I'm concerned that Tanisha wrekons she amazing and above all the other contestants...For a lady you has not dressed provocatively inNeil & Nikkie...and hasn't really got an acting career to talk off..I think that is terrible....Also When Armaan finally gets ejected from the house, he should be put on a plane to Gauntanamo Bay!!

What is Tanisha? Honestly this woman or should I say a high school teen, cuz her behaviour exemplifies mean girls from high school and etc. SHE IS SUCH A BULLY! the way she behaves, it gets on my nerves. What's even more disgusting and biased is how all these guests from movies, like Soha and whatnot, come and say Tanisha is very dignified on the show. Gauhar has been extremely fair in all the tasks. Every time she has to conduct a task, Tanisha blames her even if she says a word that's in favour of her friends, despite them being right also. Tanisha has forgotten that she shouldn't accuse Gauhar of anything, cuz during the task where they had to steal people's stuff, Tansiha had stolen something of the opposite team, and because she was scared of Armaan, SHE RETURNED IT! why does no one ever bring that up? She is the one who is biased, not Gauhar. This is actually true, that I have never seen Gauhar making any personal remarks about Tanisha, whereas, Tanisha seems to be too interested in Gauahar to be attacking and talking about her all the time. I guess insecurities do come out in some way or the other. I've always seen Gauahr stopping people who are badmouthing Tanisha. Even when Ajaz was about to go out and yell at Tanisha, Gauahar ran and stopped him, or when he was talking about Tanuja and Kajol also. I think this is called conducting yourself with dignity and not putting others down due to your insecurities. Armaan gives Tanisha so much shit, and she still licks his feet, and Gaughar who hasn't even done anything to her directly is always mocked by Tanisha. Typical superiority complexed, ego-centric behaviour by Tanisha, a so called movie-star. I can go on and on, cuz honestly every time Tanisha laughs when someone gets hurt, or makes faces when Salman talks, or just generally, I FEEL LIKE BREAKING MY LAPTOP'S SCREEN CUZ IT SHOWS HER FACE. It's just plain disgusting to see this whole group gang-up against one person. I mean Kamya was the person Tanisha had the initial fight with, when they accused of tanisha taking Armaan away from Kamya and Pratyusha. And now when they saw that Salman has been bashing Kushal and Gauhar, Kmaya switched sides. And anisha goes and makes up with Kamya when Arman left. WOOW!! It is a game after all and that too a numbers game. It's a so called audience voting based show, but we all know who the true audience is and who's gonna win.

Kamya's strategy is to swich group as per convenience :)
She proved there is no bigger baingan than her not even Pratyusha :)

Tomorrow Kushal is going to show his evil devilish action again.

Ajaz is such a common git!! He needs to be kicked out of there and soon!

TanMan makes me tear my screen out. Damn irritating. No wonder their careers never took off!

You only mentioned Tanman irritating so I am assuming other contestants are not. Can you please shed some light whether their career ever took off?

I meant their careers never took off despite being part of filmy family. Others are there on their own merits and hard works!

I only have a million questions after tonight's episode.
1) Why did Gauhar think that hers and Kushal's time-keeping was more accurate than the others? Surely Bigg Boss (who has a frickin watch) knows best? I think she gets a kick out of calling everyone and everything as unfair for no reason.
2) Why was Gauhar "dejected" that the other team threw her and Kushal out? It was their choice and yes, she tries to do all tasks so it's obvious they will remove her first. Kushal has personal issues with Tanisha, Armaan and Andy so he will definitely get the boot. It's a mind game for God's sake! And let's face it, had she won, she would have thrown out Armaan and Tanisha.
3) Why the heck did Tanisha do ungli and start fighting with Gauhar? What even happened there?
4) Why does Ajaz lie through his teeth at the drop of a hat? Does the guy have no shame?
5) Why has Kamya switched sides almost overnight?

The way salman khan and big boss have been biased towards tanisha and
Arman I dont trust even their task results now.

Tanisha didn't do ungli. Gauhar made some nasty comment and Tanisha said you're unfair.

Gauhar didn't do ungli. ShE was asking for the time of hanging too be reduced for Kamya in the task. And she only said that it would be impossible to hang on for a minute that the opposite team was demanding. Then she said it's impossible cuz apparently Gauhar had done the same task before in front of Arman and she was able to hang on for only 12 seconds. So, She was asking for the time to be reduced, And then when Kamya was able to pull off to the 30 sec mark, Tanisha started hooting and saying"Someone couldn't do it for even 12 seconds. And even before that, she was doing the same old "You're so unfair Gauahar" thing for the medal task. GOSHHH! She has some serious problems with Gauhar and that too because of no apparent reason. And then she told her to read the directions to which Gauhar replied to in a harsh manner, which was totally justified. So, no, Gauahr didin't do ungli. It was Tanisha being her usual self, the BULLY! and then started playing the victim afterwords. I wonder when everyone sees the same exact thing, how are people coming up with fake information!

Agree with almost all your points.

gauhar for the win...even if she doesn't get the ticket to finale...she is a strong contender and has won the hearts of her and hope she wins!!!!

Andy is getting on my nerves so is Tanisha. Armaan has to be out this weekend. If not, then I feel sorry for India!

Umm.. no. Kushal needs to leave first.

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