Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha and Gauhar have a major showdown!

The house-mates scored a century inside the Bigg Boss 7 house today. A good hundred days inside the house seemed to have sealed their friendships and enmities. The day started with Bigg Boss assigning a task of 'confessions' to the contestants. All five house-mates had to confess to the bad words spoken against each other. While Ajaz, Andy and Sangram's confessions were pretty much straight-forward, sworn enemies Tanisha and Gauhar had a row over this.

Tanisha confessed that she spoke ill about Gauhar and also thought that Gauhar had faked the fainting act. She also confessed that she had made comments about Gauhar-Kushal's relationship saying it is mainly for the cameras. Gauhar, during her confessions said that she never said anything bad about Tanisha. This irked Tanisha and the argument started steaming up. Gauhar then said that Tanisha is always on an attacking mode, when it comes to Gauhar. Tanisha replied to this that Gauhar is being a 'victim'. Gauhar then said that someone as strong as her would never be victimized by someone like Tanisha. She asked Tanisha to 'grow up' and said that though Tanisha is older to her, she does not think in the way she is supposed to.

Well, that was unpleasant business, confessions and all. House-mates had to assign a 'saccha' and 'Jhoota' tags to each other. Tanisha, Andy, and Sangram gave Gauhar the Jhoota tag, giving her majority in that. Gauhar later accused them of grouping up against her. Tanisha was seen telling Andy that Andy and herself were the vicitms of groupism the most, in the house, and not Gauhar.

A peek into tomorrow's episode shows RJ Malishka talking to the house-mates. She builds up the tension when she reveals some things that the house-mates did not confess to, today. There seems to be a big verbal fight between Ajaz and Sangram. Should be an interesting watch!

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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gauhar desrve to win

Tanisha gobar se insecure hai reallyyyy..gobar se koi bhi insecure nhi ho sakta

We all really hate gohar...

Tanisha love uuuuuuuuuuuu

Gahur will never win bigg boss 7.stupid lady sirf rona ata hai vo bhi itna ganda...

Only Tanisha Deserve to Win ! Never Bitches about anyone. We Hate Gauhar .

Kushal ne ek flower tak nhi bheja gohar ko.ab pta chalta hai ki kisha love true tha aur kiska camera ke sad for gohar...

Ajaz bhaiiiiiiiiii no. 1.......

Gohar successful hai really..sirf item no. Karne se koi successful nhi ban jata...

Tanisha is best and deserves to win.

I love you gauhar khan alot.

Nomatter what anybody tells or thinks i love u gauhar khan you are amazing and humble person yiu deserve to win

Gauhar khan should not win..she always over reacted ....andy ismore deserving than her...she is the worst participant in the house

Gohar nhi jeete gi bcoz 1.gohar ko lagta hai voh rgt hai baki sab galat hai.2.vo bahut selfish hai.3.usne kushal ko use kiya.4.hab kushal ho gya tab use andy phir acha lagne lag gya.5.jab andy out ho gya toh use ajaz phir se dost lagne lga6.jis show ka vo part hai usne usi show ko abuse kiya.7.vo kehti hai voh jhooth nhi bolti per sabse bda jhoth apni age ke bare me bola.8.non-stop bak bak....bahut reasons hai...

Koi bhi jete koi farak nhi padta...bcoz best to salman bhai haii...we love u sir.happy b'day sir....for u love,blessings and respect

I hate tanisha love u gauhar jaan win bb7

Aarman ne tanisha ke liye itne gifts bheje...kushal ne gohar ko diya babaji ka thullu...

gauhar amd kushal i love you both

Gauhar Khan will win!

PR's of gohar stop it...kuch bi karlo we hate gohar.

Tanisha love u dear...u will win bb7...

Tanisha rocksss...gobar shockssssss....

Hate gahur...pls vote mat karo isko...

Tanisha iz u..

Gauhar u rock girl!..u must win!

I love gauhar khan alot. Vote for gauhar plzz

Gauhar was telling Tanisha that you are older to me but you don't use your brains. Whatever Gauhar at least she is not lying about her age like you did! You claimed to have not said a single lies on national TV but this is the biggest lies you said in front of everyone on TV! What else can anybody say about u!

Gauhar is a self proclaimed winner. In reality the most biased person in the house. She talks n talks n talks! She must learn to listen too!

Goher khan win the show i love u goher final me goher or sangram ke beech ladai hogi jeet k liye i hope goher khan win the show

Bigboss should not bring classless contestant like tanisha...baised host like salman..violent man like arman and baigan like sangram...Vote for Gouhar..she deserve to win.

Gauhar is super annoying giving explanations whole damn day, crack woman

Tanisha's honesty was good, but seriously this woman is a b****. I hate her she's just too much. She only listens to armaan, one day armaan should spit and shit on her, then leave her, that's what she deserves, she comes from a horrible family, like Kajol, who is so full of herself. Starting to hate both sisters!!!

Hate gauhar . She should be voted out soon after Andy . Can't stand her . Amos annoying woman

Gauhar is least deserving to be in finale. All she does is yell and shout. She always tried to control everyone in the house. Alas no one likes her. Hopefully people see her true colors.

gaur u rock millions of viwers r supporting u I all sites even rajat sharma praises gau maliska praised gau and that aam janta girl meeta also praised gau.gaur is a true winner fair honest kind straight foward she didnt did chaplusi of tanman like all did ti be in gud books of salman.salman is unafir and baised hist towards bade baap ki aulad but janta is not blind.gaur kushal rock there love all seen even kushal is out he is supporting gaur.gaur hatts off to u millions public loves u. arman tanisha didnt loved they were together for physical statistifaction and arman is out he told in interview we r friend yak porn star r bettee then her tanisha kalank hai tu ladki ke naam par yak #bb7

Hope Tanisha wins!! She is been loyal to few people since beginning! At lest few people like her. Gauhar is the biggest liar, fakest person and is a "victim"! Even her affair is for the camera and show. Sangram pointed out the right thing about her. Not a single person in the house likes her. She bags the biggest liar award in the show. Ajaz who stood by her in the beginning is her enemy now.

Please just throw away that jealous useless mukherjee out of the house. She's actually using Andy. And now when andy comes close to gauhar she has started disliking him and now she likes ejaz coz he isnt close to gauhar like before. One thing which is evident. TANISHA MUKHERJI IS JEALOUS OF GAUHAR.

tanisha is the best ,gahaur a fake,all posts done by her PR

Tanisha is the best,this site looks like being posted with all the comments by gauhars PR

Sangraam singh could win this show. Gauhar and Tanisha are filled with flaws. Worst is that they don't even except their own flaws.

Tanisha is an insecure woman... she is after Gauuhar for no reason.. God Tanisha, get a life!!!!

Kushal bhaag ja yahaan se,kitne comment karega us gobar me liye

Gauhar is so self obsessed that she will never admit her mistake! Cry and whine on almost everything!! Hate her

Gauhar you will win inshallah, you are not alone, a loads of support in terms of vote for you, not only in India from abroad. Love you Gauhar!!

I dont I dont care who wins...but I hope 28 yr old kushal and 33 yr old gauhar ...yes she lied abt her age too...get together and live the most miserable life ever as that is what ppl like them deserve....


Tanisha in place of jealous use brain which is u dont hv.dont try to attack on gauhar all tym u tried to talk about gauhar do smwork in home tat make ur clean ur brain.

Gauhar deserves to win, but Salman will choose Tanisha or Sangram to be the winner. Rigged show!

tannish doesn't realise how stupid she appears in public. she is in for a rude awakening. looks like there will be a kohl-mukerjee wedding though. ufffff.

HONESTLY im ready for this show to be OVER! SPOILER ALERT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Andy i heard has been eliminated (my fave) so now i dont even care anymore! .... I used to like sangram but ever since his position in top 2 has been secured im seeing more of his "true" personality ... and idk if i like it OR maybe its just been too many days of seeing these ppl that im finding flaws in the most lil of things in these ppl! lol .... Gau is my least fave but one thing i have to say is that she has talked crap about ppl the LEAST (maybe sangram too)... matter of fact ajaz said things that were/are much worse than gau ever could.... and when he told tanisha the FILTERED version of what he said to ajay/kajol in front of the camera it wasn't all of the facts and gauhar didnt say anything over it...she was right there in the same frame (she was staying true to her friendship w/ ajaz so i can respect that) ...and ajaz is so smart/wicked (explains how he has come so far in the game) ..he read the instructions of bigg boss and then added his bit: if you lie, bigg boss will show everyone footage of what was said so while everyone elses confessions might be true his were filtered cuz he knew nothing of that sorts will happen...

Tanisha : she is mad cuz she figured out she has talked alot more crap about gau then she has about her. One thing ive noticed about tanisha is she never self-reflects. she is so stuck up and the only person she listens to is arman, quiet sad!...its okay to listen to your lover but you should also have your own opinion ( THE SAME REASON WHY I STOPPED LIKING GAUHAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON) ... AND tanisha claims its loyalty what she did with arman (hating the same ppl, staying away from the ppl hed fight with etc) YET says gauhar is influenced BY kushal.....arey, how r u any different?

It really bothers me that these two women (gauhar crying over kushals jacket as if he is dead lol ) cant play the game on their own! ... like u came into this house ON YOUR OWN all of a sudden u cant live without these men that youve know for 2-3 months? ... i thought everyone here is playing the game? irony much?

im sure i could go on....but really my fingers hurt... im irritated...and over this show! lol

andy was a fav of very few and he was here for no reason this far... ppl wanted to see that agnihotri guy but sadly the moment he talked about legal harassment contestants may face (while gauhar was walking out) this useless show creators shown him door!

My vote for Gauhar love you much

Gauhar is psycho!!

if Gauhar was fair... she would not have convinced others to vote out Tanisha...

Tanisha is very insecure

I liked tanisha in the beginning and wanted her to prove herself to be the underdog who will eventually, like in Bollywood movies, would stand up to Armaan and give him a big speech. But alas all she did was apologised and showed herself to be a weak girl who always said sorry to appease a man. She believes that this is the way to keep calm in a relationship. However, she doesn't realise that she is loosing her self respect in the process. She is a girl who uses her heart more than her head. She takes stand on strange things like bashing gauhar whenever she gets a chance or some one tells her that she doesn't take a stand. May be she is a strong girl or wants to show that she is, but in matters of heart, we often loose rationality. I am not a fan of Gauhar but the one thing I do like about her is that she is a strong person. She is not perfect by any means, she screams too much, she is sometimes over the top and a bit of drama queen. But amongst all the contestants present in the show at the moment, she is a winner. She has a better balance over her head and her heart and she seems a lot more reasonable than tanisha. Tanisha, if she ends up with Arman will certainly be someone who will be a victim of domestic violence. She represents millions of girls in Indian homes who bear with torture and violence (physical and verbal) at home to keep things quiet. I wish salmon could have explained her better, but I think he did give enough hints. Considering salman relations with her family and her family reputation, I understand he can't speak more than what he has so far. It's a strange position for him to be in. I wish for tanisha to gather the strength in her life to not succumb to such circumstances. perhaps her unsuccessful career and being the outlier in the family, she feels like she has something to prove . Big boss gave her plenty of opportunity to shine and create a position for herself to remain dignified as a girl yet prove herself to be a strong person. I wish she would have taken this opportunity to the prove herself to the world. Anyway, wish all the contestants the best of luck for the next few days. My vote is for gauhar!

i stopped reading your comment after you mentioned she is a girl who uses her heart more then her mind. well by the looks of it, she appears to be a woman who is very desperate to get a man that she would even compromise her self respect for it.

Not sure who should win but Gauhar does a lot of explaining and annoys the hell out me!

Gauhar was highly annoying in this epsiode. Nothing new actually. She has been like that since the beginning. What can I say? She is an effing liar & a %#$%!!! If a #$%# like Gauhar Khan wins, then we should stop watching this show. But wait, #%#%s like Gauhar khan have won in the past. Remember Juhi Parmar (The Worst contestant ever) from season 5?? Our Liar Drama Queen Gauhar Khan also falls into that Juhi Parmar category. She sometimes behave even worse than that. Take a sensible decision this time BB, Please!!!

respect and more power to Gauhar! love you more after watching today's episode

Tanisha you forgot about the times when you have endlessly said that 'we live with successful people. These people have no calibre. These people have no class'. Tanisha you forgot to say how u accused sofia of wanting arman attentions. This is just somethings I remember. Apart from this you have said a lot about gauhar recently. After rajat came and burst your bubble which salman created for you you have become even more hating towards gauhar. You cannot stand that she has balls and u don't. Even your own friend andy accused you yesterday of not taking a stand. You are so weak. Yes gauhar is alone but that is because she has the ability to stand alone unlike you with your Desciples of loyal followers who are only sticking up for you because if they don't they get crap from salman. God I almost feel bad for the shock tanisha will get when she leaves the house and sees how many people detest her+

kushal is still a baby, but is cunning n acts as if she's fair n does everything perfect.. she likes ajaz more than kushal now she's just acting as if she's loyal to kushal, she'll dump him very soon.. poor kushal.


Tanisha very conveniently forgot to add how she has taken the mick out of gauhar fainting multiple times. She also forgot to say how sue said that kushal and gauhar relationship was Looe a 100 rose dvd. Gauhar has never commented on tanisha family or her relationship with arman. Moreover she has never criticised her for standing with arman when he abused so many women. I really wish gauhat had said a lot more to tanisha she is a total doormat who would support a violent man e en when he hit a woman. Tanisha has no personality whatsoever. It would be so easy for gauhar to bring ajaz to her side right now by acting sweet with him. But she has not done that because she is not a user. Whereas tanisha until a few weeks vac was saying 'eat calibre people have u bought to house big boss' about ajaz behind his back!


Gauhar is a way better person than Tanisha!! this has been proved time and time again.

What a joke

Vote for Gauhar and make her win BB7! she deserves it!

Gauhar's PR get a life!

I am no PR of Gauhar get a life... India has 1 billion plus people! Give me a break... I have my opinions! Got it?

Tanisha has been attacking Gauhar since day 1! I hope Gauhar wins BB7... want to see Tanisha's face then!

Tanisha talks crap about Gauhar 24/7 and Gauhar was right to say that she hasnt even said 1% of what Tanisha has said about her. All Gauhar ever says is why does Tanisha have a problem with me? I definitely support Gauhar!

OMG Gauhar is the biggest lair BB had ever had. So sick of her i'm a victim act!

you are the biggest liar... give me date and other footage details to prove ir claim.. i am sick of this show where common ppl got nothing to say any restless PR can say whatever... post links to videos let me see..

I do have the link where Gauhar talked bad about others, but pinkvilla is not letting me post it. For more info go to india-forums . com and go to the bigg boss page you will find the truth there. And we all know when we get angry we do talk bad about others and these are the things that she said:

Duniya ki sab se badi chor
Tanisha is an instigator
Tanisha ko out karna hai
Sangram is Palat Singh
Gauhar talks about Andy

Gauhar talking about Aijaz

Date aur episode details can be given atleast.

Arrey post the whole conversation and also I went and saw nothing but conspiracy theories in india-forums.

Oh and Armaan and Tanisha certainly belong with each other, but I have to say Armaan is lame compared to Tanisha. At least he gets mad and loud and then forgives and forgets whereas Tanisha just harbors ill.

But its a fact Tanisha has been bitchy towards Gauhar without being provoked. Like yesterday she says, if 'Gauhar knew whats in the brief case she would never have voted for Sangram', now who is she to assume on behalf of Gauhar just speak for yourself. This thing about Tanisha being dignified is all an act, she was the most classless contestant after Ajaz.

Andy has been evicted :( I'm not at all andy's supporter but he deserved to be there more than tanisha and ajaz..I'm just happy for Gauhar..


its true gauhar has not spoken ill of tanisha that much as tanisha has abt gauhar , what ever she may have in her heart but never spoken with her mouth...

i hate tanisha, she's such a bossy brat.. VOTE FOR GAUHAR!

I hate both women... and I can't believe it Gauhar said that she didn't say anything against Tanisha when in fact both women have butchered each other.

Tanisha does not deserve to win or even be in the final

gauhar needs to learn to accept one is born perfect so stop claiming to be one...GOSHHHH

she accepted... but when tanisha tried to trick and attribute things and play with words Gauhar reacted so calmly and nicely.. if ir were me i wonder would have screamed..

Oh really, she reacted calmly LOL, she was so defensive when being called a victim and also had the audacity to mention about age etc..
What does she think she is, nothing but a low lying item girl. yuck.. Tanisha is a winner, someone who was so strong against all odds, tackled groupism and criticism for more than 10 weeks and yet remained unfazed and is still there in the house. Tanisha is a true winner.

tanisha is sooooo jealous with GAUHAR JAAN!!!luv u gauhar

What tanisha said about gauhar was absolutely true.

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