Bigg Boss Season 7 Candidates

You’ve been hearing names flying left right and centre. Now here is the actual list of the ‘controversial’ and not-so-controversial contestants of Bigg Boss Season 7 which begins tomorrow:

Tanissha Mukherjee

Actress Kajol’s sister and veteran Tanuja’s daughter, Tanissha has not made much headway in her acting career . Maybe this show will help

Ratan Rajput

Television actress popular for her stint in Agle Janam Mohe Bitia Na Kijo .No stranger to reality shows as she did Swayamvar where she agreed to marry a handpicked suitor and then conveniently broke the pact a few months later. Giggle!

Kushal Tandon

Model, best known for his performance in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai.

Anita Advani

Late superstar Rajesh Khanna’s noisy house-mate probably hoping to bring her domestic woes out in the open on Bigg Boss.She could be the Dolly Bindra of this season.

Hazel Keech

Kareena Kapoor’s best friend in Bodyguard who walked away with Salman Khan at the end of the film, Hazel is also a skilled dancer. We can look forward to some entertaing dance moves on Bigg Boss.

Gauhar Khan

She has done reality shows with her sister. Now Gauhar goes solo.Pretty girl, and talented.

VJ Andy

Channel V veejay a.k.a Anand Kuma, known to be crazily unpredictable.Could be the Imam Siddiqui of this season of Bigg Boss.

Apoorva Agnihotri

Subhash Ghai’s discovery played Shah Rukh Khan’s best friend in Pardes. Apoorva now lands up on the other side of the firing line at Salman Khan’s doorstep.Yeh kahan aa gaye hum?!

Shilpa Sakhlani

Apoorva Agnihotri’s better-half, the couple did Nach Baliye together. Now they are back on Bigg Boss Season 7.

Rajat Rawail

Producer-turned-comedian played Salman Khan’s best friend in Bodyguard. Apparently got into Bigg Boss on Salman’s recommendation.

Pratyusha Bannerjee

Balika Badhu’s balika badhu suddenly became controversial lately with all the muck flying around about an abusive boyfriend. Could this be an attempt to become eligible for Bigg Boss?

Sangram Singh

Champion wrestler who loves being on reality shows. He was seen on Bigg Toss. Toss ko Boss mil gaya.

Armaan Kohli

Producer-director Raj Kumar Kohli’s son, once an aspiring actor known for his hot-headed temperament. Ideal material for Bigg Boss.

Kamya Punjabi

TV actress last seen in Do Dil Ek Jaan.

Credits: Subhash K Jha

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Credits: Subhash K Jha

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I already follow you guys on Twitter ;)

Maja ni ayega yar is baar kuch khas ni hai. :>

Armaan Kohli eww no way!

waiting for kushal tondon,,,hez handsome ;)

Only one good looking guy and andy is fun person . He is just like aka ali saleem. . I hope all the gays of previous season should be bought together .imam , ali ssleenm, laxmi , bobby . It would be fun . Only gays and guys .no girls . Lol.....

Sat, 2013-09-14 17:35 — Anonymous

Kushal Tandon, why?! i would like to see him in more tv seriels and movies


After vishal karewal, sunny leone , this guy is going to be in mahesh bhats next . Kushal say bye bye to tv . Only he will have to know how to flirt with hottest and most popular girl of the house .

no shit!!! that's a load of people who are still known on TV like Ratan Rajput and Kamya Punjabi...well, all the best to them!

y is tanisha doing BB? last i heard she had turned to production and her first attempt ws a successful one :/
im pretty sure everybdy will b copying imam nw

Good line up! Can't wait!

this may actually be the first time i watch bigg boss

Sad people...all lost out on their dreams and are now here for publicity and one last shot at limelight. So they could get careers back on track using this as launchpad. Sad show actually...entertaining!! But really not gonna get bashed for this by fans of sallu but my opinion. He should host shows where he interacts with normal public as contestants rather than such folks...Cause he is trying to be human, so he should do so with the comman man!

I heard Akshay is going to introduce Anita Advani tonight in the show.

nice!!! ovsly hezel keech gona win :P ;)

Better contestants than previous season,last one had unknown tv celebs,glad they bring film based celeb too

lol you guys should search Gauhar khan and read the reports of her nakres, she fits in perfectly

voww you guys so many losers all under vone house! vow vow
indian refs

Kushal Tandon, why?! i would like to see him in more tv seriels and movies

gauhar khan is the best!

This year's candidates are so much better! when will bigg boss start?

Um, so are we supposed to believe that Ajay and Akshay will skip promoting their upcoming movies on the show? :P

I hope bb7 will be a controversy-free season for Salman.

If that line up is true, i might actually watch it properly for once. Looks quite exciting! Good luck sk!

they need to put in more guys :P , the list seems
interesting than last time anyway...

all the best for salman

I LIke Sangraam Sigh

The line-up seems a bit interesting as compared to last year, but I can already see a few rotten apples in the list already.

But I am confident enough, that show will be worth it because it's a Salman show after all.

well, seeing there are two salman's favourite's already on the show, they may not win the prize, but will stick around till the end.. and i'm talking about hazel.

This list of contestants surely makes it worth watching... the show itself is so entertaining.. and the best part is Salman Khan hosts it... wont miss a single episode :)

Wow!!!...thats an interesting list.look forward to the show..

I already know who i'm rooting for! Team Gauhar all the way! She's such an amazing actress & dancer. Sad to see such a talented person doing shows like Bigg Boss. She should win!

apoorva and shilpa.. dono miya biwi ek saath

Goo Tanisha!!!

this pardes guy is still goodlooking...wonder why his career never took off.but coming in with ur wife...i dont know about that. tanisha spent last year insulting srk because of son of sardaar and today look at where she is...she needs a better attitude if she wants to make it....kajol is hanging on thread with her arrogant ways...
gauhar needs a good break...she was good in ishaaqzaade.
this big boss show is a pity fest its sad to see good people on it.

why on earth are hazel and gauhar khan doing bigg boss which is basically a show for losers ?? that too with the likes of ratan rajput and anita advani ?? GOD!!

lol seems a mix of entertaining ppl

Guhar Khan is a good actress & dancer, she shouldn't have to do shows like BB. Kajol's sister, Hazel Keech & the fat dude from Bodyguard are the only other ones I know. I'm kinda surprised Tanisha is on this. With Kajol as a sister, Rani & Ayan as cousins, her filmy family... Wouldn't it be seen as a little tacky? Maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, good-ish line up. Last year I only recognised one face.

There are too many tv people! Wont be so much fun this season.

all Candidates is best but my fevriot parvathi sehgal (pratigya serial komal)...

The list was given by KRK 3 days ago.
Looks like Tanisha is desperate as she agreed to go into the bigboss house for a very little money. Poor girls movies didn't take off, hope this helps her career.

I used to have a crush on armaan kohli :0

These are surprisingly famous celebrities. Why are they doing a reality show like Big Boss ?
Is Rajat Rawail the boy from K3G ?

Poor Gauhar, she is such an underrated actress.

Gauhar khan is a really good dancer...i really like her stage shows

guhar khan??/
:o why you entering in this show people like you much as dancer. be it!

Good list this time

Basically everyone who wants a career . Or Anita who has an axe to grind.

pinkvilla haz gt sm serious informers man!!! cool

n dis year list is vry interesting

I read tanisha & I waz lyk.....whaoo

Oo, I pretty much like the list this time!

OMG! I'm so so very excited. Can't wait till tomorrow.

Where the HELL are the men?? It's women who mostly watch this show and I don't understand the logic of not putting enough guys in the show. Besides it's the guys who give them more trp's be it Hrishant and Ashmit, Pravesh, Aakashdeep, Imam, KRK, Vindoo...blah blah. So this is quite a BORING LIST. Seriously might give this year a miss :(

Pratyusha all the way lol! Her portrayal of Anandi in Balika Vadhu was fantastic, good actress!! Too bad she left the show. Now, it would be interesting to see her in BB :)

Its just the beginning... aage aage dekho hota he kya ;)

Kamya FTW! :D Loved her in Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan :)

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