Rumour Alert: Gauhar to return to Bigg Boss, Salman opposes Kushal Tandon’s return


One of Pinkvilla readers, claiming to be from the Bigg Boss team has provided an update on this saying:

I am part of BB team, so I can tell you confidently that this is a rumour. If we as team are taking a decision to send bodyguards inside the house, and that guy Kushal till the end is saying he will harm another guy, on what terms will he be sent back in? Associations, laws and all would be behind us, this is not possible, the sources should be reliable before calling this an item of news. Yes, we want drama but not at this cost. Also salman's involvement is null in all decisions of team.

There seems to be tension brewing between Bigg Boss host Salman Khan and the producers of the show, with Salman opposing one of the contestants Kushal Tandon’s behaviour.

The face-off outside the Bigg Boss house with Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s unceremonious joint walk-out continued for the second consecutive on Wednesday. Late in the evening on Wednesday officials from the channel Colors convinced Gauhar to get back into Bigg House even while the stubborn starlet insisted she would go back in only if Kushal too was invited in.

Finally she agreed to return to Bigg Boss house solo on condition that Kushal would be allowed in two days.

However there seems to be an unexpected snag in facilitating Kushal’s possible return into Bigg Boss house . Salman Khan has made it vocally clear he won’t allow Kushal to return to Bigg Boss.

Says the source, “Salman says the rules of Bigg Boss house say that if a contestant touches another contestant physically he is disqualified. Kushal bodily pushed Andy . He will therefore not support Kushal’s return under any circumstance.”

With Salman threatening to walk out of Bigg Boss after this season the producers of the show could ill-afford to antagonize him any further at this juncture.

The latest on this front is that Kushal Tandon won’t be returning to the Bigg Boss house.

By Subhash K Jha

Credits: Subhash K Jha

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i am big fan of
salman , but salman is doing wrong with gauhar and kusal . He support tansisha and aarman in the bb house bcoz tansisha is sister of kajol and kajol is wife of ajay. Ajay is goodess friend of salman.

salman khan knows the rules for kushal and goher only please remind tanisha when she hit kushal 3 time bloody biased host

when did tanisha said sorry to kushal she said sorry to big boss and salman only prooving what????
she did hindsa to kushal not to big boss or salman khan

yes i agree with u. S.r.c.

Hello Friends & Kushal Supporters :-)

I am with you Guhar you are a very nice girl. Also it dose not matter whether you are a a item girl or not what matters is that you are a good human being and you are always with the right. I Like Hrithik Roshan :-) He should be the host. Salman Khan, you have proved that you are not a good person at all by the way you have told about Kushal Tondon publicly on national television ... Kushal is the best and I am sure all would agree with me .... Salman please don't ask house members that do they need Kushal back in home or not ?? Ask the majority of public and have a voting done I am sure Kushal is back than :-) ............. You are very dishonest person Salman ... Not Expected At all Buddy ...... !!

Guys lets stop watching Salman Khan's Forthcoming Movies .... Shahrukh & Hrithik ... are the best :-) Kushal is 100 times better than you Salman and please stop giving explanations these days every Saturday about yourself and Kushal...... Big Boos is flop if Kushal is not back again .......... You are our real start now Kushal & soon you will be in Bollywood my friend ........


yesday's episode gauhar forgve
andy happy gauhar happy, n wher mr stupid kushal is
ummm OUT of d house ;)))))))));)))))
ha ha ha he must be banging his head on


Kushal should be back on show with out him bb is super flop.He is innocent and deserves to be in the show.

Kushal should be back on show with out him bb is super flop.He is innocent and deserves to be in the show.

who watches bigg boss are idiots
because out of this scenario they
could not deduce the simple fact that
Kushal got angry. But for what? His ego?
Because if he was so angry that he had to resort
to violence then he should've reacted
immediately, or was it just because the task was
going on and for Kushal his tasks (like we saw in
the box task where he got out after 3 minutes)
are just so important for him that he had to wait
until it finished to pound andy, right? Afterall, you
can't sacrifice a task for a woman's self-respect!
And yeah, I admit armaan has swore a million
times before but because he says sorry his ego
doesn't come in the way of his actions because
as a person he admitted to how ever many times
he wrongly swore. Whereas Kushal didn't
apologise for his personal attacks at least once.
Therefore, he cannot compare himself to armaan!
Like you said, reactions are not planned and why
wait till gauhar had reprimanded andy in order for
Kushal to give a reaction? Is it because he need
to ensure that gauhar was mad at what andy
did? If gauhar hadn't reprimanded andy, then
does anyone really think that Kushal would have
hit andy in order for female honour? Yeah right!

years back, the time Gauhar Khan was participating in the femina miss india contest , BBC orNat geo somebody made a documentary about the contest. At one point when all the girsl were being asked to participate in a yoga session, Gauhar went ballistic because she was supposed to chant `om' during a pranayam. It ostensibly was against her religion to do so. I am all for religious freedom , only an urban woman with education cannot be as stupid as to take that token chant which is espoused as being just a primevial sound in hinduism. Unless ofcourse it was just a cheap means of seeking attention. Turned out ms Khan did not make the crown that year.
Cut to big boss, I had long forgotten the contest, and not having seen her in any of the reality shows she has subsequently starred in, I really liked her sane and polished strategy in BB. She had everything going for her, until this last week. See today's Diwali ka wow episode. It is more than clear, to all, Andy is foolish and childish. Gauhar Kahn is Fake. She is not only back on the show (a day after all that drama, when she could not even walk out of the house without fainting multiple times, and swearing she will stand by Kushal) She is seen arm twisting Sangram by saying `people are not taking your stance well'!! She lied through her teeth! When SK asked her the question during the show, the lady glossed over it while denouncing Kushal Tandon's action too! a Chameleon would take more time changing color. About time people saw Kamya and Pratyusha for their true colors. (no pun intended ) as for Andy, lets see if the incident reforms him , or his colors too will not stay fast!
I am happy about todays eliminations, should have happened two weeks back... although I was really hoping Pratyusha would go..!

And Please dont misconsture this comment for its allusion to religion, i am all for no body ever having to do anything against their religious views!

if bhai or sis u think kushal shouldnot come its ur badness bcz kushal hv guts to stand for girl and also i hink goohar came so also bb should call kushal back okkkkkk

we don't want khusal to b back ...i jst hate him mannerless guy u salman you did a right choice.....

Please win BB7 Gauhar Khan!

ya she shold

Just a day before Salman has to appear on Biggboss, all the supporters of Gauhar tallking against Salman and Tanisha have been blocked from posting on colors or related forums!!

Gauhar is a spineless snake ...

I have much more respect for Kushal rather than salman khan....thats seems he already plan to make Tanisha winner of BB.....salman was so unfair i hate him sooo much....Love u Kushal

I hate Kushal and I hate Gauhar Khan

Kushal gets into womans cat fight plus Gauhar just cant stop talking. LOOKS like she does not want ANYONE else to talk. She has to give the last word.

Justtt does even accept her mistake

I hope big boss team understands that majority audience don't want to see salman hosting the next season. He needs big boss and not the other way around! The show will still be hit even if it has TUSHAR kapoor as a host!

Kushal we don't want you back!! Salman u did a great job and fair job...Kushal deserve to b out!! Now its time for pratusha and kamya to go out!!!!!!!!

tushal should be back.... love u gouhar

salman i ws ur big fan bt nw u disappointed us.......u r totally biased n dz al r seen in national tv.....kushal sud b back.....

I am very happy that Kushal has been thrown out. He is not suppose to touch anyone. What a mannerless person. Evict Pratusha also. She is also very rude and brainless. Whatever Andy did was because of the game he was playing. He wanted reaction so that points are deducted nothing beyond that.

khushal in big boss:
1) do not do any work
2) never takes an interest in any task.
3) putting garbage, ash on tanisha, and justifies it as it was task, when he himself came out of a box in 3mins.
4) So even andy was doing a task.
then why the drama quenn and mr khushal and their cheap group and cheap fans are doing so much drama again on social media :P hahaha
BB did the right thing.
rakhi sawant+veena malik = Gauhar khan

Salman Khan is biased. He clearly wants tanisha to win the show. i hate u salman !

If touching then i think Aarman too as he poked on finger on Asif mouth and that was done on purposely

Stop abusing salman guyz .

WE LOVE YOU GAUHAR! hope she wins it now!

Salman Khan is ruining the show!

dont think so coz if its true den y BB producer is spending so much money on him?????

If kushal is been evicted from touching andy neck then bigboss allso shud hv evicted tanisha frm that bb house to she as well pushes kushal thricce if that is not violent than this not violet to he jst touches andy neck... i hate salman khan he is jst protecting tanisha jat bcoz he is sis of kajol n she is also frm filn industry that's not fair.... HATE YOU SALMAN KHAN

Kushal is so stupid....Thank God hez out.... my eyes wont be sore anymore while watchin bb7

The biased host needs to be fired for ruining the show!
He cannot insult the housemates just because they are against his fav contestants
He cannot bully them
He cannot judge them
He cannot interfere in the issues between the adults
He is worst employee of big boss who thinks he owns the house and provides for the housemates
And he certaily is not in position to preach morality to others going by his own track record!
Pv please post this

This season is shit. I mean seriously, when did BB7 become a charity show? If saving Tanisha is the prime objective of the show and during weekends by Salman, just write out a check to her for 50lacs, why create all this obvious mess?

If Kushal's act was wrong, so was Tanisha's. No arguing there. Bigg Boss is punishing the act not the motive behind WHY it happened.

Seriously, it's crappy they are just after saving that loser Tanisha..why get loser star siblings on the show and then be heavily obligated to move them up! I just don't get it.

Salman Khan is biased. He clearly wants tanisha to win the show. Jerk

This show is an absolute farce!! Ppl are angry because everyone is not being treated fairly!!

If Kushal is out then so should Tanisha - she physically assaulted him - it doesn't matter if she is a girl - what message is that sending out!!!

Armaan is the one of the most vile human beings ever - he treats people like dirt and is so aggressive and rude - he even said that he would stab Kushal if he thought to get revenge on Andy - and when Tanisha sed u'll go to jail his response was - so then I'll go to jail!! And yet this guy has never been asked to explain his actions from Big Boss or Salman. Seeing as Salman's history is not so clean himself I'm sure he recognises himself in Armaan and that is why lol!!

I hate the fact that Salman outright lied and told Gauhar and Kushal that they were not well liked and told Tanisha that she was!! What a liar!! This guy is a joke - please go away and let somebody else have the job - they couldn't possible do worse!!!

Gobar the Shameless Drama Queen (SDQ) is back.
Boooooo Boooo .... shame on bigg boss.

They should throw away this Shameless Drama Queen (SDQ).

Kushal should be returned to big boss

I fully support Kushal and Gauhar. This is biased


Team Gauhar and Kushal. biased show

I watched all the seasons of Biggboss but in this season (Biggboss 7) biggboss is totally unfair about their rules and regulations.
If they told that in terms of BB physically behaviour is not allowed so why Tanisha is inside BB House.
And kushal attacks only one time.
When Tanisha rush to him thrice and she is in house and kushal is out of house.
And Salman ki sab logo respect krte he but this time he is unfair.

Kushal dont deserve to be in bigg boss!! LOSER.

PV take all of these comments to BIGG BOSS & Production team! Whattey crappy job you guys are doing man! Rem public is the king here, you get to eat your daily bread coz we watch your show!

Doesn't mean you are soo openly partial towards an absolute loser of a contestant who has star sibiling only as her credibility! I am talking about the really boring, sore, loser of a person TANISHA.

Take a step back...Violence is violence right? That's what you said in Kusha's case...

So what Tanisha did cannot be ignored as violence then. If you are not questioning the motive and the rule only says Violence will be punished, then TANISHA should have been thrown out too.

Also, if saving Tanisha like she was a beaten up puppy was sooo important, why the hell don't you just write her a check for 50lacs???? Seriously, in the name of public ask Salman to stop crapping on weekend episodes, if you take actual reaction from public, I am sureee most are against what Tanisha also did. STOP CRAPPING! India is wayyy educated and smart than you can even imagine in your dreams.

PV request you to publish this.

bb ko sharam aana chahiye

Bring Kushal or take out Tanisha. The show is becoming boring and unacceptable to watch this biased behaviour.

Very True. I am with you. Salman Khan and Bigg Boss both are biased

I am happy gauhar comes back in the house but tanisha should be out of the house. she also push kushal .This bigboss season is very unfair because rules of the house for tanisha and armaan are different.I hate tanisha.And i also hate this bigboss season.

kushal should definitely return to bigg boss

Janata ki mang par,,,ha ha BB crap...jatna ki kaha chalti hai bs colors walon ki chalti hai aur sabka kattae hain sale

Itz a humble n kind request to bigg boss if u r reading dez msgs...plss send kushal back in d house n gv him a chance...plsssssss bigg boss we want kushal back anyhow...plssss


Isn't there a penalty for breach of contract?

I think when under the rules a walk out is a breach of contract and I believe last season Sidhu had to pay a fine when he decided to resume his BJP duties.

When Gauhar, Kamuya and Pratushya staged their walk out LOL that was their choice. They were not kicked out like Kushal. Gauhar should not have been given a second chance to re-enter the house. I don't know why BB pandered to her. I don't know why BB went out of its way to convince Kamuya and Pratushya to stay. Then Kamuya acted as if she was doing a big favor by staying.

For the record Andy was within the rules of the task when he said what he did. BB didn't remonstrate him. Kushal rushed towards Andy aggressively with the intention of inflicting harm. People saying he didn't demonstrate violence are off their rockers. The mindset in India is not a special case that you make excuses for people you like and want to keep in the system.

Walking out is breaking the rules. It can be allowed if the reason is compassionate. Gauhar said she was sick so she is taking a big risk with her health by staying inside an atmosphere that plays with her health. She does have access to BB medical help but it's not the same as having your family doctor around who knows your history etc. But it's her choice. Gauhar however did not walk out on grounds of her health.

Another justified reason for walk out is unforeseen circumstances. This can also be on justified grounds like in Karishma's case last season. Karishma's dad died while she was on the show. Her surviving family wanted her back. This was not technically a walk out but a removal upon request. No penalty was invoked in this case. I believe Karishma also had the choice to return.

Bottom line: Why does Indian contract and labor law contradict itself to suit others? It fluctuates at will. Totally at odds with the rest of the world. Labor law is employed because the contestants are employees of BB. They signed a contract and get various types of financial renumeration including cash prizes for tasks, like in last season. These last 2 seasons are the only ones I have watched. Thus I cannot comment about events and people I know nothing about.

Kushal should come back to the show cozzz its unfair rules different for tanisha and different for kushal kushal was rite and gauhar as a frnd I am proud of uh

kick out the gaurhar khan from big boss

WTFFFF... Didn't Expect PARTIALITY from this Bigg Boss...
Khushal was Evicted FINE...
But then Why Tanisha was "JUST NOMINATED"..???
Why wasn't she Evicted for Pushing Kushal 3 Times..???
And for the "INSULT" Kushal did... Arman does the Same to ALL the Girls in the House... Why was Kushal just Blamed... Why not Arman..???
Just cos Arman and Tanisha are having Bollywood Background..???

Show's FLOP in a Certain Period... Earlier Seasons were FAR MORE BETTER...

Have a REPLY..???

Armaan never targets any women and harasses her. He
Only bad mouths if someone is arguing with him. But kudhal always took week people for granted who cannot reply him back. Like vivek and tanisha and he said lot of things to tanisha even when she did not told him any thing personal or argued with him. But be was always behind tanisha to haress her keeping a grudge on her just because gohar hated tanisha. It was all to impress gohar. Big boss sees everything and knows more. What ever happened is right

I totally go wit ur point. Kushal's eviction from the house is really not justified . Bigg boss is such a biased show and the biased host as well.. he must be brought back orelse throw tanisha out. So much of partiality. Unfair.

gauhar trying to get sympathy..she is being so fake..stop being are next to be out after all your fake drama

I didn't like Kushan in the beginning but whatever happened to him was totally unfair..u rock Kushan!
All,the best for your future!

just bcoz salman yeh kah rha h woh kah rha h.... Wo sahi nahi ho jayga... Before that satuarday night i had a diffrnt percptn about sk... But knw... Just bocz wo apni baat manwana chahte h kisi ko b iss tarah insltt nahi skteee n agr point physicl volnc ka h toh tanisha ne jo kia wo kya tha agr wo apni izzat bchane ke liye vlnc kr skti h... Toh gauhar n kushal jo ki uska frnd h wo step kyu ni le skta .... Kushal n tanisha both did physical violnc ya toh dono ko nikalo ya dono ko rakhooo....

I can't understand one thing why no one sees it that Andy has been entangled in a big shit by team Gauhar, Khushal, Kamya, Pratyusha ... ? hmm ? it is unfair...

I'm not a fan or supporter of anyone's. but if someone talk bad things about me I do the same thing like Tanisha, I won't let somebody insult me...

I'm still not like Armaanji but I wil observe him...
It's a bit unfair that almost at the finish line, there are new people in the house for me the first in line for elimination..

Gauhar Khan should be OUT of the show!

Kushal tandon should be given one chance....................may be at that time, in a fluke he did that but tanisha did the same thing and is allowed to stay in house. If according to Salman Khan tanisha looked justified so did kushal as he stood up for girls in the house. Rules should be same for all, it physical contact in anger is not tolarated than Tanisha should also come out. If she is given a chance even kushal should get it.

even armaan should be punished or a strong word from Salman should be said to being so abusive in the house.
I am really angry as an audience that this time big boss is partial n favouring Tanisha and Armaan :(

To those audience who r saying gauhar is cheap oh dear its becox of audience like u that we have such politicians and filmstars today who think they rule d world! Open ur eyes and watch d game! From day 1 tanisha is being protected and to keep her image clean nothing of what she does or says on d show is shown to d audience! Everything is edited! Even andys disgusting act of displaying gauhars undergarments and discussing their sizes before d camera has been edited! D act was so horrifying that bb warned andy to stop it immediately.why was it edited? On d other hand kushal throwing garbage in tanishas box was shown with such great detail! Bb also showed kushal charginh towards andy but never showed d reason behind d rage! What would u have done if d same thing happened to ur sister? Kushal didnt even hit andy many of us would have done that! Dirty game is going inside d house and gauhar exposed it! Hats off to her otherwise with audience like this who r busy oiling d big superstars and starkids this would have continued! U cant buy dtv or film industry if u r a star! Tanisha is shameless beyond words!

tanisha ne b to dhakka diya tha jab kuch nahi kara...........big boss production are all ynder d cntrl of devgan's family

yes u r right ----- i want kushal N Gauhar back !!!!

We'll I think wat kamiya,pehu and gauhar basically wat they all did to any wasn't right at first point like if watch episode u will find out partusiya was the one who started the nomination conversation and then kamiya said dal won't cooked , then Andy shown bit expression coz he didn't get that then kamiya said its tanisha that is how conversation started. Then why everybody blamed Andy
Why not other two coz they close kushal bullshit! Can't believe.
Then Andy got disappointed and said all the rubbish
So we can't blame Andy for everything
I hate and hate gauhar and kushal hugging kissing on national tv not right they are love birds
Then why gauhar gets angry if someone tease her with kushal .
Plz boss don't get them back they don't deserve this show .

salman khan iz doin partiality.. :-/
put tanisha out of da house too or brng back kushal

FULL respect to Gauhar and Kushal for standing up for her. I hope this isn't true about Salman. He needs to butt out and be fair or quit the show cuz he is really stomping on my last nerve

Kushal ko wapas lao
Slmn dont act over v want kushal bck .mr .unfair khan

Both Salman Khan and Big B are biased. If the rule of BB is that nobody should touch another contestant with the intent to harm. Then Tanisha is equally guilty. In my opinion, Salman Khan and BB has lost their credibity by punishing Kushal and let Tanisha go with the warning.

BB - you have lost my respect and trust. I think you are bigger looser than Kushal

BB - Admit your mistake on television and restore your credibility. If you expect from other - you should maintain those standards too

biased bakwas

plz kushal come back

I think that Bigg Boss never makes the right decision when Tanisha pushed Kushal not once but three times then where the hell was Salman Khan and suprise suprise he was supporting Tanisha why didnt she get thrown out she touched him. Anyway salman is unfair and big boss is im not watching this show if Kushal goes and i hope others agreee,

This is partiality... why was tanisha not thrown out when she hit kushal isn't she supposed to be disqualified??? is it because that she is a woman due to which she is nt thrown out or is it the kajol's sister factor added here Salman?? I ask u one thing if the same torture through which gauhar went your sister would hv gone then? I think in that situation u hitting Andy would be justified right??( n pls don't say that u wud nt hit... u r no mahatma Gandhi here) same question is for the PARTIAL BIGG BOSS!!

We want kushal n gauhar back

Ok there is a lot of comparison between what Tanisha did with Kushal Tandon's attack... Tanisha reacted after quite a long time of being targeted while she was sitting inside a box. She came out and pushed this guy, who himself a day before quit the task in three minutes and the very next day went after the woman menacingly... While in the case of Andy, long after the said `insult' to women was served, Kushal tandon decided to stand up to the `izzat' of the women in the house! That is just amaing by comparison. he did not go to andy, try to talk to him or give him a peice of his mind... just mumbled some then charged like a mad bull. Until that episode I was rooting for Gauhar who had been playing a fine game in the house. Tanisha was the bad apple, she needed to leave. Look how the tables turned! If anything the episode teaches how some people can with their attitude turn an adverse situation in their favour, and the others can ruin something that is totally going in their favour. Tanisha was quite and subdued after the Kushal tandon episode, even after salman khan supported her openly, she did not gloat and crow about in the house ! makes me change my mind about her completely. As for the public, use your head guys! why is there no commentary on how unjust and underhand Andy's elimination was?

I agree with your comment to a certain degree. However if we looked at the clip about all the inmates(except tanisha n armaan) talking about daal n chicken...Andy was the one who said a lot about the nominations. So it was fair in their decision to pick Andy cause he contributed the most. LoL Back to the whole tanisha-kushal drama... Tanisha didn't "gloat n crow" because she knows salman has her back n no one can touch her so obviously she will stay quiet about it.
Gauhar was my favorite from day 1 and still is. She didn't even vote for Andy during the whole eviction but what did he do? Bring out her lingerie n talk about her sizes. I mean who does that? This girl had ur back and called u her Bhai and u do that shit to her? Really?
And then there's Armaan who has been talking shit to all the other girls in the house, shoved his finger up Asif's nose and pushed apurva! Yet salman doesn't say anything to armaan!!!! How do u ppl not see that???? He should really stop hosting this show...u can't be taking sides wtf?!! If you wanna evict kushal...that's fine but do the same thing to tanisha! After all it was jus a task, right?#unfairsalman!!!!!!!!!

everybody was talking about the eliminations. Period. Gauhar was my fav too. Only see today's episode. It is more than clear, to all, Andy is foolish and childish. Gauhar Kahn is Fake. She is not only back on the show (a day after all that drama, when she could not even walk out of the house without fainting multiple times, and swearing she will stand by Kushal) She is seen arm twisting Sangram by saying `people are not taking your stance well'!! She lied through her teeth! When SK asked her the question during the show, the lady glossed over it while denouncing Kushal Tandon's action too! a Chameleon would take more time changing color. About time people saw Kamya and Pratyusha for their true colors. (no pun intended ) as for Andy, lets see if the incident reforms him , or his colors too will not stay fast!
I am happy about todays eliminations, should have happened two weeks back... although I was really hoping Pratyusha would go..!
Cheers :)

This is the smartest comment I have read so far regarding this issue lol I m happy to know there r still logical people out there in the world :)

if kushal tandon shouldn't back into the house because he is a child minded and chemically imbalance person and his victim caught to gauher khan that's why she is always care him like his (GRAND MOTHER) .

tankisha says correct kushal's mother to gauher

it is a game so please play it like a game

if kushal return to house
it will not cool
and not a fair decition

totaly unfair decision taken by bigg boss ...bring gahur nd kushal back d house

wont watch bigg boss anymore. unfair salman. unfair bigboss.

Salman clearly has double standards and is blinded by his huge EGO!! And Colors is spineless to take a stand fearing to lose Salman. While we know this is just a game, please play it keeping in mind that the audience are not fools.

This is not fair. Tanisha also touched kushal.. why is bigg boss not asking him to leave.. ?? Bigg boss must bring kushal back. He was supporting gauhar which is right. And if bigg boss is not bringing kushal back than they should kick tanisha out of the house.

If kushal is nt bak no1 is gonna watch bigg boss

take dat remote of urs & shut the tv down. No 1 cares. Kushal shouldn't be back. He physically assaulted andy and hes out. If hes back then bigg boss value and respect will go DOWN.

Unfair if colors dont allow Kushal

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