Bigg Boss 7: Who will be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 7?

So the extremely entertaining and high-on-drama season of Bigg Boss 7 is almost coming to an end. With only about a week left, the wait is getting nerve-racking. One among Tanisha, Armaan, Andy and Gauahar will be out tomorrow, and the remaining five finalists will head towards the finale week.

These finalists have carved a niche for themselves in some way or the other. Like Ajaz once said, "you can love me or hate me, but you can't ignore me". He in his own silly way has created a brand for himself too. While Tanisha's claim to fame in Bigg Boss is the much publicized 'friendship' with Armaan Kohli, for Armaan it has been the nasty temper issue. Be it good or bad, their unique qualities have given the contestants a strong hold in the house.

Perhaps luck could be playing a part in all this, but by experience we know that the news-makers in the house often go ahead. Gauhar made enough and more news when she walked out with her lover, on that fateful day, creating a frenzy in the news circuit. Host Salman also made his share of buzzes by his strong remarks and loyal support to some of the contestants.

All in all the house, the house-mates and the host have been entertaining us in more ways than one, since the start of this show three months back. Wrestler Sangram Singh has also been interesting, though he is often accused with the allegation of not taking a stand. However, we know that he is a very strong contender to the crown.

So, we wish to ask you, who do you predict will be the winner of the Bigg Boss 7 season? Will it be the headstrong Gauhar, the calm and collected Sangram, the humorous Andy, the funny Ajaz or one of Salman's alleged favorites - Tanisha, Armaan?

What are your thoughts?

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Gauhar Khan won show.

Stupid gauhar won the show. bigg boss just did that so no one would say that the show is biased. Feel so bad for tanisha. love her, hate big boss

I feel sooo bad. Andy is out of the house. :( This is no good.

I think Tanisha will win b/c her mom, sister, and brothr-in-law are all actors, which will probably influence the votes. I hope someone deserving wins.

Ajaz is the only contestant who didn`t hire any PR Agency for his promotions or voting. He reached this level only because of the support of his fans. So vote for Ajaz!

he has reached here bcuz of his chamchagiri..he s trying to impress salman by his cheap making fun of ppl salman duznt like (kushal-Gauhar)

definatly gauhar will win bb7 tanisha never take stand ajaj is sadak chhap n bhidkau andy is good guy sangram thali ka bengan....

godddd i requst u 2 plz accept my wish....frm my bottom of my geart i wish tht gauhar win...plzzz god make gauhar win coz oll lyk her n shez actuly vry nice prsn...

one and only gauhar khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

one and only gauhar khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan deserves to win .

i actually like gauhar and i hope she win the show who is most deserving contestent

Vote for Ajaz please. He was always there for the other housemates, never felt them to be alone. That`s what a good human has to do.

Bold and Bueatiful Gauhar should win!

Gauhar for sure.


Ajaz is the best. Sabse mast banda- ajazzzz. Gauhar is ok but not better than ajaz

Gauhar khan should winner!!!

Gauhar khan

Sangram is great and should be win the trophy

Gauhar Khan

gauhar is very good,she is real winner in bigboss house....

Gauhar khan

TANISHA is real winner in the biggboss

Gauhar khan

My 1st choice is gauhar n 2nd Andy others r so cheap


Ajaz is a winner....he knows how to defend himself. He deserved to please guyz vote for Ajaz!

dont vote for Ajaz he does not deserve it, his true colors are obvious now
he was just taking footage and mileage of Gauhar khan by doing drama and faking
devdas type act...all that flirting was fake, he does not like Gauhar or anyone in the house!
Andy is way more entertaining!

Gauhar or aijaz should win the bb7

Gauhar or Andy!

Vote for andy

gauhar and andy are the only one who deserve to win. rest all are loser.

Desperate (koi Bhi chalay ga type) = Tanisha, cunning like a fox=Gauhar, Touch me not= Andy, True entertainer= Ajaz

My favourite is Ajaz Khan, he has been misunderstood and taken for granted by almost every housemate for quite a number of times but he is a good person and a very strong contestant. People who are extremely annoying and touch me not kind of a character are Andy and kamia, thank god kamia is out as she was very cunning and irritating at the same time. Gauhati is very clever and tanisha seems to be very desperate at times when she is with Arman.



Gauharrr ko jitnaaa chahiyeeee yehhh Showww bczzz usneee bht kuchhh kiyAaa hai...


Ajaz always made the other housemates laugh but cried at the corner alone. He was always nice and respectful towards the others. A conflict never began from his side. Look at the others, all of them began sometimes a conflict. Ajaz deserved to win!

Tanisha. is the best..

Tanisha should win..

Tanisha. Should win....

i guess sangram will win it cause andy is an entertainer. tanisha is not matured ajaz is also an entertainer and gauahar just lectures
everybody........toh bacha kaun?

I think that Tanisha or Andy should win the show because they are the only deserving contestants...This is because throughout this season they have stayed geniune ....I agree that andy did make a few mistakes in the beginning (keeping in mind that everyone in the house did), but he had the heart to at least apologize for em..Ejaz and Sangram are fine aswell....but Gauhar does not deserve to win the show cuz she thinks she is ALWAYS right...she is headstrong and imposes her opinion on everyone....according to her she does not backbite about anyone but in reality she always targets Tanisha....but she is smart enough to do it at times when her blindfolded fans would not notice that she is backbiting and so that she can suddenly change the topic....Think about it people...If all the janta calls Tanisha a "doormat" for sharing the same opinion with Armaan...then whydidn't they see Gauhar always controlling Kaushal and imposing her opinion on him and he always went after her...wake up people...and for the people who blame Salman for being biased...OH CUM ON guys, grow up...He is just performing his duty, and according to the mass majority...he is doing a fantastic job....and you guys are gonna take out your anger on him by not watching his movies??...PLEASE...God chahe..toh Salman ki har movie blockbuster hogi...tum logo ke haath main kuch nai hai

So, so true dude! Thank you for writing this!

ajaz is soooo cocky..and he's such a hypocrite!! so what if he made it to the finale? plus he didnt win because of himself he won because of arman's cheating

i agree. On sat, Ajaz kept showing d ticket evrytym gauhar said something..well, gauhar has one too, bt she s too classy to stoop down to his level.. ajaz, dont b so arrogant, roll that ticket and put it into ur.... u knw wat i mean!!!!


Andy ya sangram ya phir Tanisha in din me se Andy jitega kyki ye desh ne 90 percent Hindu rehte he so koi Hindu hi jitega dekh lena

Ajaj should be winner of bb 7

sangram played the game the right way without hurting anyone..where as all the other contestants had one stratergy n that is to put rest down to b shown in good light themselves kamya said sangram is not perfect but he has never attacked anyone emotionally .. he deserves to win ... n his biggest strenght is his heart ..he is a loyal friend n a good human . u want to c his strength n weakness then search about cancerians bec he has all the traits of his star cancer . ( i am cancerian 2 so can relate to him easily.)sangram strength is also in the way he is the last man standing in every task ... he give his best when others give up .. kamya n sangy share this trait ... i also think that sangy never found anyone in his wave length before ajaz ..when ajaz came ..sangy masti side can be seen easily ... both boys have true indain hearts. All the other contestants represent a certain high class of India .. sangram represent's indian boy on the street .. n normal regular boy of india ...he deserves to win


Gauhar sbould winn

gauhar should win!!!

tanisha,andy or sangram. gauhar shouldn't win this show,she is very lalchi .

Gauhar gauhar gauhar..she s d only hero of the house..baki sab salman k chamchey hai!! she s a strong woman..real definiton of independent woman..not some douchebag like tanisha..andy sangram ajaz chamchagiri karne mai hi busy hai..

Andy OR SAGRAM!!!! It's a Bet!! Gauhar dont deserve to win and tanisha is a leftover Masala.

gauhar deserved to win bcas she has not only shown her loyalty by walking out but she also.showed taking stand .she is strong woman n also showed us she do try to stop kushal n.ajaz wen.kushal was angry in task. salman has been partiliaty to tanisha n armaan like today in whole show he only spoke abt kushal n tried to pressurised gauhar that is not expected from atleast salman
If she took a stand then why did she comeback ..? She answered that question to Mr Khan , who asked her if I would have taken stand for someone , I would have never ever comeback and she answered as usuall (she has answers) that I came to prove it then Mr khan asked, what u came to prove? so far I haven't seen anything that u try to proved since u came back . It's a logic of Bigg Boss if you r wild card entry , they can keep you as a finalist like ijaz or can let u stand at final moment along with winner like Imam but you can't win OR if u walkout from show for 1 day Still You Can't but they never say this jus not to discourage contestants. You have to b from day 1 to win this show!!! And she ruined her image by making a drama after that dramatic exit n lost all her respect and she thinks she is honest??? MY FOOT! When she speaks I jus infront of my T.V oh ShutUp Gauhar! She eats hala chicken n keeps boyfriend Hindu! LOL,,,


Come on vote for Sangram everybody. SANGRAM ALL THE WAY.

nobdy wil vote for that thaali ka baingan

SANGRAM IS THE WINNER!! If sangram doesn't win then public is wrong.

sangram is the thaali ka baingan!!!!!

If living with such stupid startruck cheap strangers in a house and trying to Be Nice with them and not creating Drama everyday makes u a "thaali ka baingan" then You should practise It my friend. Because thats called etiquettes which everyone should have. And thats Nice choice to Be a good Person and demain good with everyone and i highly respect That. Try practising Ur So called "thaali ka baingan" stargery It should take You far :)

Dear hypocrite, sangram s not being nice wid evryone..he s being neutral to stay on d show..its ur choice whom u want to b v wud prefer to stay strong, speak up against wrong and protect our frnds and loved ones!! haath main choodiya pehn lo..bahot door tak jaoge

Tanisha is the BEST

anyone except gauhar

only gauhar

After todays episode you can cleary say that Ajaz is great. Never was really a fan of him but today i noticed that he isnt fake. He says everything in front of you. And if the show is about Entertainment then Ajaz should win. Even today the audienced clapped for the first time..only because of Ajaz !

saw ajaz's real face today..fake fake..he s not a frnd of anybdy. The stupid audience claps and applause on all salman's poor jokes..

gauhar deserved to win bcas she has not only shown her
loyalty by walking out but she also.showed taking stand .she is
strong woman n also showed us she do try to stop kushal n.ajaz wen.kushal
was angry in task.
salman has been partiliaty to tanisha n armaan like today in whole show
he only spoke abt kushal n tried to pressurised gauhar that is not
expected from atleast salman

If she showed loyalty let her follow Kushal..bwahaha. Gauhar, get out. Gauhar, get out.

Gauhar already did once... armaan exited thrice..fake eviction, arrested by police, final eviction..fir bhi woh douchebag tanisha wahi tiki rahi..shows real love(lust)

ajaz deserve to win.bcoz he is entertaining nd hav a good heart with good feelings.dnt hurt anybody.want to see everyone of luck Aijaz.we want to see u winner of BB7

Ajaz deserve to win because he have a beautiful heart nd respective thinking for everyone.he always wants to see everyone happy.nd he always entertain to everyone.

Must be Ghaur Or Andy Both are perfect Tanisha is doormat of Arman ,Sangram is Hypocrite ,Ejaz is basted
and what happen to Salman Khan first he provoke Ejaz then targeting Ghaur always .Gt a life salman now where is your defination of woman in your eye only tanisha is woman.

Aijaz deserve to win

Hahahahaha....Some one saying that a job is ready for Tanisha after coming out from house - that is to clean washrooms and rooms, O my goodness.

I have no idea why my comment was deleted?

Hi my name is noor afsa .m really praying for gauher to win this session .bcoz everybody is lier and fake she is the only girl who is playing with her full imaan.

Ajaz or Sangram


douche bag

Sangram,coz he is the most down to earth person even nation pride.

nobdy s voting for thaali ka bengan

gauhar should be the winner of bb7

Tanisha have one vacancy to clean washrooms & rooms after comimg out from the Bigg Boss House,

Gauhar is the only contestant to deserve to win, nobody else. Some one said that Tanisha is debris of filmjagat that is true. I agree.
Only Gauhar is powerful , beautiful and intelligent contestant in the Bigg Boss House. Wish you all the best, Gauhar.

the competition is clearly between gauhar and andy...but the winner of hearts is gauhar!!

One and only one Gauhar is my favorite contestant, I am watching this show for her delicate action, beautiful charming face and intelligent lady in the house, I am 100% sure that Gauhar will win, if not then trust me Colour Team is corrupted by Salmaan, Kajol and Ajay Devgan, Gauhar, my blessing are with you dear. - Dharmesh Patel

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