Bipasha Basu. Amrita Arora (pregnant) at Salman Khan's Ganesh Puja

Bipasha Basu, a very pregnant Amrita Arora seen at Salman Khan's Ganesh Puja .

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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I think it's a girl... by the shape of her tummy.

@ Wed, 2012-09-19 22:11 — Anonymous

anyone associated to Salman Khan thinks they are famous.. or is it vice versa...

Wed, 2012-09-19 18:39 — Anonymous

boy again for amrita

Girl this time , cos her tummy is more raised!!

Looking at Bips, all am reminded of is her fantastic performance in Raaz 3 as an "actor". Great job Bips. I suspect Amrita Arora gets her share of the limelight on account of her close friendship with Kareena and a being a sister to Malaika.

Bips glowing.. in the traditional attire!!

Bipasha looks lovely

lol amritas always preggerrsss

@Aristocrat I'm sure even during her relationship with John she was still civil with Sallu bhai albeit not being too friendly like in the old days. People tend to believe only the stuff the media tells them, they don't know that people are capable of carrying on friendships and acquaintances without the help of the media.

@Voiceswriter me too lmao!!!!

for the anons who keep saying she is salman's friend all of a sudden... she was friends with him before but had to distance herself b/c of john. now that she is single again she is trying to rebuild her friendships that she lost b/c of him.

OMG the headline scared me, all I saw was Bipasha Basu and Pregnant. LOL. o_0

Although I don't want to aste a comment on Amrita, but must say that why is she being photographed Nd why bother publishing it here. She is a nobody who tried he luck but failed. So ta ta goodbye I don't even remember way hint a movie of her anyway. Why doe she act like she is famous too anyway LOL

Bips is so beautiful...she is looking better and better.

boy again for amrita

Bipasha seems like trying so hard to be in Salman Khan's camp! We know what will benefit her later. Another movie with him for sure. Like last time she went out with him for dinner, she bagged No Entry 2! This time only time will tell!:p

Another baby boy for amrita!

I don't understand the hauty proud look Amrita always gives as if she is one big celebrity . Other than being salman's relative & malaika's sis what has she got?

Love you Bips!

Lovinggg it!

Amu is glowing!! She looks great... Bips on the other hand looks old.. She's not aging gracefully.. and why the hell has she started looking more masculine than most of the actors?

Bipasha looks beautiful so does Amrita

is anyone else completely freaked out with Bipasha's lightened skin complexion? its so unnatural looking.. makes her look soo creepy and pale. It does not suit her in the slightest! She looks ghoulish and the colour doesnt compliment her features either. She's bleached her entire body like a mad woman! does she not realise bleaching products contain cancer causing agents? Does she want cancer?

pinkvilla please post!!!

I love what Amrita is wearing. The splash of colours is looking nice.

Hahahah is Bipasha Salman's new best friend?
She is too smart

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