Bipasha Basu supporting child labour *Update - Pinkvilla impacts Indian Media*

*Hot Update* - Our voices seem to have made a difference. This was reported in the Hindustan Times and in Mid-day .

Given that she will soon be a hollywood star as she is acting in the hollywood movie Singularity, she needs to be careful on what she tweets. This could be a huge issue in the west where child labour[if at all this is true] is totally looked down upon and is a crime.

Here is the whole story.

Bipasha Basu tweeted about an hour ago "I need to learn to tie shoe laces asap!Embarassed that I can't!No patience grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt!Will learn soon" and tagged it with a picture. Yes, the one you see above. After she tweeted it, she started getting strong responses like...
"no child labour"

"Are they two kids ? I think its child labour ? ??"

"awww..didnt expected this from u..people follow u for ur good work"

"Look at those children. U shud be shameful for supporting her"

"Oh god, people should just chill out. Like you guys wouldnt do her laces! I god damn would! Lol."

"wt r u trying to tell us from dis.i never thought u were such a .i admired u i should slap myself"

"what the f**k is dis ....having money is not the thing u should hav common sense....."

"OMG !!!!!!"

"Bipasha should be arrested for this act. Only then these film studios will not do any child labour"

"Disgraceful Bips - cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!"

"Miss basu it looks like child labour evn though i suppose not.."

"Inform the Child labour protection act? Lol i guess bips went to school on slippers"

"This is how we treat fellow indians. Shame on you Bipasha. Unfollowed you shameless!"

What's more shocking was, she deleted the tweet instantly but forgot to delete the twitpic (picture).

She could face serious charges for this. Indian Child Labour act says Law Breakers could face one month to 12 months in jail .

Your thoughts?

Just 10 minutes ago Bipasha deleted the picture and tweeted this "Well the ppl helping me in the pix r my friend n sister,Who I help often with the same!So am sorry if it hurt anyones sentiments!"

She just said (in the tweet that she deleted) that she still needs to learn how to tie laces so where did this, "I often help them with the same" come from. White lies!

Also, weird because why would she have to delete the picture if they were really her 'friend' and 'sister'?

Someone tweeted this to Mr Amitabh Bachchan. here was his response
@Bharat_Hyd and why would you assume that these are a film stars feet ..!!

Here's what the HT story says -

With Twitterati wrath getting too hot to handle, Bipasha instantly deleted the picture from her page. But, by then, Bollywood portal had already saved the image and posted it on their website. Basu then tweeted in her defence, “Well the ppl helping me in the pix r my friend n sister, Who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyones sentiments (sic)!”

However, fans weren’t impressed with this explanation, with one even pointing out that if she didn’t know how to tie shoelaces, how could she possibly be helping others with it! “She should have known better. Isn’t she a smart, intelligent woman? She must know how serious an issue child labour is,” says DU student Sushant Bhatia. “I can’t believe she could be so dumb. She should be ashamed of not knowing how to tie laces, and then making kids do it!” says Nalini Singh, 21. A Twitter follower of actor Amitabh Bachchan sent him the pic asking for his comments, to which Bachchan said: “Why would you assume that these are a film stars feet ..!! (sic)”

When confronted about the incident at a press conference in Delhi yesterday, Basu said, “I’ve said everything I had to, on Twitter. I don’t think it was child labour at all.” She did not answer when asked to identify the two young girls. (Whoa, now it's confirmed that those two young girls were certainly not her 'friend' and 'sister'. I mean, if she has no problems revealing their 'identity' on Twitter, why would she have any problems disclosing the same to the media?).

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Dessigaal, Manisha Koirala is another star who has and still does tirelessly work on the cause of children and women in Nepal and everywhere. She is also from Nepal. Cheers to you and your mighty good work-- may it flourish.

wonderful Dessigaal...

Dessigal-- P.S. did not mean 'your simple little action" (last comment) as simple, per se-- your actions are noble and complex. meant that you expessed your actions so simply and humbly.

Go Dessigaal !!!

Dessigaal- You are a sparkling role model to everyone young and old out there to take actions to make this world a better place. I typed quite a few judgemental comments myself-- and yet after seeing your simple little action-- realized we can all do something to help out. See, even I learned from a younster like you.

A world where kids of all nations from India to Russia to the US to nation-- of all religions and all colors-- play happily together and look forward to a future full of wonders and opportunites is paradise on Earth.

This is the ultimate mission we all have. Cheers !

Wed, 2011-03-02 01:26 — Anonymous
-> that's fine if u don't agree, everyone has an opinion.. and that's just an opinion, not a critic's review of the comments. you may value different things in comments and can express a different opinion. ratings on comments is not important (at one point, PV even had the best comment of of the day section)-- it's about action-- pls don't get upset if you don't agree with this. you can have a different choice of which comments u like best. it's puzzling though, among all the hateful and racial comments, such a mild opinion like this upsets you. let's not make this whole thing about our egos-- it's about the kids.

we can at least agree that Dessigaal was the only person who commented, who actually is ACTIVELY did something for child's welfare, and we need more people like her in the world.

That's amazing Dessigaal !!! Best wishes on your honorable aims to change the future for the better!
People like you make the world a better place.

I truly applaud what dessigaal is doing and I appreciate her efforts with the humanitarian work with the children but to the anon who said lets only hear people who directly deal with children as only their comments are worth it in my opinion is not justified. So are you trying to imply that anyone who doesn't work directly with helping children have no sound judgement or input. If so, then this by far is the most lame comment I would've heard on pinkvilla. So if I or anyone else for that matter helps out indirectly aiding these children but not necessary working directly with them will not be taken seriously? Therefore, working with children gives me the license to talk expertly on children??! I'm sorry to say you just lost validity of your statement for me..

ThankQ guys again.Personally i love sonam kapoor because she does everything very truly n happily,like paris hilton whatever living styles they have its non of our business i guess!! if we start knowing celebs personally i am sure most of them are not good. Give something to ppl who don't have anything u will feel really very good within! I love children and guys plz save their future if i earn lots of money i will definitely open org for children am too young for that but i will try my best to save children's life.

everyone's comments was 2 cents. only Dessigaal's comments was worth it , because she backs her comments with action and true care. let's hear from more people are REALLY care and REALLY do something for the kids. thank you , Dessigaal.

we need to fight about more important things than this.. like whose nose is surgically altered, who looks good without makeup and who will represent us in the West. this is what our youths are designed for, after all-- to fight about for and against our film stars.

(( sarcasm )).

as the Indian media is typing away in fury that Bips perhaps might be guilty and she lied, they look out of their window and see a 100 children toiling daily in 100-degree + temp-- every day on the streets beside them. they look in their own office and see the young boy deliver them tea and sweep up. they go to their own homes and have the little kid they so much adore-- wash the dirty dishes and bring them a fresh cup of tea, after a long hard day. no media reports then... no sir, the West might find out about that.

then it's back to a hard long workday the next day--- getting Bips nailed is tough work. ahhh.. the coffee made from the chai-walla kid sure helps.. it's tough being a media reporter !

The Karma of the nation rests on how we treat our most powerless and innocent: our children.

It's not in sending our most beautiful movie stars and impressing Westerners. That's all fine and dandy, but why are our priorities screwed up? Our youths spend more energy and time fighting trollers and defending our movie stars-- than they do fighting for genuine causes like poverty and hunger.

So far, our karma is not good.. and in this way, our country will collapse (most think it has collapsed already). We cannot point and blame just one Bips and AB because they are 'role models'.. and think the job will be done. It won't unless we look in the mirror too, because we're guilty too. We are all role models for the kids, and we all need to clear our weight. When a child-worker looks at you in the street walk by and ignore them-- they feel invisible. They can't afford to see a Bips or AB films-- but they see you. You're a role model too for them. We need to re-think our priorities-pronto!

Dessigaal, you are one of the few who are walking in the path of light-- show everyone your way. If you can enourage all of us to think the way you do, imagine how much better our nations' future would be (both India and Nepal)! Keep up your good work, winner !

solutions for u:
by sending our fairest lightest-eyed Western cloned stars to the West, we'll impress them that we're fair&lovely people-- and the West will come with with a magic wand and solve all our problems. child-working and poverty will go away in an instant then. let's just hide our ppl of color. no positive roles and sterotypes of dusky stars in Bollywood, pls.. these kids of color don't need that, they're just workers...

ok, so Bips is bad and we're so outraged (our charity work for the kids accomplished now, pronto !). now we gotta move onto bigger and better things like selecting gowns for our star and seeing whose nose is the nicest in Bollywood. tata

we're all probably going to spend more energy as desis (Indians and NRIs) on what gown our stars wear to the Oscars than whether a child in India gets their proper meal today. that's us to a T

Thanks Dessigaal, please send us the link of your center-- if they can accept online donations via credit-card, we can try to help too. Keep us posted on your gr8 work . You are proof positive that being a heroine does not mean being on the big screen-- it means having a big heart! you have that.

Dessigaal, that is so inspiring! You've helped change lives for the better-- and that is the ultimate aim of all our missions!

Thank you guys thank you for your responses!! Am always positive n happy! and it feels great to work with children. Well i work for org its a child helpline where children are rescued who have left their houses, girls trafficking anything!! well i live in Nepal guys my org last week rescued a girl from India who has come to Nepal for tourism year with her uncle but unfortunately her uncle left her alone..i must say she was truly very pretty and innocent girl, now she is with her parents and it feels grt:)
I will try my best to support children rights.

Dessigaal, you are such a winner !! such a hero.

Sat, 2011-02-26 08:09 — Dessigaal
-> p.s. Dessigaal, Your comments were like a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally someone who does something POSITIVE ! Out of all the comments on this (some very judgemental), not one person so far.. NOT ONE.. said they had done something actively for the welfare of the kids.

Well, if your child rights organization has an online center that accepts donations for the children's causes, perhaps you can send everyone a link or make a post on pinkvilla --so that at least we can donate money for it.

You are one of the most admired posters on pinkvilla and everyone adores your posts. Please make some posts on pinkvilla about your positive causes and work. Maybe that can motivate us all desis to move away from the illusions of hero-heroine adoration and become heros and heroines ourselves by making the world better !

Out of all of this, at least if each one of us could donate money, time or just goodwill to the cause of our lost children in the world-- esp Asia-- it would be wonderful. Whatever little we can do.. a drop is better than nothing. Each precious drop makes a difference.


Sat, 2011-02-26 08:09 — Dessigaal
--> Desigaal, you are a true inspiration!!! Your comments count quite a lot. :):):)

You're right, Bips should have been more careful. But do you think she was not careful.. simply, perhaps because she was simply not guilty of the things people are accusing her of??.. if she did participate in actual child labor, probably she would have never posted it. It's easy to start egging on her... your motives in questioning her are valid- becaues you are one of the people who really care. Other people though, who do nothing and plan to do nothing for child rights; or even violate them-- might simply use the egging as a forum to think they have done their 'duty' on child rights; or simply to throw tomatoes on her. and that's not enough for us to do...

Anyhow, a major kudos to you for helping the kids -- our most precious heros. People like you are the true heros of the world!!!! Keep doing your wonderful work and inspiring all of us to help out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon on Sat, 2011-02-26 06:48 thanks dear!! yes i work for child rights i love children!! i work for child right organization where children are being rescued n protected for their education,food etc..
Bips shud hab been careful bout it! it upsets me whenever i see this picture at least she should have think 3,4 times before posting this picture.

Fri, 2011-02-25 19:31 — Dessigaal
-> You work for child rights !!? wow.. you are truly a lovely person inside and out. we need more people like you.

its a child labor i dint knew she is such a dumbo to post picture like that..its sad i work for child rights too bips did it unknowingly but she did a crime.

shes is so annoying to take a pic like tat she knows pple will talk about a pic like tat. shes so attention seeking

@I don't think she is a mean person. She knows the truth about child labor, pl leave her alone.

Shes a public figure. What she did was wrong. Period. Its an oppurtunity to bring such things to light. Not only bipasha but anyone who commits such acts. Why are you so sensitive towards Bipasha? She probably isnt a mean person but her influence over ppl is great as she is a film star so if incidences such as this are brought to light, it should be made an example of so it doesnt happen again by anybody, filmstar or not.

Thu, 2011-02-24 06:10 — Anonymous
Just because he does movies with people half his age he's the head of the movie industry? :-)))

I don't think she is a mean person. She knows the truth about child labor, pl leave her alone.

First off, too much importance given to C graders like Bipasha, Viveik, John, etc. Secondly, it has been established time and again that these kinda actors are downright dumb. Her comments are a clear indication that she has no regard kids. She indeed expected people to say "Aww how cute" but the fact is that people have zero respect for her or her hen-pecked boyfriend whose movies run for a show and a half.
People of India, wake up and smell the coffee. High time we give the deserved credit to the stars, which is no credit whatsoever.
There are bigger issues like poverty and world hunger which need attention. As for Bipasha and the likes, let them live in the parallel world they live in. For once I'm ashamed to be an Indian.

no matter how big or small the situation is, its still a child. Why cant they help the children by putting in them schools or giving them money. There are always other ways.

I live in the UK, and we are very strict when it comes to children. If the UK happen to know about this she will be slaughtered.

bipasha should be made an example of. She needs to be punished for her act, otherwise it would mean because of her star power she can get away.
Amitabh bachan should also be punished for ignoring the issue, as he is head of bollywood industry. It would mean that they support these horrendous acts.

this is a waste of good time...real child laborers should get this kind of attention!!!!!!!!!!

"@wow.. this whole thing has turned more into a witch-hunt to get a movie-star ... w/ no proof so far, she has employed them illegally.

how many ppl actually did something to prevent or cure child-labor meanwhile?"

This is how people are trying to prevent child labour by voicing their opinion against the likes of Bipasha. Whether there is proof or not, there is a photo of two very young looking children tying her laces. They certainly dont look like her sisters. So, if the proof is not there yet, they should certainly find out. Until then, she is innocent. However, with the assumption that she did do that, she should be punished like a regular citizen. Also, it will bring to light that people should not be able to get away with this kind of behavior. In addition to this, the matter of food and the children being hungry. That is a different matter altogether and if the people in power were not so inclined to corruption then maybe that money would go towards the real needs i.e food and education. They need food to fill their stomach and they need an education for their future. It's a combination of both. Just because people are venting out at bipasha does not mean she is the only guilty one but she is part of a large chain. If you take out each part, the chain is broken. It's a beginning.

.Wed, 2011-02-23 17:19 — Anonymous
now everyone wants the West to know that we Indians employ kids all over. it's weird that the entire India and NRI denied Slumdog Millionaire as sham though. Wasn't that the whole purpose of the film-- to show the plight of the kids? so now we want the West to know we are bad and need to be whipped into shape?? let's bring Danny Boyle back, shall we?

wow.. this whole thing has turned more into a witch-hunt to get a movie-star ... w/ no proof so far, she has employed them illegally.

how many ppl actually did something to prevent or cure child-labor meanwhile?

Wed, 2011-02-23 12:02 — Anonymous
-> Of course these kids need an education.. but before an education , they need the basics: food , water and shelter. they cannot even afford meals and that's why they work! how are they going to study in a hungry stomach and going back to the streets after school?? now do you understand the deep neccesity for all of us to realize how deep and terrible the poverty of India is affecting us all?

no, the answer is not to let them keep working like this. of course not. the answer is to address their survivablity first-- and then make them become educated and free. That takes $ and time, as of now-- since the govt is not filling their needs!

Danny Boyle has done excellent work in this area to help the kids be independent-- but bcoz we were mad that India was seen in a 'bad light', we ignored him and the mission of SlumDog Millionaire.

@"It's disgraceful.....bipasha should be punished for this. I live in the US and I am wondering how can I leak this news in the USA?"

If you do that. More power to you. It will be a good thing for the children of India if this gets leaked into the western media. Maybe then, it will trigger the government to stop corruption and put more funds towards the education of the children of India. You have support! Plz do try.

its a common problem in india underage chidren working....educate the kids!!!! especially if you have soo much of money, i mean to hell with dumb your for the kids education!! or open a school, if all celebs contributed to education in india, it will help the children immensely...whats the use of dieing rich and leaving all that money behind? do something where people will look up to you..bloody film celebs praised for nothing, just in it for their own benefits. and people like us support them..its a sad world...without the audiences support they would be worthless...

it's sad no one is actually thinking about the children, everybody is like Bipasha is so bad, this doesn't happen in west, etc...

Wed, 2011-02-23 06:32 — Anonymous
Lol true that. Was thinking the same thing!

It's disgraceful.....bipasha should be punished for this. I live in the US and I am wondering how can I leak this news in the USA?

Wed, 2011-02-23 11:27 — Anonymous
frankly, by employing those kids, bips is helping them more than all of us here on this website. as someone mentioned below, if they're not employed, they will be on the streets begging or forced into sex trafficking. this is not a problem just in india, it's quite rampant in all of the indian subcontinent and the only way is to change the corrupt government in the country.

What a dumb statement, she is not helping them by employing them ... what a life will they have without going to school ... losing their childhood as child labour ... the most stupid comment i read so far here, one can see what kind of person you are, maybe you have childs working for you family too

frankly, by employing those kids, bips is helping them more than all of us here on this website. as someone mentioned below, if they're not employed, they will be on the streets begging or forced into sex trafficking. this is not a problem just in india, it's quite rampant in all of the indian subcontinent and the only way is to change the corrupt government in the country.

This proves Bipasha Basu is NOT Beauty with Brains...What a dumb ass....

Can't believe the comment Amitabh Bachan made. In SHOCK! WOW.


Expect Bipasha to show up at an orphanage in white salwar in the next couple of weeks. It's all about damage control now.

Tue, 2011-02-22 21:21 — Anonymous

BTW who ever said Aish never endorsed fair and lovely lol .... her body is an ad for skin lightening because even back in in Devdas times the pics of her with SRK she was like 1 shade lighter thn him she was very dark and looked witchy .... to me her body is a whole ad for skin lightenin


Nobody 'SAID' it. It is a FACT that she never ENDORSED Fair and Lovely. It is upto you if you want to believe it or be delusional. Your choice completely! :-)

Lol @ "she was very dark and looked witchy". Look at the 1993 unseen picture of Aishwarya on Pinkvilla. Search for it in the search bar and you decide. ROFL. If Aish looks like a witch, the other people must be looking even more witcheir to you! :D

shame on Bipasha... The girls in the picture seem lik young children and they definately don't seem lik her sisters... There should be a raid at her place for such acts... And her explanation that it was meant to be a joke is even more appaling.. hw can any one find this amusing she is jus being one braggy celeb getting sadastic pleasure from such hideous play..

This women disgust me further today - I (@landofom) am the one who wrote "Disgraceful Bips - cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!"

Posted below to Pinkvilla on Monday night from Sydney Australia about my disgust! 11:06 PM Feb 21st via web in reply to pinkvilla:
@pinkvilla I m disgusted by the Pure arrogance ... - Check out How dumb can Bipasha Basu be

I thought - I had my say and moved on! After reading her tweet today, I was thinking "who is this Woman" She still thinks the photo is funny for taking photo of two underage girls and posting them on Twitter! Is this women for Real! Is she educated! She is in her 30's for god sake! Even if they were her sister or friends - Did she ask thier parents for permission publish this photo to her 190,000 followers! Do she know how many perverts are there online! Did she think about their Privacy! This Bollywood B grade actress wants us to take her serious by portraying to the all us that she is "Smart, Caring, Intelligent, Savvy and Sexy Bollywood Actress" What a Hypocrite! Self-centred, Arrogant Dumb Diva!

she is such a diva. and to top it all a BIG LIAR.

Wish i could hav get a chance to slap her !!..

"She did not answer when asked to identify the two young girls. "
Aww man, that does not look good :(
Those poor little girls .
Mere desh ka kya hoga ?

Tue, 2011-02-22 19:07 — Anonymous
using words like dumb to negate doesn't make your point any better.

Aishwarya's latest article on the Men who Knew her Best (Vogue article) clearly indicates she had done Fair & Lovely.. one of the men stated he did her ad ! plz get your facts straight before u insult.

I was wondering how there was no mention of Aish in the post... and there she makes it! Mon, 2011-02-21 18:21 — Anonymous

Dumb anon! Aishwarya NEVER endorsed fair and lovely. Don't make up fatcs yourselves!

And this is deeply insensitive by Bipasha. Are all celebs like her? Noooooo

I think she posted this pic in a funny and cute way..we all make our kid brother n sisters work n do much more for them..people r blowing this out of proportion

Mon, 2011-02-21 19:17 — Anonymous,

i didnt mean its the voice of everyone, i meant that its where people express their views and opinions, hence its their "voice"...dumb people like you and bipasha add to the worlds misery really..

Tue, 2011-02-22 11:49 — Anonymous
Your comment had me burst out laughing (: So true.....

worst woman!!!

Amitabh Bachan's response is quite disgusting. Mr Bachan, she posted the pic herself and said that she cant tie her laces. Your reponse is: Why would you assume these are film stars feet?? Uhhh, Because she said they were hers!

I have lost every ounce of respect for mr bachan. You might have a tremendous fan following and you may be a good actor but you should learn right from wrong. And instead of supporting the wrong, avoid answering.

Child Labour sure is a problem and issue in India...but celebrities like Bipasha n Amitabh Bacchan have a voice, following etc. Last thing we want is THEY supporting this...The most pretentious lot in whole of India....
Bollywood n Politicians...

Oh pleaseeeeeeee, everyone shutup-this is not even worth talking about! Leave the woman alone.



wow the only thing AB had to say is, questioning if it was a celebrity but no words about child labour.... why is this guy so respected ?

lol attention seeker

wtf like always make controversies outta nothing. bullshit! The ppl claiming this n that lets see how they treat their daily servants.

What the Hell Actress basically had Wellington airport at New Zealand almost shut down for 40 minutes to let Ms Diva Bipasha Basu speed down the runway. Bipasha clearly show no remorse on what she is done! Great role model for the young up coming Bollywood stars! Interesting enough none of the press has picked up, only Pinkvilla - thank you for exposing this B grade bollywood star!

Some people supporting Bipasha saying "Everyone does it. Why target Bipasha? Just because she is famous?"

Hello! Bipasha is the only celebrity who had the audacity to post this picture on Twitter. She posted it and then ate her own words, deleted the picture, apologized and LIED. And she is no normal citizen. She has about 200K followers. She is an icon to many in India. What does this act of hers signify? And what effect will it have in India?

I'm not denying there's no child labour in India. Of course there is, despite laws being there to prevent it. If I see a person being subjected to child labour, I would definitely act immediately (as I have in my past).

People are just not scared about doing this illegal activity and neither are the Indian laws too serious about it. I want this to be given enough attention and punishment so that people may think twice before making labour out of little children.

And I'm shocked by Mr.Bachchan's response. "and why would you assume that these are a film stars feet ..!!" Seriously, Mr.Bachchan? Bipasha herself told it were her feet. And even if not, is it okay for people to do it if they are not films stars?


Mon, 2011-02-21 20:15 — Anonymous -> lol.. face charges for her friend and sis tying her laces???!! since when was this illegal?

even if u are insintuating shes' lying and hired these kids as her servants-- child labor laws in India are actually (and sadly) very lax due to the economy and even the child labor enforcement services do not require that kids NOT work in India-- but rather guard their safety. learn the laws please , before you get all carried away at what Bips might 'face'.

BRAVO, Schmuck!

Let's hope someone big in India pays attention to this post so that Bipasha can face charges.

child labour law is common in india... what do you guys have to say for the spot boys that hold umbrella for bollywood stars

this could be her friend and sister mucking about actually

Mon, 2011-02-21 17:51 — Anonymous
" she is a celeb and the media(twitter) is the voice of people":

oh wow.. India has really hit rock bottom when celebs via tweeter have become the voice of the people!! Did Bips come out and say she is a moral celeb guardian of the youths of India or something? No.. she posted a photo which was insensiitive and she removed it. that's it.

"Also, weird because why would she have to delete the picture if they were really her 'friend' and 'sister'?"

-> because obviously people were offended and mis-interpreted it ! and people insisted she made 'white lies' and they were hired children help. wow.. talk about getting on Bips back big time. she obviously does not want her sis and friend to be looked at as servants in a negative light-- let alone take a beating for something she had no bad intentions for! so why would she NOT remove the photo-- of course she removed them.

how much do desis make all their celebs into priests and nuns?
Did Bips convert to be a nun while we were not looking and she was supposed to walk on water?
she's a human.. and believe it or not, celebs are human who someitmes do make mistakes. everyone one of them.

she posted a photo that appeared offensive and in bad taste, as it depicted kids doing labor service (and yes -- people insinuated that she had hired kids with no proof).

she denied she had hired chilren and said they were her friend and sis (which ppl questioned)... and removed the photo after realizing it was a mistake.

now it's like a free-for-all... she's a celeb we admire, dammit! We have to get her !!! We caught her! she's done something in callous taste and she needs to get flaked for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you guys are looking at your celebs to be your moral guardians, no wonder India is so off-track!

Mon, 2011-02-21 17:51 — Anonymous
-> isn't that why she removed the photo? she felt she made a mistake and tried to rectify it. so what is the fuss exactly?

: children working r not just looked down upon the West, it is plain illegal. it is illegal in India too in some aspects (not all)- but sadly the rules are broken everywhere-- and the laws are far less strict. Unfortunately, a country cannot change another country's laws. the UN can be involved.. but say... UK or any nations cannot just come in and punch India into discipline. besides which, most laws are violated all the time- and it's near impossible for another nation to enforce them. So the point with Fashionista was India is in dire need of an entire national internal reform, doing it on our own. we just have to now stop leaning on the West.

got it??

it's bizzare that there are people who are admitting they use or know children in India for service.. but think it's wrong of her to post a picture-- even if she was innocent and it's her sisters. guess it must be something like we have child-labor law violations , but our celebs must HIDE IT. Guess we don't want the West to know..

Rather the opposite, it would be nice if our celebs were like Hollywood celebs and shook and exposed our society's secrets.

It would have been nice if Aish used the forum to tell ppl about the color issue-- even though she did advertise for Fair &Lovely. and it would be nice if Bips could use this forum for a better cause to help the kids who are suffering..

lol.. Charlene has suddenly turned into an expert of what servants in India look like.. and is not even Indian !

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:20 — charlene
-> who said Fashionista said anything wrong???? just bcoz ppl disagree with her, you jumped to conclusions as u usually do. read the posts again, no one said she said anything wrong.. ok??? but ppl can disagree with her.. why not? that is what forums for. do you even know India's history of 1945 and the independence and all that.. knowing you're not Indian and suddenly this big expert on India and stuff??? never really agreed with your viewpoints on looks-- and can't agree with with you here.

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:20 — charlene
-> hahhha hhaah.. so u r not an Indian and have not been to India but you "KNOW" what servants look like. hahhh ahhhaa. do u even care that most of them suffer from color discrimination which keeps them in their 'lot'.. you're that one that likes the fairer stars of India and consider them better or something.... right...??

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:20 — charlene
-> you're not Indian.. and we know that. but have you ever been to India to know how much child labor laws are violated so openly? ?? !! bet you haven't even visted there for a day- and you act like an expert on Indian people and stuff !

Mon, 2011-02-21 17:27 — Anonymous
-> r u just embarassed that the West might find out about child labor violations so you're mad she posted a photo which even if she commited no crime-- might look like it to the West? aren't u concerned over the bigger picture - that the reality is many kids are not only overly worked but abused as well??? does it matter if the West knows? who cares .. it matters what we know .. it's our country people, our origin people.

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:20 — charlene:: oh wow. aren't you the non-Indian who constantly insists that lighter complexioned people are better looking or something??!! that's not arrogance and ignorance???!!!! do you know that the lack of self-esteem in people of color (esp children who are dusky) make them feel they deserve nothing from their country-fellows, nation or goverment. lighter-kids are often adopted easily, but the darker , duskier orphans often end up on the streets or working. Once these kids believe in themselves and have some power, their potential is as unlimted as the best of the elites in the world.

we have tried time and time again to show the beauty in all colors--but you're not one of those who might understand the esteem factor and how important it is to uplift the poorest class. you just don't understand....

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:55 — Anonymous
-> doing people's dishes for mere pittance (somtimes just leftover food meals) is not respectful to children either!! first of all, they should not be working for a living. they should be given food, shelter, education and opportunites for the future. they are KIDS. Fashionista said it best when she said that the kid's lives are being looted in the name of giving them work to survive. Thanks Fashionista, for saying it best.

it's a shame that someone of her calibre will be so callous, it might not be child labour, but sure as hell portrays it....thats the problem ,she might have fame and money , but lacks BRAINS which is sad..celebs should be careful of what they broadcast to the world..everything they do is scrutanised and she should know this...


we always feel the West might come in and solve all our problems like Prince Charming makes everything better.. and that's maybe why nothing ever happens in India. that's probaby what's meant by the Memshaabbib mentality (when they come, we impress them with our best foods and service--- but leave our most precious people -- our kids-- to work in child labor). You're not an Indian or from India-- you wouldn't understand how much lack of esteem ruins our nation. it's not their (West) country to fix. it's ours.

Mon, 2011-02-21 16:13 — Anonymous
-> shame on you ! this is NOT a laughing matter.

shame on us all for just trying to shove this national epidemic under the rug.
we need India's economics to improve to solve this national tragedy. Our kids are our future- and they are all beautiful in every shape, size and color. Each has a special potential that is unique!!!

Wonderfully said, Fashionista.

I don't think child labour is the issue-most Indians have used or sent their children to work at least once. But it is her arrogance and lack of repect for the children-that is just plain rude. Even if they were adult help-would anyone tweet that picture to the world?

REALLY?? REALLY?? you're joking right? you really think she can get in trouble for this??? child labor is massive in india and i have YET to see if they do anything. also, please stop being over dramatic. they are tying laces it is not child labor.

Mon, 2011-02-21 14:20 — charlene

No of course Fashionista didn't say anything wrong.. and we didn't say so. In fact, she made many valid points-- she is an intelligent poster.

While we respect her wishes that exposing this issue to the West might bring some publicity--- We just disagreed on her that exposing this might resolve the poverty issue of India. when, where , how?? many of us have been working patiently for YEARS to get color acceptance in India so that these kids can get esteem-- and eventually DEMAND government rights for themselves- rather than accepting their sub-human status. We're not saying this out of the blue. It's just that we ALWAYS look to the West to help us solve problems and it never happens. That's why we Indians (resident and NRI) are in the big mess they are in. and in fact, we didn't point fingers at Fashionista. We pointed fingers back at ALL of oursevelves.. there probably is no Indian or NRI who either directly or indirectly has not participated in child labor laws violatoins , including us! But the West isn't gonna bail us out of this mess... it's up to us to do it.

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