Bipasha Basu at the Stardust Awards

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The dusky beauty Bipasha Basu looked gorgeous at the event. Considered to possess one of the finest figure in Bollywood, the trendy bongshell bagged the ‘Style Icon of the Year’ award for her stunning presence in the film industry. She was extremely delighted to grab the golden lady in her hands for such a fulfilling category.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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What was she thinking when she wore that dress!! A frill in the bust.. it's a total faux pas.... she looks beautiful otherwise.

refreshing to see her the color of the dress but not really digging her hair.. tooo mature looking a little dated for my taste.

who is dragging her?

I love Bips. The color looks good on her but that frill across her bust is so unflattering - the dress is a nay for me.


SHE IS SO SO SO beautiful that i can't help myself but stare at her ...SO SO VERY EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL

She is very beautiful...

Love the colour of the outfit. Rest ok!

She looks nice

beautiful. this lady always reminds me of Merly Streep.

Hair looks like a wig on her

Horrible dress . The colour too

haha... she looks like Indian John Trovolta ;)

She looks gorgeous!!! Who is the lady dragging her though?

Have never really liked her but here she looks gorgeous

Why didn't she stop for photos?

Who is the lady shlepping her off the carpet in every shot? I mean, I don't get it. Making Bips look like a kid being dragged by her Mom :-). She looks good.

She has a gorgeous face! Her smile just has that sparkle to it! I am unsure about her hair and dress, but she is just beautiful!

With this dress she should dance on "Shah Bipasha".
Anyway I love the color of the dress and her new hairstyle. can u take pics while she is walking...stupid photographers !!

Wish that lady would have left her hand a bit. So she can pose for the camera.she looks great

i do wish she posed at least once in one of the pictures. to be a style icon you got to take risks in fashion which is usually does. i won't say she looks her greatest tonight (she still looks gorgeous) but the fact that she went out of her way to look different than the usual celeb is why she is winning. ;-)
*moonwalks out of the comment section :P*

for some people who don't like it and wonder why she won style icon u can't judge by one outfit especially when she's not even posing to show her dress! she looks great and only she can pull it off!

SHE LOOKS AMAZING! but why is that stupid lady yanking her not letting her do a proper pose??!! it makes her look so awkward while walking!

What the hell is with that piece of cloth hanging on the top of the dress..come on Bips...Although, she looks great with longer hair, this haircut isn't bad but the dress cloth stuff is whack...I just hope she gets married to Shahid as soon as possible...

She's gorgeous

Dont know about the outfit but bips looks really beatutiful.. love that hairdo

other than the hair, loved it

And she won an award for the Style Icon of the Year
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously??? :O :O

Bips looks the most beautiful at award. I love the hair and color of dress

I don't like this Gucci gown but Bipasha looks gorgeous...With her new hair cut she looks like Sophia Loren.

Very unflattering seriously

she is beautiful and love the hair the color of the dress on her but not the drape of the dress.

did the celebs boycott filmfare awards...look at how this night is more starry than filmfare awards.

What are u ppl talking about she looks beautiful...she dared to look different

WTH is this? :O :O

unflattering pics:(

As I said before, I was unsure about the dress and these photos have confirmed my opinion. That dress is very unflattering for a lady that has a perfect body. If she had posed, she probably would have looked better though.


she looks pretty and photos are not that bad...well we have to wait for better photos......real poses

Stunning!!!!!!!!! Bipasha Basu is FINE!

love her shandel .. i male but still i like this .. go baby go

Style Icon of The Year - Very well deserved!

gorgeous lady... love the vibrant colour she's opted for... nice

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