Movie stills: Jodi Breakers

Movie stills: Jodi Breakers 0
Movie stills: Jodi Breakers 0

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Maiyaaa's picture

she is beautiful ! she has one of the best bodies in bollywood !she has a very healthy look :) !

Anonymous's picture

I don't like Bipasha's body, she's fit but not feminine. She has no softness. But I admire her will power, she made the best of what she has.

Anonymous's picture

She actually looks prettier in the first 2 pictures with minimal makeup and a simple look. I don't like the caked on makeup, ridiculous outfits, and hair extensions - too fake.

Anonymous's picture

is this movie copying the 'eat, pray and love' movie. it kinda looks like that.

Anonymous's picture

hate fake nails. just hate them.

Anonymous's picture

gross she is becoming a tranny every day


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