What had Bipasha basu done to herself?

What in the world has Bipasha basu done to herself? the change is quite noticeable.

First photo is of Bipasha basu in december 2009[now]
Second photo is of Bipasha basu promoting Fa deo in november 2009.

What has she done in the course of a month? her face looks noticeably slimmer, her upper arm toned and something looks different around her eyes.

What say girls?

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Credits: pv

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1 nose job , 2. facial treatments 3. implants for sureeee.

she hit the gym!

I certainly do not look the same way I looked last month! So why should I judge her! If she gained weight it will be alright, now that she has lost weight its "suspicious" urgh!! Pinkvilla!

this girls r so unnatural
& pepople like this i cant belive it

lost weight...duh!

i think she done something with her boobs

definitely alot of bleaching the skin and botox and maybe alot of toning down. she does look good. 'cept for the eyes of course..

lost weight and had botox done to lift her brows...take my word for it

i dno't know for some resone i think she has done a lip jod .

nose job people

Two Words : Bleaching Treatment!!!!!!

all her new spare parts assembled locally. time is running out for her. no new movie, no new endorsement. she looks good.

U are right.. she has done something, her eye was likethat when she entered bollywood, suddenly it looked normal, but i guess wid her new look her eye defect is visible again.

shes done nothing, if you visit a gym then youll look the same.

she look as if shes been working out.. def toned down body and face. maybe some botox.. but she looks really good

They all get work done! Some are visible some arent ... She is sitting down in the 2nd picture so it could be just that !! But she has worked really hard to maintain that body since she first started out in the industry being slightly plump to toned up!! ... She looked how she looks in the first pic in that movie with Neil Mukesh ... No biggie but starts do get alot of treatment or surgeries that we probably cant see or dont know about .... teeth whitening is common tho not a surgery and something like cheek lift and brows r kinda common too

At least when you compare two picture try to get them at similar poses. Her face looks a lot slimmer in December. and at that angle(the november) no one looks that good. Now only if she shared her diet tips and beauty tips ;-)

i don't think she got anything done. just different haircut and maybe shed a few pounds but nothing too drastic. she has always looked that good

cmon man! shez havin this eye problm since ages! she is beautiful the way she is.. i dont feel she has undergone any surgeries

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