A Hot and Heavy History : Rajeev Masand

Here is the blind item from Open Magazine:

A prominent director of new age Indian cinema recently filmed an item song for his new movie on an oomphy has- been actress, best known for her seductive dance numbers in the 1990s. The filmmaker and the showgirl couldn’t be more different than chalk and cheese, but few will remember that they share a secret. Back in the day when she was ‘slumming it’, working in an art-house film during a rough patch in her career, she’d hooked up with the said director, who was at the time an up-and-coming angst-ridden scriptwriter working on the same project. They’d had a passionate fling, away from prying eyes, and the director has confided to close friends that “she taught me things I didn’t in my wildest imagination think possible”. When they met again recently to film the song, eyewitnesses on the set say they quickly got over any awkwardness they may have had, and in fact shared a friendly vibe. The director is reportedly thrilled with what he’s shot with her, and announced that she’s still just as smoking hot as audiences remember her.

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Credits: Open Magazine

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gagging right now! Raveena and Anurag =/

Ah, was wondering how Ranveena was in BV.

Raveena had been engaged to Akshay Kumar & decided to quit movies for marriage . The engagement fizzled out & Akshay moved on to pastures new . Raveena had no work as she'd refused movies for marriage . She did the catchy 'Seher ke ladki ' which immediately did wonders for her career . After that she did 'Shool ' written by Anurag Kashyap when he worked for Ram Gopal Verma . All I have to say is ...to kiss & tell is not the actions of a gentleman . This includes Masand .

Raveena was the most cattiest chal chal kind of girl. To take revenge against akshay she even had an affair with sunny deol

Not to mention, she fooled around on Akshay when they were together almost as much as he did on her...but she was the one badmouthing him in every tabloid whenever they broke up, while he stayed silent.

Rani and Aditya

I remember a tweet of hers when Aish gave birth saying Aish is a typical scorpio who wants just family and kids. Scorpios are more than that, they are do dark and shady but are great at putting a normal façade!

how can anyone write this article about a married woman with kids....even if its true its almost 15 years back. Rajeev has turned into an obnoxious society hag.

I can't believe it's Raveena as she had that sweet girl image thing going on, but then again she did the most sexiest rain song (IMO) 'Tip Tip Barsa' so might as well be her. Like someone said below, maybe Akshay taught her since he promised her marriage!!

Ravvena never had a sweet image

Raveena had a "sweet girl" image? In what universe? All the characters of hers that I've seen were bratty and in-your-face, and Tip Tip Barsa was by no means the only racy thing she did onscreen.

What does "slumming it" mean?

It means she took a break from dating other A listers and took a step down to go out with some struggling anon screenwriter.

my guess is: working hard to make it...Raveena never worked hard or struggled at the beginning of her career, but the struggle came after her marriage didn't come through. She had to work hard to get back to the business, so she started doing item numbers, which included 'Shehar Ki Ladki'....

Aishwarya and Bhansali.

raveena tandon & anurag kashyap. wow!!! now this is a proper blind item after long...had no idea about these two!! hot stuff!! :O

Raveena and Anurag Kashyap. And the film that they are talking about is 'Shool'.

Why on earth would someone rake this up even if it was true. The woman is married with two children.

madhuri and ayan mukherji

Ayan is GAY! what is wrong with you!

NO he is not.

It's not Madhuri, she said yesterday that she has never struggled for anything in her life + I don't think she has done art house films. Raveena Tandon however just shot an item song for BOMBAY VELVET.

How old will Ayan be in the 90's for God's sake !!!

For sure Masand is talking about Anurag Kashyap & Raveena Tandon but isnt it quite strange that Raveena wud have a fling with Anurag Kashyap ??
I mean he is not good looking and at that time he ws not even a big director..
And Raveena was stunning ..she cud have got anyone !!

Who taught Raveena all the tricks? :-) Akshay?

And finally Raveena married Anil Thadanai..sad

ok Anurag...Now You May make Yoyo Singh write and sing an explicit song on the same lines for BV.more abuses the better...:P

Raveena Tandon and Anurag Kashyup.

anurag kashyap & raveena tandon

Anurag Kashyap, Raveena Tandon, Bombay Velvet.

Raveena Tandon and Anurag Kashyap

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