One is Not Enough: By Rajeev Masand

Here is the latest blind item from Open Magazine:

A reasonably prominent film director, currently shooting his latest movie, is rumoured to be romantically involved with not one but two of the starlets he’s cast in the project. One of the ladies is a southern siren who appeared in his last film too, the other is a former model with a killer body, who’s so far displayed no acting skills whatsoever in her previous film outings.

There’s a third actress in the film too, the only bonafide star among the three, and she’s not exactly thrilled that she’s ended up with the least prominent of the three female parts. Heroine No 3 was apparently not at all interested in doing this movie, but was seduced by the fat paycheck that was dangled in front of her nose and the opportunity to feature opposite an A-lister.

Turns out all the three ladies have been cast opposite the same male lead, and, more than likely because of their ‘closeness’ to the director, the other two have got meatier roles than the third.

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Credits: Open Magazine

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But v really hav to agre on d fact tht most beautiful among 3 actress is tamanna
i donno y people support bips whn she has nothg to prove herself beautiful she goes for exposing
..but tamanaaah is really lokin fab dk

Bipasha Basu is the 'bonafide' star. Saif the A-lister. Tamannah the South siren and the model is some bimbette. Unctuous Sajid Khan is the director - Hamshakals


got it sajid. no one's ready to sell your movie so you have to sell your movie on your own.

Guess no producers are ready to buy humshakals to sajid has to creat such cheap news about his own movie..

FAKE NEWS! just to creat buzz about

Had no idea Bipasha was an A lister! Now I can imagine if they mean A lister coz she does all these adult rated movies

YES! bipasha, kareena, deepika and katrina with PC all belong to b grade.

bipasha and kareena belong to same

bipasha is in the same list as kareena, priyanka and katrina.

Same here, I always thought Bipasha was a B grade actress.

Then wake up agree she isn't a star that she was a couple of years ago but from 2001-2009 she has been one of the top actresses!!! But still she is still a way big star today just BO performance cannot remove someone from ppls liking!

This one is terrible...

haha fake story by bipasha to save her from the embarrassment, as two newbies over shined in the movie over her, but rofl at bonafide star, when did she became a star??

Of all the people Bipasha will ask Masand to do a blind item to save herself from the embarrassment as you say :) As to when did she become a star, she has been one from 14 years. Sour grapes :)

Sajid Khan making hay while the sun shines . Why do women go to him ? A very simple reason called M-O-N-E-Y ! And if this movie also fizzles out like Himmatwala , the women will also fizzle out . And I'm sure none of them will suffer a moment's agony while dumping him too!

Sajid Khan-the director..Tammannah(from south),Esha Sharma(actress from modelling backround) and bipasha(i hope her role wont be small one)

its sajid khan. movie - humshakals. southern "siren" - tamanna bhatia. miffed 3rd actress - bipasha.


That movie starring Varun Dhawan. Southern siren = Illeana. Model who can't act = Nargis Fakhri.

southern siren = Dhanush, model with a killer body = Arjun Rampal, bonafide star among the three = Hrithik, just can't figure out who the director could be, hehe!

Why would any gal date that Mut Sajid khan. Not just looks, the entire over confident persona is repulsive.

Money and Power and a quick entry in to movies (No pun intended). They do say prostitution is the oldest profession and the most prominent still to this day.


Really? Sajid? Kinda sad for bips

When did Bipasha become a A-lister?

Bipasha has always been an A-lister, the fourth highest earning actress. You better worry about Kareena, she is losing her foot hold slowly

Bipasha is A list by name recognition ...but if you only consider her work, it's an entirely different story.

she always has been considered as a lister and she always been one of the most expensive actresses in Bollywood..i think u need to shut up

they wrote they are playing roles opposite A lister not she is A lister(however she was).....who is saif

Hasn't Esha Gupta been with the same guy for many years now though? I'm pretty sure he was in London with her the entire time because she was ways posting pictures with him too.

Sajid Khan-Tamanna & Esha.

The news had already come in India Today. Rajeev masand rehashes old stories and makes it appear as if its something new by creating a mystery around it by not naming the characters of the drama

alright thats cool...dont read these blind items then. Not everyone goes through India Today.

Nargis and Ileana?

Sajid, tamanna,esha and the. Movie Humshakals

Easy- Sajid, Esha,Tamanna and Bips

Okay, that's weird... Most of this sounds like the gossip around Humshakals, but I was pretty sure I had heard that Tamannaah was paired w/ Saif onscreen, Bips w/ Riteish and Esha Gupta w/ Ram Kapoor. I guess they might be doing something like in the Housefull movies, where the guys sometimes pretend to be involved with each other's girlfriend for whatever crazy reason.

The version I had read with names a couple months back implied that Esha was Sajid's new pet, and Bips was primarily feuding with her rather than Tamannaah, FWIW. Hope Tamannaah had a good time on Its Entertainment, where she was the only girl and alot of the supporting actors were people she knew down south; because it sure sounds like the Humshakals shoot is one big catfight, and neither film seems like it will do much for her career.

Sajid khan, Tammana,Esha Gupta.

I think it's Nargis (former model) & Ileana (southern starlet). Dunno who the other one is.

I feel bad for Bipasha.

Ugly Sajid kan
Tamanna... Esha... Bips!

Humshakals is the film. Shahid Khan is the director, the two actresses he is dating are Tamanah and Esha Gupta. The star actress is Bipasha Basu. The male lead is Saif Ali Khan. Why not just give the names Masand?

its sajid

poor an A lister like bipasha has to face so much

Nargis Fakhri and Illeana D'Cruz - hard to swallow though cuz Nargis is also linked to Uday :P

Cant be them because the article mentions there are 3 actresses there, whereas Main Tera Hero has only 2 actresses. Plus, it also says they are working opposite an A-lister & varun dhawan is not yet an A-lister. If it was David Dhawan, they would have mentioned about the father-son duo and David Dhawan didn't work with Ileana in his last film.

Nargis, ilena..??

Director : sajid khan , Movie : Humshakals
Actresses : tamanaah (souther siren also was in himmatwala), esha gupta (model), bipasha (star) A-list actor - Saif

Oh. director is sajid khan. Southern siren is tammanah bhatia who was last seen in sajid's himmatwala. 2nd actress is esha gupta. 3rd actress has to be bipasha basu. A-lister is saif ali khan.

Its sajid khan

feels bad that even being a A lister bipasha is being ignored in films
she is much better than that horrible actress of millenium katrina

Sajid-Tamannah-Esha in a love triangle?

Well, we did see the pics of Tamannah and Sajid at dinner.

sajid khan humshakals

sajid khan - romeo director
tammana - south siren
esha gupta - model
bipasha... A list actor

sajid khan..south siren- tamannah bhatia other one with no acting prowess is esha gupta and the bonafide star with no interest is bipasha... film - humshakal.. anything else... oh... A-list actor is saif ali khan... :P :D

Sajid khan, tammanah, esha gupta....unhappy heroine 3 is bipasha. But seriously, how does this fatso get such hot chics??

Movie: Humshakal. film director: Sajid khan, Southern siren: Tamanna, Model with the killer body: Esha Gupta and the third actress: Bipasha. Sajid Khan is the epitome of bollywood casting couch. First Jacquline then Thamanna. Thank god Jacqi came to her senses and left him.

Sajid Khan and Tamannah

Director: Sajid Khan
Actresses: Tamannah Bhatia and Esha Gupta
Bonafide star: Bipasha Basu
Movie: Humshakal

Easy as pie....u call this blind item???? Huh

Sajid Khan the movie Humshakal with Esha Gupta, Tamanna and Bipasha Basu. What is it with gorgeous women getting attracted to Sajid Khan??!!

sajid khan

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