Bol Bachchan stars Asin and Prachi Desai at Mehboob studios

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Bol Bachchan stars Asin and Prachi Desai.


Glad you are back! And your workout and eats stats are aweomse! I've just started the whole calorie counting/nutrition info thing this week, so seeing yours was great and informative! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

This 'sexy' image doesnt suit Prachi. She hasnt got that kind of..whatever you need to be sexy. "Sexy is a state of mind" and all that crap but somethings arent meant to be, THIS is a classic example.

Prachi's costume looks great here...But Asin always luks at the best........

prachi hasnt had a nose job. I have watched her in the tv soap 'Kasam se' and she has ALWAYS had this nose. Its a crooked, not entirely button but not sharp either.

ASIN LOOKS SIMPLE AND PRETTY! Prachi stop acting like a diva!

asin reminds me of fake

Prachi has such lovely hair. It's a simple style, nice highlights dosn't look too ott.

prachi has outshone asin... asin looks completely fake.. prachi is looking simpler and sweet

Cant pinpoint on Prachis face- she is attractive but I would not call her pretty!

yeah both girls are beautiful..

OMG..guys go c a doctor...prachi has not gone under the knife stop with silly comments....
she s just as natural as she was b4!gorgeous!

Prachi in ZARA.. looking beautiful !

Both girls look stunning here !!!

Both are equally stunning. Prachi in innocent way, Asin in not innocent way. ha

Prachi is prettier.

i loveeee asin.... but here prachi is lookin way better..asin isnt lookin too good since she has put on some weight.. prachi si lookin fresh and jst woww..

Prachi looks a bit like Deepika here, and what about the weird smiling? i think shes trying to smile without showing her teeth for once and it ends up like this. She looks like a clown.

Asin on other hand looks pretty ok. Love her Hair and top, and really love the whole Black look. :)

I think asin has natural beauty
she does not put lots of make up to look fair,she is simply gorgeous :)

Prachi is very beautiful girl

wow..asin is simply mindblowin..loves the hairstyle..she has become a true style icon now.grt features.after BB she wll b a superstar.
Prachi also luks good.but her dress is so normal and handcuff is so tacky.This ws an interview she could hav opted for smthn lmore like asins.

Asin has already made it big.....and she looks stunning here.

am i the only one noticing prachis right side of the face cheeks* is a lil off o_O like some sort of botox job?????

I love the new hair on Prachi.
Asin's smile is so weird :S

asin is looking so CUTE!

asin looks the best here..

silly peoples! prachi is fair so u guys saying she is looking good ,gorgeous bla ba....look at asin's features...Beautiful than prachi's!

Prachi is looking fresh and Asin looks like she has put on weight but her makeup is good

i was talking to my sister yesteday about prach's hair..that she never changes her hair style and she proved me wrong..prachi looks wonderful!!

yaaay beautiful fashionista Prachi.. love her :*
what a skin ! what a hair ! what a style ! love her :*

i like both asin and prachi here

Asin looks like her stylist is on a break - not that the stylist was so great but at least better than her usual drab look like this one. Prachi looks pretty and fresh faced.

both are trying sooo hard ! prachi stop trying to reduce the size of your nose by pulling weird faces ! its so obv u got a nose job which didnt work out!

can i know what event is this?

gawwddd...prachi looks so cute.

wowww!!!!!! prachi is looking frikn gorgeous lately :) asin looks ok

they both look good

asin's never going to be big. is prachi still with ekta kapoor?

prachi looking gorgeous.

Prachi looks better,more natural.

what Asin wearing ?????????
Prachi Desai looking simple and beautiful ......i think Abhi attracted to her

parachi is pretty...asin is blah...

Asin wearing what Rani wore during the promotions of NOKJ and Anushka then wore at an event in 2011.

seriously prachi is looking like a goddess

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