Best newly married jodi of 2012?

2012 definitely turned out to be the year of the Big Fat Bollywood Wedding in tinseltown. With celebrity couples tying the knot, all we saw was celebrations galore on most of our pages. And while each couple had (or intends to have) a distinct and unique agenda for their special day, the road to matrimonial bliss has had its shares of ups and downs for each of them. But they made it, here's a low-down.

Genelia D'Souza and Riteish Deshmukh - When pretty young thing Genelia made her acting debut opposite the Minister's son Riteish in the 2003 film Tujhe Meri Kasam, sparks began to fly. In a career of 9 years for both actors, Genelia and Rietiesh were repeatedly linked together romantically by the media. But the two kept denying that there was anything between them. Reports claim that this was due to Vilasrao Deshmukh's vehement disapproval of the relationship. After the commercial failure of their debut film, Genelia went on to make a succesful career for himself in South Indian films being praised and awarded for many of her performances, and then made a succesful comeback to Hindi cinema with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na opposite Imran Khan in 2008. Riteish went on to establish himself as a superior comic and character actor, and they both admitted to dating in a while. After a courtship of 7 years in which they got together as a reel life couple two more times in Masti in 2004, and Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya this year, the couple tied the knot on the 3rd of February in a double ceremony - Hindu Maharashtrian and Roman Catholic with the whos-who of Bollywood showing up to bless them. We wish all the happiness to the cutesy love birds.

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani - While the union of Dharmendra and Hema Malini's elder daughter and actress Esha with diamond merchant Bharat may not have been the most talked about this year, it was certainly the most ethereal. After trying her luck in Bollywood, Esha decided to settle down in holy matrimony with boyfriend Bharat after an engagement in February. On 29th June this year, Esha married Bharat in a traditional South Indian ceremony at the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple at the Padma Palace. The guest list included celebrities from filmdom, industry and politics and especially friends of the bride's parents including the Bachchans, Ambanis, Rani Mukerji, Anu Malik, Fardeen Khan, Vinod Khanna and Vyjanthimala and cousin Abhay Deol. While Esha wore a Neeta Lulla saree and came in a flower-decked doli, Bharat came to the mandap in a chariot. It was all extremely beautiful and lavish with garlands and flowers all around, and we hope that the marriage resonates the happiness of their ceremony.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan - She is the Czarina and he is the Nawab. What a perfect union! Back in 1991, the Chhote Nawab of Pataudi fell in love and married actress Amrita Singh, who was 12 years his senior. And lady love Kareena was barely 11 then. What a story to tell the kids. One divorce, two kids and one high-profile break-up later, this couple has actually beat the odds to come together. Kareena and Saif are like fire on screen, oozing with chemistry. Who knows if they had gotten together earlier, if Kareena had agreed to do Kal Ho Naa Ho as planned initially. Before their courtship of five years, Kareena and Saif worked together in Omkara, but sparks really flew during Tashan. With Roadside Romeo, Kurbaan and Agent Vinod, they cemented the fact that they are the no. 1 onscreen and offscreen couple in Bollywood today. With their interesting interviews and quips about each other, they're practically always in the news. While he's the cool and collective charmer, she's the blatant ruthless honest gorgeous diva. After much speculation, the two finally made it official with a civil ceremony and a traditional Nikaah in October this year. The ceremony was held at the royal family's haveli in Bhopal while guests were treated to a Dawat-E-Walima at the family residence in Delhi. The A-listers of Bollywood were present as Kareena finally became an official Begum. Inspite of a ten year age difference, Kareena feels at ease with Saif's children from his first marriage, Sara and Ibrahim referring to them as her friends. We certainly want to see more of this hot and sizzling pair on screen as well.

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur - With Boombat Balan being the fourth unofficial Khan of filmdom raking in the big money, and Kapur being the head honcho of UTV Motion Pictures, this couple is all about the numbers. But this relationship was quite a hush-hush for some time. Vidya and Siddharth met on the sets of Rajkumar Gupta's No One Killed Jessica, a film in which Vidya starred and Siddharth produced for UTV, but we really didn't realise what was going on even amidst a bit of speculation until Vidya let the cat out of the bag during an interview in May. While both kept denying the rumours of tying the knot for some time, it was finally confirmed a few weeks back that Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur would marry in traditional Keralite and Punjabi ceremonies on the 14th of December this year, in Mumbai. Siddharth has been married twice before, while this is Vidya's first relationship on record. She has previously denied link-ups to many of her co-stars. But they say, when it's right, it's right. And now Vidya has wrapped up Ghanchakkar fast so that she can enjoy her post-marital celebrations. After dazzling us in her Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies and looking like a typical traditional bahu at her wedding, we hope this union is all that the couple wished for.

So which is your favourite betrothed couple of 2012?

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ritesh & genelia of course!! together for 1o yrs & married now without any controversies & truly for each other!

Ritesh and Genelia.

Riteish & Genelia

Riteish and Genelia, they are soooo fresh and cute.

Ritesh-Genelia are sooo cute!!! Kareena doesn't really make a good jodi with Saif imo. Wish it was Shahid!

R&G.They look very cute :)

VIDYA - SIDDHARTH!!! TeamUTVBalan all the way! =D =P

@Voiceswriter well said.
But for now my favorite is: Ritesh & Genelia (cute couple) + Kareena & Saif (sexy couple)


did saif kareena exactly have a wedding??? it was more of a small scale party

PC is 30 only. She has few more years to concentrate more work. Bebo marries at 32, vidya at 33 and aish at 35 may be.. Don't be delusional.


Best : Genelia and Ritesh
Worst : kareena and Saif
.......................................................................SUM 1 SAID BELOW SO.......................ON WCH I HV TO SAY DAT MY FAV JODI IS KAREENA SAIF.......HOW ANY1 CAN SAY A JODI BAD............ITS NOT U TO DCD ITS GOD MADE.........IF U SAY ANY1 COUPLE BAD U R POINTING ON GOD DECISION........

esha and bharat look gorgeous together... though my vote still goes to Ritesh and genelia out of favoritism.. Kareena and saif - duuhhhhh!!!

Tue, 2012-12-18 01:55 — Anonymous

I think the couple here who has the most lasting power is Saif and Kareena because they've went through a longterm serious relationship before and know what works and doesn't work.
same wid retiesh n genelia...they were together for 8 years n tied the knot..... together widout any controversies

retiesh n genelia.... :D

Vidya Balan and Siddarth Roy Kapoor


Esha and bharat for sure a very normal wedding with no hype

And then we have actresses who can't get married at all like Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, etc.

I think the couple here who has the most lasting power is Saif and Kareena because they've went through a longterm serious relationship before and know what works and doesn't work.

They all look awesome but the union that lasts the longest will be the best, imho and only time will tell that.

Esha and Bharat. Perfect couple. Wish all actresses are as lucky as her. And dont have to compromise and settle for divorcees and married men twice their age with kids. Esha learnt a big lesson from her mother's compromise and unhappiness in her marriage and refused to settle for the same.
No girl child grows up dreaming of marrying a married or divorced man.
No middle class educated young girls on the streets want to marry older men. Tell her you have a middle aged uncle in his forties who looks like an onscreen hero but he works as a sales manager in a company and she will run for her life. Tell her he already has children and she will definitely slap you for real. Actresses marrying rich Older men/actors only settle and compromise over his money/fame.

so unfair...all of them are good.

Ritesh & Genelia for me... I loved her outfits, the guest list had just about everyone from Bollywood, and they just looked so cute together! Also Ritesh's father was able to see his son married before he passed away, so that made the wedding that much more special. :)

Next would be Bollywood's new POWER couple: Vidya-Siddharth! :)

Esha was simply glowing as a bride and her father made us all laugh with his oh-nya-nya-pee-ka-poo... a memorable moment! :)

The Ali Khan wedding and the drama leading up to it seemed like one PR stunt after another... but no doubt they are made for each other! :)

~*~ A very good year for Bollywood weddings! ~*~

Mon, 2012-12-17 14:11 — Anonymous

they are all beautiful couples
well said

Esha and Bharat

India Today: Vidya Balan Best Bride of 2012!


saif kareena for me

They are all beautiful! They all look happy.. and each jodi is unique. Come on, these are all newly weds.. they still have that newly wed glow.. let them each be special.

Esha deol n hubby

Ritish and Genelina and Bharat and Esha!

Best : Genelia and Ritesh
Worst : kareena and Saif

Genelia and Ritesh!!!

my favourite : Genelia and Riteish

my fav : Genelia and Ritesh
The worst : kareena and said


WOW hater !!

1. Saif-Kareena and none other than SAIFEEENA

saifeena and then esha and bharat

Lame Post!! they all are awesome together! Unique pairs ! good luck to all of them..

ritesh and genelia!

Esha looks lovely....her marriage will be too. She took the right decision to get settled instead of becoming a pr*statute or mistress to pot bellied producers and others for some silly fame

vidya looks like a 45 yr old woman

marriage is no biggie for live-in hores. naturally esha-bharat and genelia-rit pair better they know meaning of marriage

Esha and Bharat

Only losers who have no takers in Bollywood are Bipasha Basu, Rani Mukerjee and Preity Zinta.

they are all beautiful couples

Who are we to judge their marriage ?

esha - the only time i ever liked her - as a bride.

esha and bharat


Esha and Bharat - they look adorable together!!
Ritesh and Genelia are a close second.

Saifeena all the way.. Super sexy, super cool mr&mrs of Bollywood .

kareena end saif de best

the article is lame!

they married... and they are happy... Its best for them... why ask silly questions to readers...

best dressed makes some sense... but best jodi?? seriously!!

Ritesh Genelia.

saif and kareena

Ritesh Genelia..everything about them was first hand...the other two marriages were with second hand men, and Esha is a product of a second hand marriage!

my fav : Genelia and Ritesh
The worst : kareena and saif

I vote for the first timers (in couples) :P

Saifeena..they were 2012!!

Saifeena!!! They rock...

Saif and kareena...very simple and yet traditional!

Eshe-bharat and saif -kareena but God bless all of them.

riteish and genelia WITHOUT DOUBT. they are the only couple that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside :D :D :D the others are kinda lame.

saif n kareena....

Hands Down Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza! They showed what true love really is! Bless them xxx

esha and bharat, hands down!!!!

1.Riteish and genelia
2.esha and bharat
3.srk and vidya & kareena and saif

Genelia D'Souza and Riteish Deshmukh. They are cute couple.


For me it's got to be Genelia & Ritesh

1.Riteish and genelia
2.esha and bharat
3.srk and vidya & kareena and saif

kareena and saif no doubt. they r the best and best couple

All are super cute jodi..may god bless them and may they live happily always :)

I adore Genelia D'Souza and Riteish Deshmukh

Riteish nd Genelia:-)

All are good! But I adore Genelia D'Souza and Riteish Deshmukh jodi! :-)

Ritesh and Genelia
Vidya and Siddharth
Kareena and Saif

Esha Deol and Bharat Thakthani and Vidya Balan and Siddhart Roy Kapur
Traditional weddings without secret behavior

Everyone for me!!!
God bless all of them

Saifeena ofcourse!
the biggest celeb wedding and the most culturally diverse!

Saif and Kareena.

Esha Deol & Genelia's wedding :)

Ritesh Genelia.

Ritesh Genelia

ritesh nd genelia

Saif kareena is the best couple.


Ritesh and Genelia

ritesh genelia..

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