Sulochana – The Star of the Silent Era

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The current era of Bollywood lovers may not be well aware of this star. However, it is interesting to learn about her as she was one of the game changers of Indian cinema. The lady who started her career with the movie 'Veer Bala' in 1925, gave a series of hits with silent movies such as “Cinema Queen” (1925), “Telephone Girl”, “Typist Girl” (1926), “Wild Cat of Bombay” (1927), “Madhuri” (1928), “Anarkali” (1928) and “Indira B.A.” (1929).

Sulochana was awarded with the ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award’ for her lifetime contribution to Indian cinema, in 1973.

Sulochana will perhaps be known mostly for giving the heroine of Indian Cinema a new face - a more educated and sophisticated look as opposed to the weak and regressed portrayal that was so common in those days. Quite a feat, really.


I see a bit of resemblance and aura of Kareena Kapoor

pretty, but she doesnt look indian at all, dont know why.

Isn't there a similarity between her and Kirsten Dunst?

Only their thin lips

She's beautiful

See? They could kiss freely in those days. She looks so mysterious and sophisticated.

WOW. she looks so FIERCE!

The kiss above looks more passionate and genuine than most combined today.

What is Silent Era?

well back in the 1920s the movies were silent, so basically there was no volume or talking just music being played at the back. the actors used theatrical style over the top gestures and expressions to create a mood and express feelings. movies with people talking "talkies" came some point in the mid 30s when India developed some technology. most female stars of the silent era were Europeans and most of them lost there jobs when the talkies movies came because they couldn't speak the language. sulochana was one of the few stars who learnt the language and successfully transferred too doing talkies, abit like Greta Garbo of Hollywood.

Thanks a lot:)

Era of silent movies as movies in their primitive stage did not have voices in it. Expressions and gestures were the only medium without any dialogs.

Appreciate it much :)

love the pic with the hat

just show this pic to Loud-mouth Mallika shehrawat..... Who claimed she was the first to kiss onscreen..SMH

2,7,9 pic.......wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she was stunner

in those era most of heroine had thin lips!!! if not thn they get tht with help of makeup!!!! why

During the 20s her name was so spread across India that during a show where a short movie on Gandhi was put on to inaugurate the show a clip of Sulochana "Ruby Myers" was put on to draw the crowds in. And the kissing scene is from Heer Ranjha 1929. must say Bollywood has had such a glorious past.

She looks like a mystery,,!she made her debut in!! It's almost going to be 90 yrs.,,that in itself is quite enigmatic..!!!this post is like a breath of fresh us break from all these "today's on your face" stars...!!!

shez cud totally rock da Suite:)

So she is sulochana. She was Ustaad Bismillah Khan's favorite actress as he mentioned once when asked about it. Ever since I had read that interview, I was wondering who is Sulochna! She is beautiful and has sharp features.

Thanks for this. :)

Love the pics! She has a piercing stare...very haunting :)

Quite interesting. I'd like to see more of these stars please.

she resembles Kareena Kapoor a bit , also same aura abt her.

So gorgeous! Hope a biopic is made, theyre often interesting!

Nice article. She looks very interesting and elegant - but was she Indian or a Westerner?

wow a kissing scene didn't know those existed back then

she looks a bit like kareena kapoor

from what u mean the lips ;-)

why are her lips so thin? was thin lips in fashion back then?

wow thanks for this..... these pics seem like such a distant mysterious world now....... most early Indian stars were actually foreign as Indian women were not allowed to star in movies..... its a shame that stars pre 1950s are forgotten in Bollywood

Real name is Ruby Myers and is of Jewish heritage. Same realm as Nadira, another stunner in her hayday!

she is pretty, thanks for informing i was wondering because of her features she looked caucasion

very interesting post. Once in an interview Katrina said that Hollywood is over 100 years old and Bollywood is very new, and I was like, wtf? She has no knowledge about indian cinema. I think last year when they celebrated 100 years of indian cinema, she finally got to find out. Anyways, I would like to learn more about the earlier days of indian cinema. we don't see those movies on tv.

Wow hadn't heard of her thanks for the post. It will be great if you could make a post on the iconic but now lesser know actress Devika Rani as well :)

yeah.... devika rani was such a gorgeous women

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