Top 15 Most Romantic Bollywood films of All Time

It's that time of the year, when Valentine's Day doth appear. And whether you're out all day with your significant other, or spending the day alone cuddled up in a blanket and the TV, or having an Anti-V Day party with friends, you can't escape from the magic of romantic Bollywood movies.

To help you spend your day better, here's a list (in no particular order):

1. Mughal-E-Azam

Who's in it? - Dilip Kumar & Madhubala

What's it about? - A classic recreating the popular story of Mughal prince Salim who falls in love with a beautiful courtesan Anarkali. Their love is taboo, and it causes a divide between Salim and his father the Emperor Akbar. Their doomed love results in separation, but only after a huge spectacle.

What's romantic about it? - Defying all customs and traditions for love, even sacrificing yourself. And it's supposedly a true story!

Most romantic moment? - Poetic passion as Salim caresses Anarkali's face with a feather, Anarkali's defiant declaration of love by singing Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya.

2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Who's in it? - Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol

What's it about? - Two NRIs unexpectedly fall in love while on a tour in lush landscapes abroad. But the culmination is traditional. A film that redefined young romance for India, it is perhaps the only film that is synonymous with romance for everyone.

What's romantic about it? - What can be more romantic than falling in love, and doing it with a conscience. DDLJ brings two people who choose to convince others of their love, rather than being defiant of it.

Most romantic moment? - As Simran finally realises her love for Raj, she rushes after hearing the sound of his voice. There he is, with open arms. And she runs to him amongst the mustard fields, with an embrace. And they realise they were meant to be.
Simran's father lets her go realising that she is meant to be with Raj. As the train starts to move, Simran runs along the platform, finally grabbing Raj's hand and joining him on the train just like she did when they first met.

3. Pyaasa

Who's in it? - Guru Dutt & Waheeda Rehman (with Mala Sinha)

What's it about? - A melancholy musical drama about a poet who falls in love with a prostitute amongst some of the most beautiful and ethereal poetry. This one is about the heartbreak in love.

What's romantic about it? - The relationship between Vijay and Gulabo is more than just love, or poet and muse, it's about going beyond social conventions. Love is greater than all worldly possessions and societal norms, as the couple proves in the end.

Most romantic moment? - Mesmerized Vijay follows Gulabo as she sings Jaane Kya Tune Kahi.
Vijay renounces the world, Gulabo slowly joins him. Neither speaks a word, and they go into the horizon in search of a better future together.

4. Maine Pyar Kiya

Who's in it? - Salman Khan & Bhagyashree

What's it about? - Two friends coming from two different stratas of society fall in love. In a twist, the rich boy has to prove his love, rather than the opposite.

What's romantic about it? - Suman and Prem's love is pure, innocent and untainted, and is more of a bond of companionship and helping each other. Moreso, the rich handsome boy falls for the simple girl immediately. He doesn't choose her after trying with others.

Most romantic moment? - Prem writes Suman a letter telling her that her joy and sorrow is his.
Prem, almost in tears, handing over his hard-earned money to Suman's father.

5. Bobby

Who's in it? - Rishi Kapoor & Dimple Kapadia

What's it about? - Two teenagers fall in love. The boy is rich but lonely, the girl poor but vivacious.

What's romantic about it? - At a time when love stories were out of fashion, Bobby redefined intense romance. It was fresh and while the story was done to death, it was about youngsters rather than adults. Also, this film is about a girl who helps a boy overcome his shortcomings and inhibitions to become a confident and rebellious young man.

Most romantic moment? - Bobby and Raj driving off on his motorcycle, Bobby and Raj sing Hum Tum Ek Kamron mein Bandh Ho.

6. Aradhana

Who's in it? - Rajesh Khanna & Sharmila Tagore

What's it about? - A young woman falls in love with an Air Force Pilot. And although her romance is shortlived, she goes through a long and grueling journey for a promise she made to him, making it a stronger bond than most.

What's romantic about it? - Superstar Rajesh Khanna first out and out solo romantic hero film. The film explored love of three kinds - passionate as seen between Arun and Vandana, flirty and fun between Suraj and Renu, and a strong maternal love between Vandana and Suraj. Most importantly it was about how far a woman would go to keep her lover's wish alive.

Most romantic moment? - Vandana accidentally throws a bucket of water on Arun which is their first meeting.
AND Vandana and Arun consummate their relationship in a thunderstorm to Roop Tera Mastana

7. Kabhi Kabhie

Who's in it? - Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee, Shashi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh

What's it about? - Poet/writer Amit and Pooja fall in love, only to have her wed another. Years later, a romance between their children brings the still hurt Amit face to face with his one-time love,

What's romantic about it? - This film makes you reevaluate relationships. It is also about being able to forgive in love. Most importantly, it shows us four unforgettable love stories across generations - Amit and Pooja's utopic love, Pooja and Vijay's marital romance, Amit and Anjali's understanding and Vicky and Pinky's pyaar-takraar. Watch it for the poetry, and the visual appeal. It's also Yash Chopra's first film in his signature style.

Most romantic moment? - Varied but one which stands out is the scene in which Amit and Vijay finally talk about their love for the same woman face to face. They both define their love for her in their own inimitable styles.

8. Silsila

Who's in it? - Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha (with Jaya Bachchan & Sanjeev Kumar)

What's it about? - Two ex-lovers embark on an extra-marital affair but are forced to reevaluate their lives once they see who they are hurting.

What's romantic about it? - Although the film didn't do well at first, it gained cult status as it paralleled the real life of its main characters. The oozing chemistry between Rekha and Amitabh, who was already married to Jaya by the time, made the film more interesting.

Most romantic moment? - Anything with Rekha and Big B. All thanks to Late Yash Chopra.

9. Qayamat se Qayamat Tak

Who's in it? - Aamir Khan & Juhi Chawla

What's it about? - In yet another modern adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, two youngsters get stuck on a journey together, only to fall in love. Much to their chagrin of their families, who have been feuding for years.

What's romantic about it? - A trendsetter for defiant romance, this film oozes romance thanks to the chemistry between two debutantes who shot to stardom after its release.

Most romantic moment? - Raj and Rashmi getting lost in the woods. AND Raj and Rashmi in each other's arms as the sun finally bids them farewell for the last time.

10. Veer-Zaara

Who's in it? - Shah Rukh Khan & Preity Zinta (with Rani Mukerji)

What's it about? - The perhaps ill-fated love between a man and woman from two different countries with a feuding history. Both are forced to live away from each other but they do to keep each other's dignity and proud memory alive.

What's romantic about it? - The film focuses on the people of two warring countries, rather than the politics. Circumstances are the only villain, and yet their romance is timeless because they keep it alive with their good deeds.

Most romantic moment? - Veer and Zaara have a final embrace before she is off to get married, and he to return to his home country.
The couple reliving their young moments in Tere Liye.

11. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Who's in it? - Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol (with Rani Mukerji)

What's it about? - Two friends get another chance at falling in love, due to the meddling of the man's precocious young daughter.

What's romantic about it? - You never know when life gives you a second chance at love. Rahul is a widower who finds love again, Anjali gets her first love back. Also, what's not romantic about 'Love is Friendship'?

Most romantic moment? - Rahul and Anjali dance in the rain.

12. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Who's in it? - Ajay Devgn & Aishwarya Rai (with Salman Khan)

What's it about? - A husband decides to go against his family and social conventions to reunite his wife with her former lover.

What's romantic about it? - Nandini realises the importance of 'Pyar Nibhana' over 'Pyar Karna' and returns to Vanraj. And they live happy ever after. Romantic as hell.

Most romantic moment? - Nandini runs across the bridge to stop Vanraj. After the usual professing, they embrace. Fireworks.

13. Barsaat

Who's in it? - Raj Kapoor & Nargis (with Nimmi & Prem Nath)

What's it about? - Two sets of lovers have a similar romance. As the monsoon season approaches, one story ends in happiness, the other culminates in doom.

What's romantic about it? - Raj Kapoor and Nargis. and their many trials and tribulations, but triumphant end. End of story.

Most romantic moment? - Vagabond Pran meets demure Reshma in the moonlight to share moments.

14. Devdas

Who's in it? - Dilip Kumar, Suchitra Sen & Vyjayanthimala (1955); Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai & Madhuri Dixit (2002)

What's it about? - Two of the many adaptations of a Bengali novel follow the life of a wealthy educated lawyer who returns to his hometown and rekindles the romance with his childhood companion. When circumstances separate them, he takes to alcohol, and even the unrequited love of a courtesan cannot bring him back.

What's romantic about it? - Not all love stories have happy endings. Ironically, Devdas has both the compassion of Paro, and the loyalty of Chandramukhi, but death is inevitable because he is the tragic hero. The simplicity of Bimal Roy, and the opulence of Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Most romantic moment? - When Shah Rukh's Devdas sees Ash's Paro for the first time, the innocent banter between Dilip's Devdas and Suchitra's Paro.

15. Lamhe

Who's in it? - Anil Kapoor & Sridevi

What's it about? - A man loses his love to another, only to fall in love with her daughter who looks just like the mother.

What's romantic about it? - Lamhe defies age barriers. It also sends the message that there is no stipulated time for romance. Both characters are mature and handle their romance with understanding and bravado. It's the closest to reality when it comes to a Yashraj film.

Most romantic moment? - Pooja and Viren spend some time talking under a tree near a bonfire.

Special Mention: Jab We Met

Who's in it? - Shahid Kapur & Kareena Kapoor

What's it about? - A young man down and out on his luck decides to go where destiny may take him. On his way, he meets a bubbly and vivacious girl with a zest for life, soon realizing that she is his destiny.

What's romantic about it? - Jab We Met is the epitome of the modern day romance. There's nothing theatrical about it, and the characters are mature to handle their love and its declaration sensibly. But most importantly, its not only about two people falling in love after a few hiccups, but about helping each other become better and happier human beings.

Most romantic moment? - Aditya imagining and romancing Geet in Tum Se Hi.
Geet finally realises her love for Aditya. Realizing that it may become too late, she rushes to him, ending in an embrace and a passionate kiss. Aditya reciprocates and wedding bells are heard.

Which will be your pick for tomorrow?

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great very hard 2 give justice 2 all d movie bcz in bollywood most of d movie are romantic ....few honourable mention..


Yeah i love the movie kkhh,ddlj maine pyar kiya,jab we met and also love aradhna lamhe and qayamat se qayamat tak.

1.Maine Pyar Kiya 2.DDLJ 3.Bobby 4.Sagar5.Aaradhna 6. Mera naam joker 7.amar prem 8.Devdas (dilip kumar) 9.Sadma 10.Qayamat se Qayamat tak

u never know true because u missed KAHO NA PYAR HAI

Most romantic movie of the world mughal e azam ,dil wale dulhania le jayenge and world most famous actors srk and dilip kumar.

What a list! You mention my top 3 favorite bollywood movies all in one list. Here goes my all time favorite by order of ranking

maine pyar kiya

It's awеsome ɗesignеd fߋr me to have a weeb site, whіch
is useful for mmy exρeгiencе. thanks admin

kaho naa pyaar hai

vivah is also a grat love story

HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN definitely deserves a place in every list of romantic bollywood movies!! Its a modern classic!!

How could u forget KAL HO NA HO

Hera-Pheri, lol :P

ekk deewana tha is a very good romantic movie.......not so much hit but the film is very good........

My favorite movie is Tum Bin"

i dont knw why tum bin is forgotten is the finest movie made

Thu, 2013-02-14 08:30 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
" Kuch Hota Hai Rahul ; Tum nahi samjoge "

Best romantic movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!

It was not like a traditional movie DDLJ ( 4 me it is 2 boring ) or like HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM ( where actor ruined himself for her love )

Kkhh was just a modern movie with a classical impact :****

Totally agree with u !
Despite being a huge fan of Kajol , I don"t like DDLJ much....
But kkhh , man it always gives you the feeling of the ultimate spiritual TRUE LOVE !

jab tak hai jaan (katrina kaif, shahrukh khan y anushka sharma), rab ne bana di jodi anushka sharma y shahrukh khan), chak de india (shahrukh khan), chennai express (shahrukh khan y deepika padukone), patiala house (anushka sharma y akshay kumar), bodyguards (kareena kapoor y salman khan), dil bole hadippa (rani mukerje y shahid kapoor), ra-one (kareena kapoor y shahrukh khan), Heroine (bebo- kareena kapoor), fanna (kajol), guzaarish 2010 (Aishwarya rai bachchan y hrithik roshan), jodhaa akbar (Aishwarya rai bachchan y hrithik roshan), kal ho naa ho (preity zinta y shahrukh khan), kites 2010 (barbara mori (mexicana) y hrithik roshan), kambaakkht ishq 2009 (kareena kapoor y akshay kumar), koi mil gaya (preity zinta y hrithik roshan), krrish (priyanka chopra y hrithik roshan), mohabbatein (aishwarya rai bachchan y shahrukh khan), my name is khan 2010 (kajol y shahrukh khan), om shanti om 2007 (deepika padukone), paheli 2005 (rani mukerje y shahrukh khan), raajneeti 2010 (katrina kaif), saathiya 2002 (rani mukerje), saawariya 2007 (rambir kapoor y rani mukerje), salaam namaste 2005 (preity zinta), singh is king 2008 (katrina kaif y akshay kumar), tashan 2008 (bebo), teri meri kahaani 2012 (priyanka chopra y shahid kapoor), umrao jaan 2006 (Aishwarya rai bachchan), Yaadein 2001 (karenna kapoor y hrithik roshan), yuvvraaj 2008 (katrina kaif y salman khan), zindagi na milegi dobara 2011 (katrina kaif y hrithik roshan) estas son algunas de la gran coleccion de peliculas que tengo de bollywood.

un consejo para las que son fanaticas y apasionadas por las peliculas hindu romanticas: si tuviera que recomendarles alguna serian estas que subi arriba, pero les aconsejo que busquen las peliculas de acuerdo al actor o actriz ya que son todas buenisimas aqui les dejo algunos nombres de los mejores actores los mas famosos de alli para que bajen algunas peliculas de ellos:

cualquier pelicula de ellos es bonita los unicos que varian en las peliculas son akshay kumar y salman khan que son mas de peliculas de pelea pero si buscan en su filmografia en wikipedia les saldra algunas romanticas que son geniales. en mi opinion personal les recomiendo que vean peliculas de :
kareena kapoor, rani mukerje, katrina kaif, anushaka sharma, preity zinta, kajol y aishwarya son las mejores actrices de bollywood y todas sus peliculas hacen llorar mas cuando son peliculas mas antiguas.

Aashqui 2

Ashqui 2.. mar ja tu

Devdas is great movie in indain history

Incomplete without dharam hema

Barfi! , Cocktail , Vivaah , Jab We Met.............

hum aap ke hai kon,it can broke the all records of bollywood films history

Barfi! , Cocktail , Band Baaja Baarat

VEER ZAARA!!!I loveeeeeee this movie!!!

jab we met..

maine pyaar kiya
veer zara


Veer-Zaara! Most romantic movie EVER!

Oh, I also loved BBB ( with Anushka and Ranveer)...It's perfect for V day watching! ;)

From this list, my favorites are DDLJ, HDDCS and JWM...I haven't watched yet Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, and couldn't get through Mughal-E-Azam, Silsila, Veer-Zaara and KKHH, but I'll try again sometime...I want to see Bobby, Barsaat and Pyaasa. Another favorite of mine is Jodhaa Akbar for obvious reasons ;P
Cool post!

I haven't watched pyaasa and barsaat.. But the rest were good romantic films my fav being Maine Pyaar kiya, DDLJ, Jodha-Akbar, Jab we met.. I agree Devdas was not romantic. There were not many romantic scenes.. Even Ek Dhuje ke liye was a great love story but a very tragic ending.. Not something I would watch on valentine's day.

DDLJ duh!For obvious reasons-great performances,beautiful cinematography,well developed plot,high production values,a plethora of qoutable dialouges,great songs,its enduring legacy of being hopelessly romantic.Perfect movie to watch on Valentine's Day.Other than that from the list I also like Silsila,Lamhe,Pyaasa & JWM.While Mughl-E-Azaam is a great film I would categorize it more as being an epic periodic film than a romantic one.While when it comes to modern day romances really there's none to beat Jab We Met,not by an inch.Countlessly rewatchable ,magical & real albeit a bit cliched.The film's just been out for 6 years and is already a modern classic;-)
BTW @moviebuff1990 great post;-)Very well researched in putting together a nearly a perfect list.

Aradhana is the best. I was not even born at that time but the movie gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. no comparison. Just watch it.

Maine pyaar kiya is also very good.

DDLJ and Veer Zaara.

my fav
kuch kuch hota hai

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

" Kuch Hota Hai Rahul ; Tum nahi samjoge "

Best romantic movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!

It was not like a traditional movie DDLJ ( 4 me it is 2 boring ) or like HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM ( where actor ruined himself for her love )

Kkhh was just a modern movie with a classical impact :****

I would drop Veer Zaara from this list and add Vivaah.



Fantastic list. My fave movies from the list are KKHH, Veer Zara, HDDCS, Devdas, DDLJ and Jab We Met.

Devdas---Really romantic...Ash's outstanding performance(the absolute best thing in the film for me),the scorching hot chemistry...The picture perfect frames...The DREAM-like picturized songs..Excellent songs!!And an heartbreakingly stunning finale!

i was too young when movies like dwdlj, Qayamat se Qayamat Tak and hum dil de chuke sanam ... but honestly i think jab we met, was amazing. it had no overtly dramatic scenes and i liked how they portrayed love as unconditional ... the best part when geet kisses aditya disregarding everything around her :) first time a character like geet was introduced in hindi cinema, rather than the choop chap sharmili ladki ... i liked that

Aradhana , Khabhi khabhi and Silsila are the best......

"importance of 'Pyar Nibhana' over 'Pyar Karna' "
can anyone explain that

Where is Hum Aapke Hain Koun? That's the highest grossing film in Hindi cinema to date if inflation is taken into account.


Fav romantic movie is "DDLJ" and "JWM" ..
I agree with the list excpet for veer-zara,devdas and KKHH :D
what is wrrong with KKHH, veer zara and devdas, they are the true meaning for romance especially veer zara. your opinion I know but very strange.


didn't like devdas.cudnt find d romance in it.looked more like a tragic story than a love story.kkhh also looked more like a cute youthful film than a love story......jthj had d potential to be in d list.but d story was ridiculous along with srkkat pair where d age difference was too evident..anyway i wud say d Jesus angle was d major let down more than anything to me.kal ho na ho had more romance than kkhh..

Fav romantic movie is "DDLJ" and "JWM" ..
I agree with the list excpet for veer-zara,devdas and KKHH :D

Devdas, Ash and Srk is soooo good together!

i think Chandni is a really good movie and an all timer!

Jodha Akbar, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

devdas wasnt romantic at all
you are so unfair


ddlj for srkajol

I will like to add Jodha Akbar to the list..Love HR- ASH combo

How could you miss ghajini? Aaamir and Asin were the best!

maine pyar ki is the best because it was salmans first movie and it became blockbuster. it is due to his hot looks and great acting skills. love him

ddlj , fanaa , kuch kuch hota hai My fav romantic movie in bollywood

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

my most fav romantic is ddlj and every film did srkajol together

VEER ZAARA - One of the best movies ever!

SLB's Devdas... I love that movie!

devdas wasnt romantic at all

is the writer of this post deliberately missing out hum apke hain kaun??

My fav romantic movie is Qayamat se Qayamat Tak!

shahrukh khan and preity for ever.... veer zaara and khnh

SRK is the King of Romance, doubt anyone is going to come close to that. You can just see the romance in those beautiful eyes

My all time Fav are MPK and HAHk(wonder why it wasn't included when it is the film with MPK that open all the romantic doors for 'Wannebes' in the late 80 and 90's).. hddcs was okay but Aish spoiled the whole movie for me,a better actresslike maduri and karishma would have been better ..........waiting for a dumb kat fan to include JTHJ
if not for kat, I was going to be the first one to include JTHJ, i loved this movie so much more than many romantic movies mentioned here but unfortunately kat ruined it for many, Allah forgive her then.

Socha na tha

Hum Tum


Veer Zara


My most fvrt HAHK

How on earth is devdas one of the best romantic movies of all time ?? if not for madhuri ,that movie is a damp squib. Aishwarya's abysmal acting chops almost ruined that movie.And btw, Kal ho na ho is miles ahead of HDDCS which is nothing but a big yawn.

seriously where is HAHK ?


My all time Fav are MPK and HAHk(wonder why it wasn't included when it is the film with MPK that open all the romantic doors for 'Wannebes' in the late 80 and 90's).. hddcs was okay but Aish spoiled the whole movie for me,a better actresslike maduri and karishma would have been better ..........waiting for a dumb kat fan to include JTHJ

"tum bin" is awesome too...

Bang on list!!! Love all of them...
You can add special mention to few movies.

SRK is the King of Romance, doubt anyone is going to come close to that. You can just see the romance in those beautiful eyes

All these are great movies. I'm such a 90s lover, so my favorites are DDLJ and KKHH





mughal e azam

maine pyar kiya and HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM

Where's raja Hindustani it was the biggest hits in 90s

Worst HDDCS,Veer zara,devdas

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