Imran and Anushka get together to ‘Bru’ some magic

Bru has now signed on Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma as its new brand ambassadors. Coming together for the first time to endorse a product, the vibrant and edgy duo will be seen in some exciting Bru campaigns through 2013.

The duo has replaced Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra who earlier endorsed the brand’s offerings.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Anushka is a better actress...deepika can't act to save her life.

you know if this girl is supposed to be an 'ACTRESS', then i consider myself to be AISHWARYA RAI!! tred of this marasmic monkey and this dude who would have never made it to BW had it not been for his uncle..sighhhhh..

IMrannnnnnnnnnnnn is sooo adorable! he has sucha cute face. and urmm Anuska killed the Photo :''(((((((((

Ohhh dearrr haha, Whats up with Anushkaa, she changes every day!

Anushka tries extremely hard these days. -__- Girl u can neverrrrrrr look like Katrina or Deepika or even Priyanka

Indeed flop jodhii, Imran is wayy better looking!

OMG Anushka's face keeps changing =/// .. please stop doing more things on ur face before u end up totally ruining it

they're so cute together

Bakwas.... both are overrated . PC n Shahid were better.

Anushka looks great here

Both look like twins...Imran much handsome ofcourse.

utter flops....LOL

Anushka is the next big thing- mark my words, this girl is going to rule Bollywood.

Good they got replaced, never liked shahid and Priyanka.

Cute Anushka. Imran looks sad

anushka looks cute - but those bangs need to disappear - FAST

CUte.. Btw anushka should get rid of those bangs.

hmm a wise decision not to go for couples. if they break up all the credibility washes away.

flop jodi


Trashy Anushka, i wish someone had taken pics of her trashy-stage in vancouver, i sure would have!!!!

Anushka looks good here.

This is random but, those coffee mugs are really nice :D

Every passing post I see a more animated Anushka. *sigh*

much better than loser shahid and fake pc.

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