Shakti Kapoor Shocking Video [Casting Couch]

Okay so a girl asked him to cast her in his movie. And he asks her to sleep with him. Anyways court dropped this case coz apparently there wasn't enough evidence that he asked for "SEX". A hidden cam recorded this (2003).

And he says something about Aishwarya, Rani & Preity. Find out for yourself!

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Dirty people,dirty bollywood industry.Girls are ready to go to any extent to fetch a role.These all things are fake.As we have cut all the trees and forests there is less oxygen in atmosphere which is makinging people sick.Lack of moral values.Buddham Sharanam Gachhami.

Pinkvilla is BOUGHT by the film industry or something???

Cuz they have been deleting a lot of comments that exposes bw

Where is the video?

is it true about salman as well...shocking man

It's true . My cousin from Australia wanted to join Bollywood. She released a music album and Salman wanted to offer her a film in return for something . My cousin declined. He was dating Katrina that time. At first I thought my cousin must be lying . After watching this and reading your question, I changed my mind. As we all know, Salman likes foreign girls. Currently, he is after Amy Jackson.

silly man sounds off his head! his word are slurred. hes just name dropping actresses. i hope its not true.

Anonymous on Sat, 2010-03-06 20:44.


These girls know what they are getting into. The competition is so many pretty girls to choose would a director choose??? Since talent is not required for bollywood films, a girl would have to put out if she wants to get film roles.

with yash he meant karan johar's father

isnt it easy to just blame the girls?? what abt the bastard men.. u demand it ??such a men dominated culture ..

this goes on within the miss india pageants also. a few years ago, a friend of mine got to the semi finalist level, and a judge asked her to meet him at some hotel if she wanted him to help her out. she quit then and there, and took the next flight home.

Must be true. Even I got a film offer one time but last minute , my role went to the Director's girl friend. I think I did not sleep with the Director that's why. I wasted my time rehearsing the lines and auditioning .

he is sayin aish with subhash, rani with yash... n now u do it with me lol

SICK AND PERVERTED INDUSTRY! These girls are really desperate....

Aish had with Subash, Rani had Yash, and what's the girl's name.....Preity! she had the Johar's. That's what you have to do.
Girl: What?
Kapoor: F&ck!!!
lolz crazy...

All these actresses have already shown 90% of their bodies to us by means of bikinies..So there is nothing wrong if they gain..

Someone below said they dont like the people who would do such things (casting couch) ... Whatever these people potray on screen and in from of the media is what they want us to know! Who knows what their private lives are like! ... Not saying they all have been through casting couches but defi some of them have been! I believe shoba de for that 80 percent...she is in the industry and im sure ppl within the industry have eyes and ears and know and see things and know what these ppl have been thru!
Like that guy on big boss who used to date priety implied she did cocaine ... or atleast the ppl she was with

What a lot of B.S.

Maybe this was in the past... I don't think these days the actresses will do such a thing.. maybe the odd one here and there
Sorry I just have a hard time digesting this.

Anonymous on Fri, 2010-03-05 17:15: nor was she a sinner either.. any more less than any other. u don't know em, don't judge em.

I knew a guy who's bother in law financed Indian films in Mumbai throughout the 90's and he said each and every one of the famous actresses had slept around to get film roles, especially when they're are just entering the industry. He said it doesn't matter if they come form some respected filmi family. He also said they are more than willing and they and their mothers throw themselves at producers.

Madhuri was no saint either.

I agree with anon 15:30. If he talking about those 3 big celeb, he must have heard about them from his "own kind of company" Shobha de said, 80% of actresses go through this.

Its a fact people , producers have sex with these girls . My oousin ran into Yash Chopra at a jaipur airport , she was with her mom . He told her , come to bombay alone to his studio. Most directors are creeps

this news it was 2003 and he denied and shekti kapoor he is sick man.

Recycling old news? Or is this something that's happened again?

I have watched a bbc documentary about bollywood cast counching. & they showed this video further, where he clearly says I want to make love to you, I want to kiss you. But he denied that infront of bbc. That girl in this video is sent to him by India TV.

Why is it so unbelievable to believe that those 3 slept their way to roles? They are big now but were not always. Let's face it - there are millions of beautiful Indian girls and NRI girls all over the world who would like to get into the industry. There is NO lack of beautiful faces. In fact there are TONS. You do need to do something extra to get in cause a beautiful face is not exactly unique.

I think it's about time that this guy retired now from Bollywood. I mean how old is he now, like nearly 60?! Who would want to sleep with him anyway is beyond my imagination! LOL

By the way, welcome back Bolly_addict! :)

Sleazeball - his daughter has entered the same industry he is bad mouthing so who is she using as her casting couch. It's so easy to target and badmouth other women. Cheap.

how did shraddha kapoor get her roles i wonder? hehe ;)

this is so old. this is old news.

disguesting, do you guys think its possible that they do in bollywood

Aish went to SUBASH GHAI
Rani went to yash chopra
Preity went to Yash Johar or Karan Johar - not clear!

He is a sick man ewwwww... I could only hear about rani with yash johar .. the aish and preity part wasnt clear..

@ Anonymous, he basically said that ash did it with subash ghai, rani with yash(johar?) and priety with sumone else..basicallly he's saying that that's how the got into the industry .through casting couch..

I think its all bullshit becaus ethey don't look like that would do sumthin like that..this guy is just downright cheap and disgusting...should be looked up..frickin perv...disgusting!!!

same, the sound was not right

What did he said about Aish rani and preity??? couldnt hear properly!!!

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