Blast From The Past: Neil Nitin Mukesh childhood pics

[img_assist|nid=225372|title=|desc="My sister mad me and my cousins. I remember the times as kids we spent in Delhi with our cousins. They were the best."

'Jai Sri Krishna. This is a picture of me. My mother loved to dress me up as lord Krishna.'

Pictures posted by Neil on Twitter.


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Naww cute!


We are Indian Gujrati muslim, My two cousins have white skin, red hair and green eyes, and now their kids have same thing. There are many people in india have red hair or light brown hair, white skin, green, blue or hazel brown eyes.

Nitin Mukesh has red hair n white skin n its common to have white complexion in India its just tht majorly they r wheatish

If Sonal marries him, her kids will be so beautiful!

awwwwww such a ute lil kid he was!

yeah his mother has some explaining to do lol coughpaternitytestcough

In an interview, he said Lata Mangeshkar named him Neil. Because when people from the music industry went to see Mukesh's grandson, he was so white that Lata suggested they name him Neil after Neil Armstrong. Because, you know, Neil armstrong was also white. Lol. Funny story but yeah.

@Should have name him Lali for his red hair - loololol

He was such a cutieee patootieeee:)

does he have any Irish in him?

Awwww Neil looks so cute, he doesnt look indian if I see him on the street I will never know he's indian.

Hence why he's called Neil

He is not white at all his grandmother was a wealthy Gujurati Brahmin and North Indians are Caucasian so its not impossible to find these characteristics like ginger hair and pink skin.


Some Indians in the north , though very rare, you see red hair in some upper caste communities , this came from the Scythian or Huna invasion about 1500 years ago, they were known to have red hair based of historical books.
Neils grandad was also red haired too.

He looks like his father
I remember one of his interviews where he said that while shooting for Newyork in america
He was many times interrogated by the American security because they couldn't believe he was an Indian

he does look like a doll!

mukesh the singer his grandfather, was exactly like that!

eeeeek! in the second picture he looks like a legit DOLL! soo cute!

he looks like an Irish baby

Should have name him Lali for his red hair.

Ok.. i dont get it.. HOw come he is like .. TOTTALLLLYYYY white.. ? Whiter then regular white people (bein a ginger and all)

aww one of my friends was a ginger baby too..being a ginger in india is actually pretty awkward cuz people think its some henna formula gone wrong lol

is he half white atleast? :/

Where did he get those European looks from ? His parents look very Indian.

Looks like he's from a close knit family...NICE

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