Chitrangda at Maxim bash at Zinc

Chitrangda at Maxim bash at Zinc 0
Chitrangda at Maxim bash at Zinc 0

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Kamini's picture

She is a real indian beauty. I just adore her.

Saqeena's picture

Chitrangda always look beautiful & sexy. She has a good sense of fashion too

Anonymous's picture

i love these pics of Chitrangda

Anonymous's picture

is it only me who finds it weird when actresses turn around completely so their backs can be photographed.....

Anonymous's picture

I love how she has dressed so classy, yet sexy. Sha's a sensible gal.

love u sallu-kareena's picture


Coco_lover's picture

man she is damm hot

Anonymous's picture

she has a bad back

Anonymous's picture

Wow, this must be the ugliest she's ever looked

Anonymous's picture

postives: she is trying
negatives: the omnipresent color contact lences, too short for this style of dress

BollyPrincess's picture

I wish she would wear a little less makeup. I'm sure she'd look great without it.

Anonymous's picture

She's so beautiful! I love her skin and that she looks desi! I hope she doesn't start bleaching like other Bwood starlets...


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