Dabboo Ratnani's 2013 Calendar: Behind the Scenes

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Dabboo Ratnani's 2013 Calendar: Here are the 'behind the Scenes' shots of the photographer with the superstars.

Credits: pinkvilla

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Anushka looks like a drag queen!! ...
Arjun looks so hawt! And Kareena too..

Why is fake Ash wearing blue enhances to make her eyes appear blue? Aren't her eyes green -grey and isn't she happy with her own eye color?why's the need to make herself look Caucasian when in reality she's a dark south Indian?She's clearly the epitome of feigning

Arjun is superhot

alia and varun, too young to be in the calendar.... i mean...
star kids... like reallyy... they've just done their first movie, and now their in the same level of
stardom as kareena kajol aish...

kajol looks beautiful

Aishwarya looks amazing, those eyes!! And btw can someone tell me what shade of eye shadow she's wearing here?

Aishwarya looooks the best!!!What a beauty!!!

***Awwww all these pics are damn cute & how beautiful is Myra♥♥♥Ash,Vidya,SRK & Farhan's pictures look the most intimate while Kat,Deepika,Kareena look the most gorgeous;-) All of them look great actually!

Ash, Ranbir, kareena and hritik looks too good.

Aishwarya looks heavenly in the first picture!Woww

Kareena Deepika, Bipasha looks good...
I wonder why Daboo takes his kids for photoshoot...earlier it used look cute and all now its kind of boring!!! cute kids though :D

awww the girl is too cute ! nd all of them looks so cute specially ash, dips, srk, sonakshi and alia

These pics are sooooooooooooo cute. All of em! I want one like this :p

@Sat, 2013-01-05 14:10 — Anonymous
lol these are just behind the scenes photos

Ash is soooo soooo sooo beautiful!bless her

Vidya,Aishwarya,Deepika--Natural Beauties!!

aww...hottie hrithik looks the bsestest among all:)

Aishwarya is like a goddess of beauty!!Come back soon and shed the weight..

Ash's beauty overshadows everybodyy!!What a beauty!

Such a lucky little kid.

N.B. Bollywood is so small, I mean its "IT" list is like the same like twenty or so people over and over again in everything with a few new additions of like the SOTY kids and that guy from Vicky Donor.

Omg Salman's eyes and smile - beautiful!

ash is ash, looking most hottest ....out of all. I wondered, how she is looking better and better as days passes. Awesome, Beauty.

What happened to Anushka? She looks so..... different (in a bad way)! :S

each and every pic is really cute. ;)
YaY! now i can post my comments!

wow the first pic is dazzlingly beautiful and cute ♥♥♥


These photos are great. So natural. Shows how success is so appealing

Happy kid!
john Abraham's smile looks too botoxed.
There are like 10 posts about the damn calendar on the homepage, enough dudes, stop promoting it so much.

Kareena looks unbelievably beautiful !!!! her eyes just WOW

Arjun... one word HOT

honest question: what's the big deal with this dabbo ratnani?

wow kajol looks really fit and slim now ...amazing

Waiting for the comeback of KAJOL n Ash , Both are looking so much gorgeous and sweet here ;)

salman looks the best. just too cute and handsome at the same time

Myra is starting to resemble her mom now, she's very cute! :)

Hehe Daboo crawled into bed with Aishwarya... but Myra is there as a chaperone LOL.

lovely...alll of them

why is Daboo Ratnani in every pic?? is this a calendar about him??

Wow!!! All of them are looking flawless! I love Katrina Kaif. She is extremely gorgeous!

Kajol looks gorgeous
love her look

Anushka and Katrina are worst, others are good...

I love Varun's mouth. drooool!!

Ash plse wear aqua, teale, greens for eyeshadow to make ur eyes pop.
Colourfull lips - Maroon, Orange, Burgundy etc!!
I agree!!

Indeed Aishwarya stands out from the other Bolly heroines...it's just her charisma and aura...not to say the others don't look fab...Kajol too looks gorgeous, but her dress is horrendous. I think more stars should have been included in the calendar.

Aishwarya looks toooo gorgeous for words to describe.

Priyanka looks gorgeous.

Aish looks just WOWWW...

Shahrukh is looking adorable with the child :)

omg! Aishwarya is looking exceptionaly different( beautiful) than all other, karena kat and all are good but ash is unbeatable. Kudos ash. Shine as always.

Awww.. Vidya Balan looks damn cute!!

Ash plse wear aqua, teale, greens for eyeshadow to make ur eyes pop.
Colourfull lips - Maroon, Orange, Burgundy etc!!

That baby is adorable

Pc looks great. Asin looks the worst.

love u kajol

Love Ash

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