Deepika and Ranveer promote Ram-leela on Comedy Nights with Kapil

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh promoted their movie Ram-leela on the sets of the comedy show, 'Comedy Nights with Kapil'. From the look of these pictures, the show was a riot with Deepika and ranveer at their humorous best. Deepika also seems to have worn a 'lungi' and danced for the Lungi number from Chennai Express.

The movie by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is all set to release on November 15.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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when is this episode releasing im dying to see it!

Best of luck to them with the film. I'm so nervous now the 15th is around the corner.

The way they look at each other, like no one else exists. Deepika looks really happy and she is glowing. Love is wonderful thing.

Such a good-looking couple. Ranveer is smoking hot.

Love what Ranveer's wearing. and the first pic, AWW Cutee!

Where's the photo of them holding hands? They look really good and happy together.

I adore that Sumona, she looked super cute! awww! DP looks elegant even in that awful dress.

I love Ranveer...if there ever will be another srk its him.

I never thought I would say this..but ranveer is changing the defininition of the dashing handsome man...move over chocolate boyz..the suave rugged man is here....And Deepika - does she ever have a bad day?

Ranveer Singh is HOT.

I can't believe that I'm actually saying this. But maaaan, these two are made for each other!!
They look genuinely happy!

Ranveer looks handsome in that outfit ...Deepika :( thats a bad outfit does nothing to your figure :( :(
Iam looking forward for Kapil and Ranverr's convo :P :P

Last time deepika was really mean to kapil sharama. Hope this time he teaches her a lesson

their chemistry is undescribable! the dimple couple..

My baby doll always looks so gorgeous,Deepika means perfection and Ranveer is a handsome man.

The first picture is beautiful, she looks blissful in his arms. Either they are terrific actors or they are crazy about each other.

I agree with others, there is serious sparkage between them. Onscreen and offscreen they are hot!

If somone had said a year ago that Ranveer and Deepika would look this good together I would not have believed them. But they do. They really, really do.

What an outfit, Raaanveeeer!

♥ ♡ ♥ Ranveer ♥ ♡ ♥

kapil ki toh nikal padi

Deepika looks beautiful!!!

deepika`s dress epic fail!

Love both total look *thumbs UP!!

okay ranveer and deepika have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more chemistry than ranveer-anushka and deepika-ranbir!!!!! damn!


Man, these two are good together. Ranveer is sexy and spontaneous. I hope some of the spontaneity will rub off on Deepika (when it comes to personal relationships). I think in the acting department, she is not at all wanting. :-) She needs to let her guard down, particularly with Ranver. They'd be very happy together.

everything is ROCKING! RANVEER ROCKS and he is making deepika ROCKING!

Deepika is such a doll i can stare at her smiling face all day

she luks like those days of OSO, maybe because of the hair style. nice. hope she gets to do another movie like that soon.

These two are jst hotter than the tropics together.You can feel the sparks between them even from mere pictures.Seriously,thank God Deeps landed Leela's role.Just can't imagine Ranveer igniting such intense chemistry with anyone else.
Comedy with Kapil is usually a laugh riot,looking forward to this episode.

why is deepika wearing a petticoat?

Awww, so cute

The only reason their chemistry is so *amazing* is because deepika does what no other actress does on tv...even if a couple is dating eachtoher, but if they claim they dont want to talk about it, they still keep that distance on screen at shows like this. However deepika is one such person that she says this but then she goes all out to ensure that she flirts to the max with her co star!
L she did this with ranbir and now she is soing it with poor ranveer.

Anyway this is obviously just another game for her. How can it possibly be real when up until two months ago she was saying how she has a bond with ranbir that is so special.

For ranveers sake i hope he is not being used as a goat.

Anyway ranveer and deepika both look beautiful, although i dont like deepikas clothes. Their chemistry ON SCREEN is very real and believable. Off screen its all fake on deepikas side to get more talked about than ranbir and katrina

Dear Katrina,

They look great and happy together. Just deal with it!!

What nonsense. The world does not revolve around Ranbir and Katrina, despite the best efforts of their deluded fans. Chemistry is chemistry is chemistry. You either have it or you don't. And these two have it in TRUCKLOADS. Deal with it.

These guys look so good together. Before the Ram Leela promos & promotion, I thought Deepika did not & would not have any chemistry with her male leads, ever. But she makes a fantastic pair with Ranveer. Just rewatched Lootera (that film is just perfect) & realised Ranveer has incredible chemistry with all his actresses, Anushka, Parineeti, Sonakshi & now Deepika. Finally, I have the Ram Leela bug!

Oh so cute! Must watch...

Gooooooooood such chemistry, warmth, realness.

Love this couple

how cute do they look together ? i cant handle it and deepika looks so young these days almost like her om shanti om days so young,fresh and cute she is happy and it shows she is glowing from inside, we have to thank ranveer that he makes deepika so happy i hope this relationship ends with marriage they are like made for each other i never liked deepika with ranbir because he doesnt deserve her but ranveer is a true man and he traits her like a princess.. i want a guy like ranveer too deepika is really lucky

This looks so fun!! I wanna see this so badly!

Ooooo look at that intense stare from Ranveer. Making me blush you sexy man you! And Deepika is perfection from head to toe. I could stare at her all day.

both deepika and ranveer are very expressive , looking forward to the episode and ofcourse the movie!

This guy's fashion sense is just immaculate. Gets it right every time !

This guy fashion sense is just immaculate. Gets it right every time !

is it me or has dp put on some weight

Her face does look less bony. And her hips look wider. They say when a woman is in true love she tends to gain weight...

love it! cannot wait for the episode to air!

There chemistry is something else and there are some serious sparks between them. Please let it be real!

These two are just gorgeous together, you can almost *feel* the chemistry between them just by looking at their pictures! Deepika looks beautiful and boy does Ranveer look smokin' hot. Like, damn.

the dress is bad..kareena wore in in the photoshoot for femina. But on an occasion it dont work

ranveeeeeer *jaw drop* singh and deepika *vavavoooom* padukone!!!

Just look at Ranveer in that bandhgala and jodhpurs and look at dp's angelic face! Too cute

Plz tell me the orange part od fp costume is a prop for the show! BIG FAIL!!!

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