Deepika Padukone on the first issue of Architectural Digest

Deepika Padukone graces the very first Indian edition of Architectural Digest. The magazine showcases some of the most exquisite homes in India and the world.

Deepika is clearly wearing a butt pad here:)

Credits: fb

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deepika should be with ranveer singh, he is a better humaan being and it will show ranbir a lesson

You kat and Ranbir crazy person get over it nothing between kat and Ranbir. Why do you keep disgracing yourself Ranbir never owned up to having anything with kat but with Deepika he told the world and even his parents made that clear in a show that Deepika was the only girl he ever took home... If you cannot handle that keep being SAD but please leave Deepika alone. Stop using any opportunity you have to insult her. Please let her be the beautiful person that she is.

dont understand that ppl say she is the most beatuyfull ? Now i understand , showing ur body and talking rubisch on kat and ranbir makes u the most beautyfull and famous in b-twon! She is really pathetic!

lol, 'talking about kat and ranbir makes her beautyfull'? That comment made no sense, plus learn to spell!

This looks so with angelina jolies recent oscar outing..the leg show there was good. This is not aesthetically pleasing, coming from an Architect and while I love the cushions on the sofa, the rug seems a bit too much in terms of pattern.

In tight gowns her but does looks prominent but theres no way that - THAT big but if really of hers! It looked padded or photoshopped. It's not like that in real life guys.

She don't have that biig butt!!! It looks fake!

y dun yew upload pics of deepika at launch party of architectural digest...n dna marathon olso...c ws lukng superb in both

butt pads FTW

You can't deny the fact that the face and the bod is stunning. Arguably one of the best looking lady in the industry today and to an extent she can act too. But even I am not convinced that's her ass though. Photoshop much?
To the haters, keep hating cos that's all you can do when you are not capable of appreciating beauty in all its form.

she's always had a big tushi but a flat chest...

guy's the architecture magazine is about her new home..not the contours of her body...give it a rest...everybody likes to take a look at celebrity's crib..we know all covers are Photoshopped even without the models take a chill pill guys...

The hair and makeup ruins the pic

OMG! An architectural digest has a bollywood actress on the cover?! No other country has to resort to such cheap gimmicks to sell their magazines..

Woohoo! What a booty and what a body!

Butt pad for sure.. Watch her old levis ad, her butt is flat in that!

Fake boobs and butt.

compare her butt with the song with sharuk khan love mera hit hit...
she had no butt then......she is wearing butt pads now lolol

love her but this is boring.

I dont understand that ppl say she is the most beatuyfull ? Now i understand , showing ur body and talking rubisch on kat and ranbir makes u the most beautyfull and famous in b-twon! She is really pathetic!

she looks gorgeous......luv u deepika

obviously she breaks her waist too much.I have seen her before and she doesn't have Malaika's ass.Generally Indian girls are bit flat.

is that real ass or a fake one? I heard she's got a toned ass.

how are you so sure she's wearing butt pads? where you there during the shoot..?! save it

Deepika look sexy you girls may be

im not sure about the butt pads cos she does indeed have a nice ass

besides malika arora khan, who works her ass off for her ass (no pun intended) withouth having curves indians are genetically gifted "an ass" like latinas, or african americans, puerto rican women..deepika flat as a bored on top, athletic male body, pin thin, she is def wearing the butt pads,

why butt pads?

LMAO! her figure is like a guy...straight and lacking curves so this is all padding and stuffing

love the dress. But, I have to say that deepika really doesn't have an ass in real life. Either she is sticking her butt way far out.. or the butt pad did the magic.


lol, i wont call her Deepika.... shes Ranbirs DOG..., runs after hollywood, money, fame and ranbir.... this lady shud compelete her school, cuz she really dsnt know what she says in interviews or in KWK... talks always about condoms and Ranbir... girl, he has moved on.....

she bought this new house that everyone is raving over. and she is pretty. the two combined leads to a relevant and glamorous cover for the magazine.

Everyone saying "great butt" --- its clearly PADDED... its not her real bum

i don't think far as i can remember she's always had a bit butt like an african...maybe the shape has been photoshoped...

WoW.....dts d ultimate word for her....

I hate this girl...specially the fact that she has so much attitude

that ass

such mindblowing curves.amazing figure deepika has

flawless.what an amazing ass

butt pad?? she lacks the side curves BUT her rear is to DIE it!!!!

butt pads ? pls explain why

Because her body is like an amazing achitecture itself? :-)

Too tall though...

Omg she is really Pretty.

Fri, 2012-03-09 16:53 — Anonymous

She looks nice but what does she have to do with Architecture?
if you can't appreciate the architecture of deepika, you clearly need help with your sight :)

I don't like her.

i actually think its natural...her posture is extremely rigid so it just makes it seem unnatural

Deepika's home looks lovely..

mahn!what a bod!


why is everyone wearing butt pads these days????? it just looks ewww!!!

she's the best and closest to perfect in my eyes

She looks nice but what does she have to do with Architecture?

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