Deepika Padukone lands in Ahmedabad for Piku

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Deepika Padukone landed in Ahmedabad earlier today for the shoot of her film 'Piku'. Clad in white and sporting a sans make-up look, Deepika looked tired but lovely as always.

The team including Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan were initially shooting in Kolkata. The next schedules will take place in Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Big B plays father to Deepika Padukone in this Shoojit Sircar's film, which is scheduled to hit the screens April 30.



Gorgeous lady. Breathtaking features.

Deepika is looking heavenly. Love her elegant outfit.

i think girls tend to wear less make up or none when they are in relationships,deepu is already off the market,her man is crazy about her"how can he not when she has a face like that",so there is no need to put much make up every time she steps out and it doesn't hurt that she looks this uncommonly beautiful even without it

one word breathtaking!!!

god,what a gorgeous gorgeous face

Wow sehe Looks sooooo pretty in Love With the dress

Now deepika is trying to copy katrina kaif and trying to look beautiful naturally but katrina lools best natural not deepika get over ranbir and katrina pleaseee

Copy Katrina?? What have kat that deepika copies..??
And she is over rk so she always look happy...and trying to look naturally.? can someone try to look natural... ? Because natural beauty not for try...natural is natural...Jo hoga vahi dikhega...means we can't get natural beauty...natural beauty already with us..its god gifted by nature from we born....

ya and yet ranbir you spend so much time and energy over thinking and over analyzing every thing that the less naturally beautiful deepika does and try to make it about you,i'll say you're the one who needs to get over her,she's gone ranbir and she ain't coming back,so have fun with the more naturally beautiful kat and give it a rest already

ya,because kat is the one who invented the natural look,lools,GET over deepika pleaseee and even better get a life

where are the haters who claim she's a plain Jane without make up,man i have never seen someone more naturally beautiful than her.ever

LOL she is worse than a plain jane - google her pictures from siddhivinayak temple from 2008. That's how much of a natural beauty she is.


She looks best with her hair down without that pouffed-up style on top. She must try wearing her hair with a deep side part and all smoothed out.

isnt she is shooting with ranbir in shimla at the moment pv reported it 3 days back na

i love the outfit and she really looks like an angel with that dress and dp is so beautiful naturally she doesnt even need makeup thats also why i think in ff she looked her best because she had such simple and natural hair / makeup and styling in that movie which made her gorgoeus face stand out even more

she looks sad,not tired,still gorgeous though

Piku - will make her bar for ccritics even more high just like in Finding Fanny. Bajirao Mastani - a award sweeper movie in 2016 , mark my words. It will bring back the era of Devdas and HDDCS. Tamasha and The fault in our stars remake will be fresh and youth grabbing movies. Come on Deeps. Kill them all.

The Queen has landed. *_* make way for the Queen , the Diva and the Enchantress - Deepika Padukone. ^_^

if i was her stylist,i would tone her makeup down she looks much better without or with little make up on

Liking her look here

i think she looks heavenly,but i also think her trying to focus on her career and not whatever she has or maybe had with rs "me thinks they are taking some time off or have broken up",is taking its toll on her

me thinks they have broken up too, i guess he's tired of playing her game and following her lead,they have been seeing each other for two years if a commitment is still not a part of her plan by now then maybe she never will commit to him,if i was him,i would walk out,i hope he does or even better did

there is a video of it and she looks like an angel in it,these photos aren't doing her loveliness justice

where is the video?

beautiful doesn't begin to describe how beautiful she is

What a joke!!!!!

She looks beautiful! One of my favorite looks of hers I think. I like when she wears little makeup and her hair down.

i co sign on that word for word

Truely a beautiful face!!!

To me she seems like a completely fuss free dresser. Completely confidant that what she wears and carries doesn't matter every single time. It shows that at times her mind is focused on something other than looking good or making news with her clothes. Everytime you step out of home if you want to dress up like you are walking the red carpet then something should be wrong with you.

Can't get over the expressions of the two guys clicks her pics in the first photograph.

Like what she is wearing here.

Deepika is a natural. Love her.

Such a pretty face love you deepika

ask some fashion tips from sonakshi, deepu :)))))))

What a joke!!!!!

Why is she walking with her eyes closed

happy for u Dp

simple and pretty

She clearly loves that burgundy's the fourth time to c her carrying it at airports in a couple of's great though!

Come on her pr we konw she is no 1 , but this over ..

The 6th pic where you can clearly see her face is soooo pretty and serene. She is blessed with beautiful skin and beautiful big lovely eyes.


Come on her pr we konw she is no 1 , but this over ..

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