Deepika Padukone at police show Umang

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Deepika Padukone at police show Umang. She is wearing a Sabyasachi sari.

Like every year, this year too Umang police show has been organized to felicitate the Mumbai police for their hard work.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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My all time favourite dear



Deepika's fit body is something I admire about her! She is really pretty in general, i wish she would change up her hair or maybe cut it! I want to see her make it shorter...

she is the most beautiful Indian I have ever seen!

Please do not get into any relationship now Deepi. You need be more charismatic I suppose. Don't get to close to Ranvir too. Even if you do, slep well. Your face and eyes look duller these days.

I hope you dont get into a relationship any sooner...Please don't spoil your health and concentration on your work...your face can loook even brighter..its all a little these days..please take care..we want you

she is the best looking actress in present Indian cinema! best ever after Sri Devi! ethereal beauty

Agree with Gohar. Those lenses look really really tacky. She doesn't need light coloured eyes, her sultry brown eyes look fab with her skintone. Other than that, thumbs up as usual.

She looks beautiful minus those contacts!

I think she has few haters who post repetitive comments like her few fans who also doing the same. But yes she has some peoples who like her and some more who doesn't.

I must confess no one like Deepika even with the haters comments on pinkvilla who are just really few but keep posting repetitive comments to bring her down. You are beautiful in every sense of the word.

SO STUNNING! She always looks way better when she has those colored contacts on

fabulous, luv her

She is looking really gorgeous and i love that she's wearing... sabysachi never fails me with his amazing saree, wish i could own one!


she looks old here!

classy & elegant look. deepika looks best in sarees

Deepika the Diva

looking so gorgeous, especially the pics where she is standing with Manish paul.

absolutely gorgeous deepika

Sat, 2013-01-05 22:24 — Anonymous

So aunty-ish!!

Sure aunties can be beautiful too without Botox. She is a true beauty

my deeps and Monish pauls there too,... fab fab fab

Beautiful woman in a beautiful saree, love you DP

beautiful indian girl.

Ah DPad you look FABULOUS - you have started the New Year well! She is gonna look like a vision in Sabyasachi in Ram Leela and during the promotions of Ram Leela.


She looks like a movie star.

Absolutely gorgeousssss !!!!

So aunty-ish!!

Dont know why...but i dont find her pretty at all

Sat, 2013-01-05 20:25 — Anonymous
New@ SHARON DIVA, I wish pv had a like button. Your comments need it badly :)
Since PV has realised that we are human , they can also go for like option :D

Stunning!!! Most beautiful actress

simply beautiful and stunning.

@ SHARON DIVA, I wish pv had a like button. Your comments need it badly :)

Like the sabyasachi outfit!
Finally Iam able to post in PV.... yes , iam human LOL

South Indian beauty!
She reminds me of a young waheeda rahman, very graceful.

She is beautiful. Tall, delicate, graceful and simply beautiful. Classic.

Deepika looks old


Simply Beautiful

horrible makeup but nice saree and hairstyle !!

Deepika is so so so BEAUIFUL.

The best looking actress in bollywood...Period...Kareena, Priyana come close second

He secret is she's always greatly composed

Ohhhhh my. She looks like a dream.

SHE IS GORGEOUS (AS ALWAYS) words.just wow.



Looking gorgeous as always!:D

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