Deepika, Ranveer at Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, the Ram-leela of B-town, attended the Hello! Hall of Fame Award ceremony that took place in Mumbai today.

Ranveer won the 'Outstanding Talent Of The Year' award while Deepika won the 'Entertainer of the year (female)'at the ceremony.

The two stars are riding high over the success of their Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, which garnered good reviews and good business.


Apparently they were very lovey dovey inside the awards, I read one report that says they were cuddling and kissing all night. Even in Goa, they were quite public about their PDA. Just goes to show one snapshot of a split second doesn't always tell the story.

she look like Beyonce

So all of their romantic attitude toward each other was for selling their movie. Deepika is not comfortable with him at all

They both aren't looking their best in these outfits. And they are both looking so tired after the non stop shooting and promoting they have been doing. But when they r together they just sparkle. Love them together. Ranveer and Deepika love u both :*

Most deserving awards. Deepika looks beautiful. Ranveer is cool.

See we got award on hyping our relationship..nice nahhh...buahahahahahahaha!

They look really good and they shouldn't. Deepika's dress is generally unflattering on her body type and the hair is far too severe with totally underplayed makeup, and Ranveer's suit is a total mismatch and yet standing together they look great. Alot of people don't want this to work, (obsessed Ranbir/Deepika fans, Ranveer/Anushka fans, Ranveer haters, Deepika haters) and will read every little thing the wrong way but I'm rooting for them.

Such a seductive hairstyle. Just want to take Deepika out on a date in this look then do slow dancing with our bodies so close that air could not pass,my eyes in her eyes.

Gorgeous Deepu.
Looks like Aishwarya here.

she is a stunner!! I love the makeup,hair,dress, its all to die for. And my absolute fav part of her look is how she embraces her skin tone and flaunts it...she has beautiful honey skin and i love that she doesnt alter that...ur a role model to alot of brown people deepika!

And why can't you just call her skin brown rather than honey? So often on PV these brown skinned actresses skin is often described as tan, honey, bronze, golden, cinnamon, but never ever BROWN which is what their skin really is.

they look great

Deepika looking classy and amazing as always, can this girl ever go wrong with her look??? :D
I think only Bollywood actresses can full off an evening gown, without looking trashy like other "woods"!

Ranveer look awful here. This man has no class. All Ramleela fans going gaga about how well ramleela is doing. Here are some facts for you. it is made at the budget of 85 crores and still not manage to cross 100 crore yet in two weekends. It has to make 110 crore net domestic collection to make marginal profits for its investors. so stop calling this Ramleela as a super hit. It will barely be a hit. hahahahha!!!!!!!!

I agree. He has no class at all. He's got this cheap disgusting vibe about him. Whts deepika doing with him??????

What a bitter Betty you are. Sad.

Sorry ranveer singh, If I Hurt you with my facts. You still need to work hard, don't work hard on your PR machinery.

96 Crores and counting now. Budget was 35 Crores. Already crossed 100+ Crores internationally, calm down hon.

Go read boxoffice India and Bollywood capsule report it clearely says budget is 85 crores not 35 crores. After reading that you will calm down voicewriter. this will barely be a hit. Go open your eyes and read what those boxoffice collections sites are mentioning. You are blindsided, i am not.

Your dear boxofficeindiadotcom needs to be updated but may they are too busy muddling through the pop-up spam on their site. Ram Leela's budget was 35 Crores according to IBT, WSJ, Imdb, Koimoi & India Today. I even checked your Bollywood capsule (which by the way is not even a prestigious site) and even they have the budget at 35 Crores. According to your Bollywood capsule as of Monday November 25th, Ram Leela has collected 96.15 Crores domestic & 126 Crores Worldwide. The film should touch 100 Crores domestic by Wednesday. Their words not mine.

Movies fookkrey are mada at a budget of 20 crores and you are telling me Ramleela is made at the budget of 35 crore. you are living in fool's paradise not me. why do I feel these figures are bothering you. stop calling bollywood capsule and boxoffice India are not reponsible sites. Go back and Bollywood capsule earlier movies prediction and facts they are always correct not like those that feenku Taran Adarsh. Bollywood capsule clearely says it is a big budget movie, it has to do 105 crore and over to do justice to its investment.

I also read on so many sites that is 35 crore Even if it 90 crore, they have already recovered. 125 crore world wide. Power of Deepika without The khans

but whyyy does it matter? the movie was good guys relax, it's not your money that was invested

Deepika has such amazing glowing skin. Gorgeous!

I'm hating her up-do :(

RANPIKA all da way!!The current hot and happening jodi of tinseltown.I totally love seeing these two together.


Where is he outstanding? He is zero sexy or goodlooking or charismatic.

Guys, These are not all the pics. here are the real lovy lovy pics Go to ranveersingh_FC in twitter. ranveer is opening the door to his lady to enter the car. Ranveer singh himself follows this account.

Whoa! Deepika looks just wow. Didn't she say she is single and doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment?

this girl is such a playa!
don;t go on the innocence she portrays, she knows how to and has climbed the social ladder well....... using the age old way some women before her have. I bet she has already put in the bait and is just waiting to reel in her next target....... then again she has been with most of the whos who of indian cinema, whos left?!

Just be happy for her... What's the point of u being a hater?

she looks outstanding!

There are more pics of him holding the car door open for her. Such a gentleman.

Deepika looks gorgeous and Ranveer is MR. Charming.

Uffff, she looks too gorgeous! Love the sexy pulled back hair, her bone structure is just flawless.

That pic of Ranveer kissing her, awwww! Lucky woman, Deeps.

She looks like Lara Dutta did the night she won Miss Universe. I'm so happy for them. They deserve all the awards they have got and will continue to get throughout the award season.

Exactly! She reminds me of lara

i was thinking bout lara too!

The Timon and Pumba at the awards. Deepika is so gorgeous as usual. And guys such interactions are commom. They were just being friendly

not liking this look of deepika!

Read the signs creeper, it's time to move on...she is done with you.

They both do not look good here

wow ranveer the most fashionable superstar..THE NEXT SRK IN MAKING..LOVE RANVEER... HE HAS A GREAT PERSONALITY AND CHARM

Deeps looks awesome and so is Ranveer!

Another one from the evening. AWW! too cute!

He is way more into her than she is into him.

how to add pics like these here?

how to add pics like these here?

Aww, he's nuzzling her! It warms my heart to see these two together.

:( For some reason this makes me sad because I just can't see them together. I would rather Ranveer be single.

So cute

The spark is not there anymore. They both look bored of each other.

So true. Now Ranveer would look besotted with his next co-star. His PR tricks are getting trite now.

Smashing people x

Ranveer style is zAnny but I Wish that he would Have complemented DP in her red. Carpet gown. He should have done a well cut black suit with a red kerchief And theY would look too sweet matching together

Deepika looks amazing. Her skin is glowing!! Wow.

The guy is incredible. Oman, award show, shooting, Move over krishrithik we've got our very own real life super hero. They both need to take it easy for a bit

He deserves every award this yr. he has given us a lootera and then wham bammed us with a ram leela. Wow oh wow who can pull that off. Plus he's a looker. He's the dream boyfriend. And fashionably tip top.

Smashinggggg duo

Ranveer and only ranveer can pull of this look with three different textures/prints with élan. They make a fashiontabulous couple

I love my loversss

dpad looks like halle berry

Thank god for the various award functions..Deepika will dominate all this year and I am hoping that even though Ram Leela is over, we will continue to see Ranveer and Deepika together..I just cant get enough of them..

She is dressed for a Miss.Universe pageant.

it should be illegal to look so beautiful ALWAYS. STOP IT're giving all women out there inferiority complexes :'(

LOVE them! Deepika looks pretty as usual, but i'd change the hair for sure. With the hair tied up, very small earings and nothing around her neck, the head. neck and shoulder area looks too bare. I'd either leave the hair open or pair this hair do with a necklace or something.
Ranveer is SO cute! :)

Lovely couple. Ranveer just returned from Oman last night and went to the awards. He needs to rest. Both of them look so exhausted. Congrats on the win.

idk how much i like the nude lips look but she can do no wrong in my eyes

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