Flashback: Deepika Padukone in her teenage years

Flashback: Deepika Padukone in her teenage years. This is a young Deepika in her modelling days. Deepika looks good slightly chubbier.
Credit: Saummy Shivhare

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Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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Fake beauty comes with a price. And that applies to Deepika

looks at her dimple with a wide smile and now. she obviously had dipped her dimple through surgery and had a nose job before oso.

i'll tell you something about dimples.I have three.one on each side of my cheeks and the other one on my chin.Anyway, as you get older the dimples get deeper! that's what i've noticed with myself and other people in my family as well! shahrukh khan too has dimple and it got deeper with age!

Although you can never vouch for anybody's naturalness in commercial Hindi cinema, Deepika is by far the most beautiful face. If she has touched up something, it is largely invisible.

It's good to see that unlike some of her older contemporaries (who cut of their faces whenever they yoyo from size 0 to size 10), she has had the intelligence to say stop to her surgeon.

Also, you don't ever feel the publicity she gets in undeserved: such beauty calls for attention. But once again, the attention doesn't overdo itself.


Yes I also think she had done some job in her face but cunning enough than pc, kat. she done it so mild.

here she looks like 24-25 and yes she have a jaw surgery. even when she did oso, bah her jaw was completely different from now.

and everyone says katrina hides her age,now look at her , she looks 24 or 25 at this time. lier! in an earlier interview she forgot her age only,i hate these fake people!

she look like esha deol.
And she have change a lot with her jaw surgery

she looks better now.

She looks naturally pretty then..now she looks all made up...

man, instead of modeling she cud have studied in school, coz she dsnt know what shes saying in interviews....think before u say something dumbass....


Extremely hlpeful article, please write more.

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

nose job for sure...still she looked very good chubbier

Thu, 2011-12-22 23:30 — Anonymous
what are those goitre things under her eyes - sheeesh Kat was a princess in her youth - deepu the kaamvalli

really? kat's old photo s there n pinkvilla,pls check once more.Atleast she dint fake her lineage or heat a superstar's bed to create soft corner among audience or gain roles.

she's pretty but doesn't look in her teens

wonder who finds her pretty....relly!! is this being pretty... and shes got a smile corection done it looks... her teeth arnt the same now..

@anon. Aww what crawled up your behind and died? and I know I am def prettier than u who doesn't even have the b alls to show his/her face.

gorgeous features=super beautiful deepika

Nose and under eyes looked different back then...

Her dimple is now deeper, and nose is sharp now than before, someone plz tell me, dimple could b make artificially?

looking at this pic all I can say is 'chhi'..wonder what Ranbir saw in her..

i saw her in real life...she is no good looker at all....by doing excessive light makeup on ur face and the camera flashes going on...it makes her ...look how she looks...otherwise she looks bad...

Such a beautiful girl

nice one

she doesnt look good from any angle...she looks terrible infact...sorry to say that

so she is wearing eye contact

lighting eh?that's probably flash..having seen her in real life..I can only say she's no 'natural beauty'

what are those goitre things under her eyes - sheeesh Kat was a princess in her youth - deepu the kaamvalli

Her natural eye brows are nicer, she now makes them too harsh! And yeh, some weight on her cheeks wouldnt hurt either. She was very cute!

she looks very beautiful..


If her face wasnt chubby here she would have looked better!

But she is prettier than @0pinionated for sure!!!

just one word wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she's such a natural beauty!

she NEEDS to gain some weight. It makes her look so much prettier. She looks masculine now.

lets not forget the boost that the silcone gave to ms padukones sex appeal

yeah she was always good looking

transformation is amazing... she looks stunning now but she also looked cute as a teen. :)

makeup??cute but sooo chubby :/

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