"Hit Herione" vs. "Flop Actress"?

In a male dominated industry, rarely there is that Diva that has it all. Gone are the days of Hema Malani and Sridevi. The idea of a complete Superstar Actress ended with Madhuri Dixit. These days all we see are Heriones who are a part of Hit films. There are very few in between that are actual actresses with hit films.

On one side there is the likes of Katrina and Deepika who perfer to remain eye-candy in hit films like Tees Mar Khan and Housefull. On the other side there are actresses like Rani and Aishwarya who continue to ACT in films but don't achieve the blockbusters like Kat and Deeps do. Aishwarya has done an award winning job in Guzaarish and although the film is the best fo the year, it is not a blockbuster.
Either way it is a Win-lose situation. There is no current Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit who consistintly acted and performed Phenomenly in Phenomenly successfull films like Chandni and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Whom do you prefer, a Hit hot Herione (Katrina) or a Flop talented Actress ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)?
Which do you think commands more respect in the industry?

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qU2OI9 wow, awesome article. Want more.

Katrina has been a part of many hit movies,but her characters are always flops.If she will keep looking for the movie not for the character she will not be taken a serious actress.Aishwary rai has done amazing job in HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM,TAAL,DAVDAS,GURU,and JODHA AKBAR.These movies was super hits beside her excellent roles.Despite her hit movies, aish has done more flops in her career but most of this flops was positivly critisized.So do u think katrina(the untalented actress)is better than aish(the talented actress)??????

In the past there was only one queen of bollywood and that was Aishwaraya. Now, there are so many young talented actressed who are very versatile, they can act, dance, look pretty. To name a few are Deepika, Katrina, Kareena, Vidya so I think they are all reigning queens of Bollywood. I like it now as no single actress can proclaim they are the best. All of them are talented. And definitely more actresses who are unknown now will come in the future.

Madhuri is incomparable

if i should choose between aish or katrina... aishwarya is my choice . after the amazing actress like Madhuri, kajol and sridevi, i think aish is the most indicate, aunque she isn't good like they, but in comparation with katrina, yes. the new girls on the cinema, just are a pretty face and body, that's all, nothing of talent. I miss Madhuri Dixit, she's should return to act

aish is a wonderful actress. that was how she hit super-stardom initially through her performances in taal and hum dil. she actually does strong roles better side chick flicks like aur pyaar hoga or dil ka rishta. but i think some where along the line Aishwarya the star became bigger and didnt fully give a chance for aishwarya de actress to truly develope and reach her max potential. and her face was already famous before hand so that posed a problem. so she got confused and stuck between the lines of actress and commericial star. i admit she is still not as good as rani or her predecessors madhuri, tabu, sridevi.

katrina better actress than aish. plz it took her years to even become decent in rajneeti. deepik? r u kiddin? sometimes i feel i can do her roles better than her. priyanka has potential but she shows it once in a blue moon. kareena is constant and versatile but her emotin doesnt always move me. i think aish is slight above pri and bebo. i put in the same category as vidya.

but i kno this actress is never going to get her due becuz of haters. her beauty and stardom. the most she will remain is a famous star

Well I think that Ash should come out of this hang over that Katz is her arch- rival. You know both cannot be compared, b'coz comparison establishes a relationship between two competitors. And believe me there is nothing common between two of these ladies. Katrina has an unique identity with a super success career of 13 super duper hit movies. Katrina is also very sensible and exceptionally beautiful girl. Katrina is number one (No# 1) actress of bollywood and she does not have hunks and any problem working with super flop and wooden actor. This shows that Katrina is truly a professional. Katrina is in a position where she can pressurerize her director- producers to change the actor, No matter he is supported by whom? But she never does cheap things. This shows her class and her royal background. On the other hand she helps unit members financially. That’s why everybody loves Katrina. She is also very- very young and innocent.
If ash is emphasizing Abhi not to work with Katrina then she is just ruining Abhi's career (which is already in coma till doomsday) and helping million viewers who don’t want to see this dumboo and expression less actor. Who really spoils good movies like Kabhi Alvida Na kehna, Bunty Aur Bubbly and all the movies he has worked in. What a mess..!!!!!! Yakkkkkkkk//!!!!!

So good work Ash you keep up doing the good work like this. At lest we will love you for this act. Thanks.

Gosh...I can't get over the juvenile comments. Have we forgotten what good acting is all about!!!!

Rani, Konkana Sen, Nandita Das...etc. Look at No One Killed Jessica; what a movie and what acting! Awaited for some good script and acting for such a long time.

Aishwarya, Katrina etc need to go find another career. If they continue the movies will continue to fail like Ash's all movies failed in 2010. No one wants to see the old hag anymore. Such a waste of time.

And I want to tell you all that getting 4 movies to Hit versus 40 to fail talks a lot about the acting skills!

every actor has flops. Kareena has lots of flops. Priyanka has lots of flops. Why just single out Aishwarya? Oh yeah because Aishwarya is the best!
Kat's body of work is pathetic. Her best role was Sarkar and that was years ago. Since then name one good movie of hers?

unthinkable, look at Kajo's filmography and look at Aishwarya's. There's no comparison. Aishwary's body of work will stand the test of time. Kajol will be mostly known for her work with SRK. Rani's body of work is pretty good but I would take Aish's over hers as well.

in the end all that matters is the quality of a movie. I'm a fan of a movie so its not like I'm getting money if a movie is a big hit.
Any day I'll take quality movies like Guzaarish and Raavan over G3 or Housefull. When I look at an actresses filmography who's going to remember most of Kats work?

btw, Deepika isn't a great BO success so don't understand her being names as one. She's only had Housefull this year as a success. Doesn't that tell you something. Housefull is one of her worse movies yet its a big hit.

aishwarya forever.. katrina was never an actress and she'll never be..even in her so called performance oriented movie rajneeti she was there in a special role only..kind of side kick to all the great talented actors..so no doubt i choose ash.. no matter of their hits or flops..its acting that counts not the hot body,playing arm candy..acting is wht counts other things r minor..pinkvilla pls publish it..kat needs to know that she is not an actress and doesn't deserve to be here..i'll take ash,kareena,priyanka,kangana,konkona,vidya but not her...we don't love u kat..no one here does..u'r jus a sexy heroine that perverts love to ogle n satisfy their sexual desires,go check youtube n type boom n read the comments..its pathetic

aishwaryaaaaaaa anyday!!!
an item girl or girls who wear bikinis and minis and dances around are readily available anywhere actors need to be born....katrina is nothing but a wannabe like kim kardashian in hollywood.... she is india kim kardashian. famous for no reason...

Katrina do hit but she did films with hit heroes like Akshay and Ranbir. Ash do films whee she play are lead role with heroes and she didn't play stupid barbie girl.

nice to see youre doing well hrithikrules but I beg to differ ...YES aish has taken up more challenging roles and yes she is a better actress than katrina (Actually anyone is, I think this would be the only poll where even Sonam would pass Kat but if I had to in the current crop priyanka and aish r the one ladies that seem to be more than eye candy) but according to me she(ash) cant hold a candle next to rani or kajol or any of her contemporaries in terms of acting skills. Unfortunately or fortunately her beauty always gets talked about and outshines any acting credit ...most of the reviews I read or hear about her of movies are omg she looked gorgeous or carried herself beautifully SADLY tho that is the crop of actresses or actlesses that are in demand....the women are merely eye candy in movies these days

But I do miss the madhuri karishma kajol sridevi era too...

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