The long and "shorts" of Deepika

We know the man in Deepika's life; however, when it comes to the love of her life, it is none other than...hold your breath....pair of "shorts". Just noticing how often Deepika tries to sport them and no complaints there, they do look amazing on her. She has adorned many a party, event, and magazine cover, wearing it.

Fashion experts out there, any thoughts on this? you like?

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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i like u very much deepika..

I love her legs, they aren't skinny like Genelias, they are just right. Toned and soooo long!

They look great on her!

''Tall woman looks gud only in pics not real life.'' LOL so truee!

Tall woman looks gud only in pics not real life.

she got long legs but something is missing.. not sure what.. she has no definition on her legs..just skinny.

nothing is long. its all short shorts ;)

Of course she looks fabulous in shorts, no wonder she wears them so much! I like how she dresses them up or down according to her footwear but if I had to pick a favourite it would be that Vogue cover with the denim overalls... HOT!

Looks better in finished shorts with dark rinse or color than faded cutoffs. She will look fabulous in skimmers.

nice. they are casual, suit the weather and suits her

She is the only Indian actress today who can wear such shorts and still not look vulgar...... beautifully toned body.

she shud try something different...Anushka looks perfect in shorts...

She looks great in whatever she wears, but I don't like her legs...her calves and thighs have no shape!!

awesome her in shorts!

always trying to portray herself as a young girl, just like PC... but it doesn't look as forced as on PC... I don't know why the rich think its cool to wear less clothes... it's like going back to the early man days

the best legs

If I had those legs, I'd wear shorts all the time too!

priyanka chopra wears it much better!! deepi is abnormally tall!!

Agreed! She has the legs to wear shorts.

her legs are sexy but her super-mature and well made up face makes the shorts look very very bad on her... if she wants to go casual with shorts, she gotta have a no makeup look and maybe a ponytail... all the pics are bad!

Shez scary

bollywood is the reason for all the rape and murder. . She is a total exhibitionist and showoff.

I don't like her legs, they have no shape and look like thick tree trunks. Overall body has zero curves and she is really flat chested.....only wears padded bras.

Thu, 2012-05-24 01:03 — lovePConly
She has beautiful tall legs.

Thu, 2012-05-24 00:51 — Arina
She look good in these shorts cox she is tall and has got a sexy leg.
As far as I know....we have '2' legs..and they can only be 'long'

well she has got the body to carry of these kinda garments
so they look good on her....

best in bollywood

why the colour of her skin on legs keep changing

Ya lady,we know you have great legs and all but this is getting repetitive. This is what girls next door wear, not starlets attending VIP events.

She has beautiful tall legs.

She look good in these shorts cox she is tall and has got a sexy leg.

Shorts look sexy on tall girls,but when u wear it too often,it is obvious you are trying to prove a point by showing your assets.Dear Miss Dee,we know you don't have much of an idea when it comes to fashion,but shorts aren't always the easy way out.This is also for PC too.Boys would obviously disagree.

She has long legs, but they are not nice legs. They are too thin, and have no definition. It's like her calves are non-existent!

she shows her best assets while wearing them....her toned legs and an amazing ass!!

the only b-wood actress who knows how to rock them shorts!!! go deepika!!!

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