Video: Ang Laga De from Ram Leela

Here's the latest Ram Leela song, Ang Laga De which features the sizzling chemistry between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. The song is sung by Aditi Paul and Shail Hada.


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Mon, 2013-11-11 09:31 — Anonymous
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I think Ranveer Singh is better than Ranbir Kapoor. Seriously.

Mon, 2013-11-11 13:27 — Anonymous
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Yep, I've always said that Ranbir is overrated. Ranveer Singh is the next superstar.

I agree with both of you. Ranveer is the man to watch out for!

Ranveer Singh is the rising star. Love him.

This movie looks very much like the 1997 Romeo & Juliet (leonardo dicaprio). Watch the trailer to see the resemblance.

ahhh deepika u are a stunner!! and ranveer dammn nice body lol!!
deepika kinda does look like aish ( maybe slb was aimin for that )

deepika looks gorgeous but SLB is so OTT and makes the video look ridiculous with all those same rehashed moves from his previous movies

deepika looks gorgeous but SLB is so OTT and makes the video look ridiculous with all those same rehashed moves from his previous movies

deepika looks gorgeous but SLB is so OTT and makes the video look ridiculous with all those same rehashed moves from his previous movies

Loved it! This was by far my favorite promo of the film. So much love, sadness, passion, all working together nicely. Ranveer looks amazing, and Deepika is just gorgeous!

superb!!! Cannot wait to see it!

At 0:40 when the are both in the frame OMG it is pure passion. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created magic. Moments like that haven't appeared in Hindi cinema in ages. Not one bit of this video is vulgar. Yet every second is dripping sexual tension. The passion is so strong. Deepika, Ranveer and Sanjay have created poetry on screen, they have created a painting on screen. This is no longer cinema, it is a divine form of art...

Deepika is like a painting. Those movements on the bed are so ethereal and sensual. And at 1:26 when she looks up, very few people in the world posses such perfect beauty. And then when she looks up with tears. Such acting, such expressions. The pain and longing is piercing. Deepika is a goddess...

The movements on the bed are so un spectacular. There's no grace or elegance to her movements.
People are really going overboard with praise here.

Ranveer at 0:18 is so cute. His smile is so cute i could melt. It makes me go aww. And in the shirtless part he is so hot i will evaporate. Boiling scoring smoking hot. Ranveer, this is not fair, women want to live. This much hotness is just killing me...

I just cannot wait to see this movie. I love Aditi Paul's voice here, she sounds sweet and sultry all at the same time. The chemistry is super hot but what else is new with Ranveer and Deepika? They only have to look at each other for the air around them to crackle.

I think Ranveer Singh is better than Ranbir Kapoor. Seriously.

Yep, I've always said that Ranbir is overrated. Ranveer Singh is the next superstar.

I agree 100%. Ranveer is very very talented and has a fantastic screen presence. Not even worrth bringing up Kapoor name here..

nice and good song but kahan hai hotness zabardasti kuch bhi

Ah! The famous balcony scene ! Looks very interesting. Ranveer looks hot . Deepika always looks hot .

Oh my goodness, Ranveer Singh makes me wish I were twenty years younger. He takes my breath away. x

Ranveer is sex on legs and this video is crazy hot. so much chemistry.

Beautifully nuanced performance by Deepika and absolutely mind-blowing stuff from Ranveer.

This is so good, so good.

wow Ranveer and Deepika you have done a great job

Deepika is such a natural beauty!! Love her in this movie! Seems like eternity since we have seen such beautiful, sizzling chemistry on screen!!

i knew this would be a sex song

ewwww yak i mean is this a joke she looks like a hooker

i dont like it what is deepika doing there it dosent look good anymore boring

uggh can't handle the wait anymore, the movie needs to come out now
I love how Ranveer can go from the cute puppy dog to the lovelorn beast

Meh it's okay ain't that great

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will gain equal applause for their performances. Utterly brilliant.

Ohhh Deepika :).. And Ranveer looks amazing as well.. But the song takes the cake.. Haunting melodious beautiful

Very beautiful song... and Ranveer's body is like a painter's masterpiece.

love the song even more with the video it is so aesthetic and magical ranveer looks like a greek god and deepika is just undescribable i dont think there is anyone in the industry who could have played leela except deepika she is an effortless actress the critics say that she could win a national award for ram leela

AGREE 100%

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Outrageously good.


Hope this is another 100cr for deepika.

4 more days...

Aaaaargh!!! are killing us with your sensuality. Those moves on the bed are sexxxxxxy...
You rock girl....

Excellent performances by Deepika and Ranveer. Both are looking hot and their chemistry is rocking. Awaiting this film to release soon. This film is going to be a memorable film for many years in future.

Wow!!Its so gorgeous looking.Wish deepika was a bit expressive though.

Hot!Deepika is freaking hot!But why is deepika's face so blank? :/

by far the best promo of the film after Nagada Sang Dhol. Simply brilliant and HOT!! and not kind of vulgar hot but quality, artsy hot! LOVED IT!

Tragic sensual and haunting..sanjay leela bhansali

Deepika Padukone seems to be right at the pinnacle of Bollywood. Her performance is so finely nuanced. Her defiance and passion is to die for. As for Ranveer, you really notice how good he is towards the end of this song. Just look at his face. He is such a brilliant actor.

This is absolutely beautiful.

I realize the song in them movie will be slightly differently visualized, but I wish they won't replicate images from one song in another. They've done it quite a but.

I wonder what it will be like in them movie.

Anyways, I simply cannot wait.

looks more interesting than Kareena's gori something movie

I love how Slb has portrayed the passion between them in such a subtle aesthetic manner without making in vulgar. It's passion one could watch anyday without being uncomfortable in a theatre.

And for deepika, she has proved herself as an actress all over again. That one scene of hers in the above image makes my heart stop. May she grow from strength to strength.

Ranveer looks hot and very endearing himself.
This is quality stuff. I hope people understand its worth and it will become a blockbuster it deserves to be.

Ranveer, deepika and Slb all deserve that for what they've put up. God bless them.

Deeps is fine when shes with Ranveer but on her own she's blank.

She's no Aishwarya. Check out the scene on the bed when she's doing the little arm movements with the candle. That's a replica of scenes that Ash has done for SLB except when Ash does it its so elegant and graceful!

So passionate yet beautiful at the same time! The song is haunting, aditis voice is superb. Cannot wait to watch the movie!

Loving the way the film has been executed! And Deepika & Ranveer look smokin' hot together!

So excited! :D

This movie luks like it has been directed by someone who is inspired from SLB or a tribute to alb but exactly not a film directed by slb. do u get my point? Ram Leela terrible lacks something. Trust me there are going to be terrible embarrassing reviews. But I want it to work for Deepika so that she can end the year with a bang. But still I had to be honest with what I think of the movie. The movie lacks the grace and nuance.

must be a katrina PR.

I have to disagree with you. The movie is beautiful. It's about passion. And it does not lack nuances. You can see it in the faces of Deeps and Ranveer.

Hot Hot Hot..and so aesthetic...that scene where Deepika is doing all those sensuous moves on the bed and you can see reflections in the windows - SLB written all over it!


Hypnotisant ¡¡¡
Deepika es la verdadera belleza India actual ...

it all looks very hot. although i think they went a little overboard with the bronzer on ranveer. teh last few seconds however, looked straight out of a sunny deol movie :/ ranveer kicks people and they disperse, flying in the air. smh.

LMAO! Hilarious!

One of my fav songs this year... but daaaaaaaaamn these two are killing me! I don't think many families will see this movie, too much sexual tension for a 3 hour sit down in a theatre! Sheeesh.

If grand masti can hit 100 crore then ram leelas sexual tension shudnt be an issue for collections

hot! now I'm looking forward to this film


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