Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone to speak at the India Today Conclave 2014

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will be among the list of illustrious speakers who are to speak at the India Today Conclave 2014. This two day conclave will start on 7th March and will be held in New Delhi.

India Today Conclave serves as a platform for speakers from all walks of life to exchange and share their ideas and opinions. Other speakers include Amitabh Bachchan, Kalki Koechlin, Shashi Tharoor among many others.

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plz tell me....ye delhi me kahan hoga nd entry kese milegi....I wanna be there....

OMG Deepika is such a bad speaker. Saif is very articulative

Great..Cant wait. Kareena is the one that can't speak. She is do dumb. My god..

beauty with the beast

Good for them.

king kong and bimbo, perfect pair.

Can she talk though?? thats the question *eyes rolling*

better than kareena though

deepika speak?? oh GODDDD

kjo pls give them shhudhi, so that their pr stop irritating us.

Its not that they are behind Shuddhi..Its other way around..So please stop your hate comments.

i totally agree, being miss despo is just her nature... be it ranbir or shhudhi.

I thought they were beautiful together at the Zee awards. I think it's clear there's a lot of chemistry and love between them. Bollywood relationships are very fickle but I hope these two make it. I wish them lots of joy and happiness together.

Great! I really liked the year when Ranbir and Asin spoke at thd conclave. Hope they work together

In my opinion now, I love all the hype for RanDep (Ranveer-Deepika), I'm also crazy nuts for them being together, but I'm starting to feel who did Ranveer begin to fall for? DP? seriously? She surely is beauty, um brains? I don't know. #ranveerareusure?

Because Ranveer comes across as such an intelligent mature guy, right? lol. I'm a fan of both, but i don't think either one should be questioning the other's brain power.

Well none of us don't know her personally to see what type of person she is and what made them click together nut if you see their interviews, they seem to really 'get' each other.

*none of us know

So how did this one go? anyone know where the videos are?

It's on March 7th.

My bad! I thought it was this weekend. PS: Kalki is speaking at the conclave too!

They need to enroll themselves in english speaking classes first

LOOOL thats exactly what my friend said the other day. coincidence

Some Kareena fans have totally and completely lost the plot. Embarrassing.

to all pc fans spreading rumors, dp is still on top for being considered for shhudhi.

i really feel sad for dp, her own frnd pc ditched her.

why is she ignoring shhudhi news now?? not yet approached...awwwwww, feeling sad for her.

is dp finalized for shhudhi or not??

she wished!

we want dp in shhudhi and not that overhyped pc.

just one question 'did you got approached for shhudhi after all the drama you did??'

it looks like they themselves post some negative comments and give it tons of dislikes and then put the blame on kareena fans, very good strategy as in real kareena fans have no time to comment on these wannabes, and i just rushed coz there was no new post about kareena, so spare me.

Great! Both Deepika and Ranveer are confident speakers are riding high on success off lately. I am sure they'll represent the film industry really well :)

you are too funny.. rofl... one of them is joker and other is bimbo.

If saying that will make you sleep at night then carry on, no one's stopping you.

and u r?!?!

does it matter to you who i am ?? but thankfully i am not like any of them.

Deepika doesn't have much going on in that very prettty little head of her. She needs to read more, listen and let othes speak . She needs to speak from her heart. You don't have to give smart answers. .......just think it thru and speak from an honest place. She's beginning to sound like Ashwariya .....scripted and verbose. Less words, more meaning please.

Someonr bettet write something for deepika to memorize asap. asap

Why is this shudhi nonsense in every post??.. Like it's the last film that will ever be made in the world. It's a KJO movie not like it's going to be ground breaking. What's wrong with fans seriously. I hope Kareena fights nail and tooth and does this movie and it tanks.

it was ur dp who was despo for it, kareena had left the movie her head high so why bringing her name, pc and dp are competing for it like despos.

Dumb deepika she has no brain....i hate her

Ranveer will talk about how much he loves having sex just like how he spoke about sex in another serious summit.

Have you really heard the whole talk that he had at the conclave last time? Just picking on the word "sex" Zoomtv sensationalized it. The whole context of why he spoke that is not covered in their video. People who attended the summit were in awe of him.

They will talk , how to be friends with benefits and have fun not beinf in serious relationship. Lol

Hahahahaha........How funny! but well said

Ranveer is an excellent public speaker , very articulate and he knows how to engage the audience. Contrary to how he fools around during promotions, he seems to be very intelligent from the way he answers in some serious interviews. Always looking forward to hear what he has to say.

then you and i must be looking at two different people, he is a money and irritating

There is a sudden deluge of negative comments from fans of other stars these days on Ranveer-deepika posts. Sometimes things dont work out and your favourite star may not be doing a film. But please think as a objective human being. It is not their mistake that your favourite star couldnt do the movie. They both as individuals are adorable and very talented. When casting a star in a film , a lot of factors are taken into account, their current market value, audience likeability and their availability. Not only they both are very good actors but people today like them as a couple and their presence in the movie will definitely help.
In my opinion, appearance wise aishwarya and deepika suit historic dramas very well than other actresses, thanks to their fairy tale princess features like large eyes, beautiful smile and most importantly they look very indian.

it would be nice if you have posted the same when dp and ranveer fans were all over kareena, saif, ranbir and karishma posts spreading negativity.

Exactly. Im a fan of vidya and i what i've noticed in pv is the hypocritical comments from dp-ranveer fans on other celebs like katrina, kareena, ranbir. It just sickens me to read it tbh

they are too dumb for it.

I hope Deepika won't get all smug, superior, priggish and insincere. When she's around Ranveer , she does seem to more relaxed and natural. He's going to be awesome because he is true to himself.

You never saw a IT Conclave in past 15 years? They dont speak together each celeb at a time lol! Not surprised considering hatred for DP is in extreme levels than knowledge for basic things.

Not a smart idea. No epople who cant really speak.....lol

Deepika speaking?? LOOOL a big no no

so you want kareena to speak then? " my is name kareena bebo kapoor khan. i bollywood actress acting best. i best actress am after my GTPM classic. my husband make good hollywood actor. I like man old saif. he beautiful man. deepika loser actress. priyanka no good national award actress. i m queen bollywood. i better than madhuri dixit. "

you killed it yo

Don't forget how modern she is and how English she is :) Lol And don't forget she also does social work. She gives great roles to other actresses on a platter. :) I love Kareena.

yeah she is an inspiration to every women :)

im not a kareena fan so dont try to drag me into this kareena deepika crap. Your statement doesnt make any sense whatso ever. Speaking from heart?? Really?? to what i've noticed is her diplomacy and "trying to be nice" comments from her interviews to award functions to kwk. Come to reality u deluded fan lol

spot on.....100000000000000000 likes......

atleast she is real and speak from heart what she feels unlike dp who always speak like she is competing for any beauty pageant..lol as she never got selected for any beauty pageant so she is taking the frustration out on us.

man how dumb can a kareena fan be??????????????? you r giving your idol a stiff competition.

we love you kareena fans! keep bringing shuddhi on every dp post....we love you all!! muahh (How exciting does the new zoya movie sound?? too bad kareena left that one out...too too bad)

when ranveer talks i hang on his every word i love watching and reading his interviews that's why i started liking him in the first place he used to rub me the wrong way until i stumbled on one of his interviews and i was like oh he's witty, funny and very well read but that gets sidelined by his flamboyant personality i wish he could dial it down a bit or not i will like him no matter what

Congratulations Ranveer...Achievers speak at that conclave and you are the best choice....Self made.
You are unique and that is you USP.....Our prayers are with you always....Lots of love.

self made? his dad used to work in yash raj office do you know that? how he got his first film, he is overhyped and ain't worth it, plus he is sonam kapoor' cousin. self made is someone like shahrukh who was a struggling actor from a poor family and made it on his own. ranveer is not self made and he claims to be

who cares, ranveer will behave like king kong and dp will speak the same speech that she always speak and crammed by heart.

but when will dp speak about shhudhi rumors, i heard pc snatched that from you... haha...

saif and kareena spoke during iifa press conference, and they created lots of buzz, now will copy them... we are copy cats, we don't know anything else.


I think you should wait for Bollyentertainment to see this :P

what will they speak 'we want shhudhi' despos.

Dunno what they will talk about...probably how just good friends they are...or how they have not approached for shuddhi Yet

Interesting...Priyanka, Ranveer, Anushka and Farhan starrer has also got a title apparently...Its about a dysfunctional Punjabi Family called 'Dil Dhadakne Do'. Interesting. I know Ranveer is a great speaker...it will be nice to see Deepika also speak

Look who's turning into a power couple! Ranveer's an excellent speaker, something a lot of people don't know because he's so kooky normally. Are they speaking on the same day?

Cool. Will be interesting for Deepika because I don't think public speaking is her strength but she does speak sense when she talks.

Cool. Will be interesting for Deepika because I don't think public speaking is her strength but she does speak sense when she talks.

Super cool they got invited to do this. Ranveer's a very articulate guy and these sort of the events give him a platform to be the thoughtful, insightful speaker that he is. He was apparently very good at the U.N Young Changemakers conclave he spoke at a few weeks ago. Deeps also spoke at the Economic Times awards a few months ago. Nice that they're getting an opportunity to do this (somewhat) together.

Aww really glad they are will both attending, a great honour to be speaking among such illustrious people.

Ranveer is a great speaker! It's cool he's doing this!

Ranveer Singh although he projects himself as flirt, over the top person to the public is actually quite an amazing speaker and a philosophic personality inside. I hope to see them sit side by side....such a lovely couple. It just feels good when i see them together.

Great! Hope you both will give a great speech. Deepika will obviously compensate Kareena's illiterate speech that she gave last year at the Indian Conclave.

LOL Deepika's English is AWFUL. She speaks the exact way that people overseas make fun of the Indian accent.

Y do u have to bring Kareena into every Deepika post.i guess she cannot even carry a post on her shoulder..so u always need to compare her to Kareena..get a life looser..nd i m sure u didn't even heard of Kareena's speech... it was in 2012..nd pc too did it in 2013...so whatever good ur dp will ever do..must have already been done by these two..

it wasn't last year it was in 2012. but what you said was really true. her speech was pure nonsense. the sad part is that she has been reading a horribly written paper instead of talking spontaneously. when srk, pc, anushka, asin, and ranbir spoke at the india's conclave they spoke spontaneously without a script really well. kareena is really not all that smart. she is just a plain dumb woman with a celebrity surname which is her ticket to bollywood.

I saw all their speeches on youtube after seeing you comment. From what I saw Anushka Sharma and Ranbir were also reading their speech off a sheet of paper. Even someone really well spoken like Karan Johar has read his speech off a sheet. Only Sharukh, Priyanka, & Asin gave a spontaneous speech.

It would be an honor to present you the Filmfare Award for the best troller on Pinkvilla.


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