Special Feature! Deepika & Ranveer's relationship analysed by body language expert

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Body language expert and owner of site www.simplybodytalk.com - Khyati Bhatt has come up with an in-depth analysis of the romantic relationship between Deepika Padukone and her alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh. Khyati has been the Body Language Editor for WE magazine for women and has published papers in FirstPost run by Network18 & Digital Photographer, UK. The article is extremely interesting with lots of facts supporting her argument. Read on and let us know your thoughts!

What makes us “feel” that a couple shares great chemistry? Is it the way they talk, the way they laugh or just the way they are around each other? Here we look at how, from a distance, simply from the couple’s non verbal behaviour, we can spot a couple in love. In fact, we can even gauge how deep into the relationship they are. I used the well known Bollywood couple of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh for my analysis.


A couple sharing great rapport generally displays a lot of cohesive actions and postures, called mirroring. Also known as Postural Echo, it is the body’s way of transmitting the message “See, I am just like you”. Mirroring every step while walking together happens only when a couple is in great synchrony. In fact, if you see a couple mirroring each other, with one person’s foot slightly ahead of the other’s foot, you can know who usually calls the shots.


Body pointing is an effective way that the mind unconsciously shows with whom it wants to be. The picture above shows a typical courtship Closed Position with Deepika’s body pointing towards Ranveer, including her feet. Although he is in her Intimate Zone, her stance is relaxed, with her wrist hanging limp by her side, not the slightest bit tense, which might have indicated that she was slightly watchful. Ranveer’s foot pointing towards the camera suggests he wants to face there but the lovely lady opening up her full body, cannot make him resist giving her a good lasting eye to eye contact.

Once again you can see the couple in the courtship Closed Position with their torsos angling towards each other. In fact, with their shoulders jutting slightly outwards, they are trying to open up their bodies signalling comfort in each other’s presence. You can also see Ranveer’s head tilting towards his lady, even though he is smiling for the camera. Deepika and Ranveer are displaying a reciprocative Waist Embrace. The Waist Embrace makes a couple press their sides against each other. It is a very intimate Tie Sign, a clear indicator that the bond between the lovers is strong and deep. Also seen in this picture is the typical leg splay, spreading legs wide apart , again a territory claiming posture. Ranveer here clearly owns up his lady.

This picture could be clicked in a moment of a private conversation or joke between the two. If either of them is an unwilling participant, he or she would be having only the ear facing towards his partner, not his entire face. The coming together of the foreheads is another sign of all guards down. If there is a more established display of head to head contact than it is here in the picture, it would be an excluding action, signalling that the pair wishes to cut off the audience off from their mind.

Gaze Behavior

You can often catch one of the partners giving a prolonged stare to his or her partner, called Gaze Behavior. It is difficult to know whether the gaze by itself is because of admiration or hostility. But the smile on Deepika’s face, a submissive cue, which is accompanying the Gaze Behaviour, confirms for us silent admiration. Gaze behaviour of one individual does not necessarily mean that the partner is reciprocating the emotions. But the one displaying the behaviour is clearly passionate about the other person.

Smiles and eyes

Genuine smiles and good eye contact does signal a lot of genuine admiration for one another. It is easy to see that both are flashing truly genuine Duchenne smiles in this picture. If you see a couple sitting close together, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, talking softly and making gentle physical contact, they have moved past the initial shyness and grown truly intimate.


Lapping up any opportunity to touch is an advancement in courtship. It generally begins with a light touch on the arm, as Deepika is displaying in one picture. Here the couple might be in the beginning stages of their relationship. A hand touch indicates higher level of intimacy than the one on the arm, which is being displayed in the other picture. The intimacy of the touch advances as the relationship advances.

Opening up

A couple in courtship is comfortable exposing vulnerable parts of their body like the neck and wrists when around each other. A person with his defences up would generally avoid exposing her neck unlike Deepika here, who is at the receiving end of Ranveer’s peck. Opening up the neck area suggests Deepika is fully enjoying Ranveer’s proximity in the picture.

Full Embrace

The Full Embrace between adults is reserved for intense emotional moments. In this particular picture you see Deepika trying to shrug off the hug by placing both her hands as barriers and bending inwards to avoid full contact with Ranveer. Her body is turned slightly away from Ranveer. She is possibly feeling camera shy. But Ranveer is displaying a sincere hug, which is easy to spot when the eyes are closed while in action. You also cannot miss out on the slight smile on his face. The facial hair mostly masks the smile, which in all probability is a private smile. He is showing true enjoyment in embracing his lady love.

Displaying care

Adjusting the partner’s clothes or accessories is a display shown when a couple truly cares for one another. In later stages of a relationship, a couple will groom each other as much as themselves (Wilson Pg 69). Ranveer here is adjusting Deepika’s earrings and Deepika is neither embarrassed with his action nor hastening him. It is a clear sign that she likes him taking care of her.


more than 33,000 reads and 150 comments for a set of old photos,no wonder you keep finding excuses to post anything about these two,they are definitely BW's most loved,popular and hottest jodi and they will continue to rule inshaa allah

PV always makes me smile with Deepveer posts

match made in heavenn............god bless them.......

he made her point that gun to his heart,it was so adorable,they are so adorable

a beautiful beautiful couple inside and out

Not weird at all.

while people are making fun of,ridiculing and calling rankat out on their bs,they are showing mostly love and support for these two,who seem genuinely in love,not in it for the headlines that comes along with it,they are genuine and they are all heart people,that's why their love touches so many hearts,stay blessed my babies

super duper like

I am sure deepika can do so much better (looks wise) but don't think she can find someone who loves her so much as ranveer does! he is all there for her!

wowwww that second pic from TOUCJ...so cute..... natural....


whenever i read about deepveer a smile comes automatically to my face..thank you PV for all Deepveer articles...

OMG cutest pictures ever...they are the only couple who give us cute pictures without even trying....

that big big smile on their faces in the first pic,put a big big smile on mine. a beautiful couple Mashaa Allaah

At least we get to see them interact and not hear exaggerated intimacy info from their friends......NO SHADE!

not exaggerated,fabricated..SHADE

these two ooz charm,beauty and hotness,not to mention that they both are warm and genuine,am a huge fan of theirs and i wish they make it

I don't know they are dating or not but deepika can do better than this im not against RANVEER he's one of the most hottest man I have seen in bollywood believe me. but I think dp deepika needs man like siddharth im not fan of him but I think dp should be with him. God please do something for dp & sidd.

Sid is a poster boy , goodlooking...the kind school girls would fall for.Ranveer is more marriageable

i think she thinks he's good enough

But he's literally so boring. I die. Ranveer has something to him, and I hope they stick it out as a couple

india's numero uno jodi,no two ways about it

everyone wants to cash in on their popularity,nice set of photos though

and slb next's promotion begins.

would you please gimme link or put the photo here where deepika visited ranveer in tattad tattad bts that she went there straight from YJHD? never see it, and couldn't find it anywhere

Yea I want to see the pic too! :)

can you post or gimme link where deepika visit ranveer in tattad tattad bts that she came straight from YJHD set? can't find em.

btw, any deepveer news put a smile on my face. the sweetest!!!!! May Gob bless them

Ranveer singh has constantly said again again that he is NOT in a relationship with deepika.He is Single So people get out of of deepveer land Ranveer has moved On deepika should too.

these two rock on and off screen,i also think that if they ended up together,and i believe they will,they will make it to the best jodi ever in the hindi cinema

So cute.

People do body language analysis all the time in Hollywood magazines. It's not that big of a deal I don't know why people are getting so worked up about it, it's just a fun article!

PV always post something about Deepver once a week because they know that,it will get the maximum views and comments...more than 100 comments here right now...people really love these too...and i love to read about them...THANK YOU PV..

i co sign on that

How sweet! :)

they didn't look that good back then,ranveer with that handlebar,ugh and dp's awful styling,she is looking like a million bucks,nowadays though and ranveer looks really hot with a stubble

that pic where she's holding his hand,that look on her face ah god,i saw the video,he was saying he's having a good time, took her arms in his and then said " because i have this lovely person with me" and her face lit up like literally,i can't tell you how many times i watched that video, also it goes to show that no matter how popular,hot,successful you are,you still need that person who makes you feel special,i'm so happy ranveer came into her life and made her feel loved,appreciated and respected

well,that's a weird post,but then again,what a lovely,lovely couple

i will say this again and again,i know she can do better than rs,but if he makes her happy,so be it,also i like the fact that now she's no longer seen as the girl with the broken heart,who can't get over her ex,no one asks her about him anymore,no one cares anymore,looks like she's not the only one who moved on,the media did too

i observe something else,deepika always checks out his lips

if they were in love Deeps had got her tattoo by now and same is for ranveer. this is all show off.

whatever makes you feel better

They love each other everybody knows

ranveer and deepika should have done shuddhi.....they look the part shiva and sati...........anyways may be something more modern after bajirao mastani.............fan......

Great! Now I wish someone does a similar analysis for Ash-Abhi. They r seem to be coming apart....

True dat!

A lot of people have made decent arguments on here. To be honest, i think the dead give away isn't how they laugh together, or necessarily the poses. It's how they look at each other, which is better seen in video than in photos. Just watch the video of the making of Ram-Leela on Youtube. There's a moment where they just stare knowingly at each other without saying a word for several seconds when they talk about the chemistry between them. That pretty much said it all. There are also a few other interviews where the same thing would happen. They spent a lot of time hiding their feelings from the public eye and it was often very apparent, especially with Ranveer because Ranveer isn't a good liar (which he admitted) and he can't hide how he feels. I got the impression that Deepika put down the conditions and he followed her lead. After the "Loveria" incident, he became very careful about being too open. And Deepika herself said she is very reserved about how much she shared about her private life after being burned by Ranbir. There are just some things you cannot hide hide though.

thank you pv,i love their posts the most

so now we need an expert to tell us what we already know

you can tell they were attracted to each other from the get go,i saw a photo of her sneaking out of YJHD sets to go see him while shooting tattand "and people thought she was still into rk,smh",any way you can feel the attraction through out th RL promotions too,but love,like the real thing i only felt that way after seeing their ff screenings photos,the way she was looking at him made my heart skip a beat,also how shy she gets around him as you can tell from the one photo from one of FF'S screening up here,but my guess is rs fell for her long before she did,can't say i blame her though, you know once bitten,any way am happy they are in love and happy as i love them both individually very much,they are beautiful people inside and out and like deepu said more than once they are very compatible.god bless them

I saw that photo too! She was covered in Holi colours, clearly shooting Balam Pichkari and didn't even change or get cleaned up, just went straight to the RL sets to see Ranveer. Just goes to show how easily people where fooled by YJHD promotions. Back on topic, I agree with someone upthread, this is done in Hollywood all the time and very few people put any stock into it. It's not that serious, just an excuse to look at nice photos of a couple in love.

Would you be able to send me a link to that picture please? I can’t find it anywhere and I really want to see it!

i love your comments,you have a way with words and you put your ideas across very well,as for what you guys are saying , i saw the photos three,and i agree that she was fond of and attracted to rs,even when rk the man,she was rumored to be pinning for was around,which goes to show it was just that a rumor,she made up her mind along time ago that's why she broke up with him and decided to close that chapter and move on,and it's good to see almost every one is latching on to the idea that she has genuinely moved on and is happy with her man

the king and queen of my hearts

talk about stating the obvious

no wonder they are keeping it under wraps,the amount of over analysis is scary

every one and their mom know that they are a couple,so what else is new

Nobody other than them can truly say what their equation is. So stop analyzing the slightest moment captured in pictures. These kind of analysis is what would make them (certainly Deepika) uncomfortable when they pose for pictures together. She was not shy during Ramleela promotions as they was less scrutiny in their relationship as compared to now during FF promotions.

more than 20,000 reads and 80 comments for a set of old photos in 18 hours,people just can't get enough,can't say i blame these two are addictive

Maybe he has his hand togethet because he is hiding something or he has his hand in his pocket so as to hold on to his self control !!

Whatever! Love them together and apart.

what is with people commenting Ranveer and Deepika act like this with every person..???Yeah she is kissing Arjun, Srk, Homi , sitting on arjun's lap and all..but have guys seen she is doing those things with Ranveer?? With ranveer she is sooo shy and only her eyes speaks...they are sparkling around him and her smile tells all..She is smiling from heart with him.She is soo feminine around him.. Since i am a big fan of her and see her photos everyday,i can recognize the differences of her smile with Ranveer and her other co stars..,it is a unique smile which i can't explain.....As for Ranveer, he is joking around, laughing, kissing fans and all, but you have to see RL interviews((also award ceromonies,and recent FFF screening) where ranveer looking at her so lovingly ..it is full of love...he stares at her all the time...Always protect her from crowd.. always put hands around her whenever they go through a crowd...And you have to see the proud face of ranveer , whenever she recieved an award..he was always there with her giving all the best actresses trophy's by him self eventhough he didn't win any...I haven't seen ranveer like that with any other costar..he didn't gaze like at Anushka during BBB time...i don't know anything about the body language..but these analysis can be true as well ...but i don't think we need a body language expert to tell fans that they are madly in love and they have a strong bond..people with eyes can see that..only blind people and fans want otherwise don't see..or may be sometime they also see it ..but they don't want to believe it...

i'll tell you one detail more. in a pic he has his hands in pockets and in the other holding his hands together in front. that means though they're obviously having smth, he is not ready for a full commitment. he is keeping his distance and Deepika want him more.


Pictures clicked in a certain way don't exactly represent the truth..conclusions can be manipulated ..

This analysis is just so complete rubbish...tell us something we dont know rather than beating around the bush

Ranveer behaves the same with every female species just see his party pics he is self admitted hugger and kisser

He is a touchy feely person, but as a comparison, he never displayed the same level of affection with Sonakshi in public during their promo period and afterward. It's a different level between him and Deepika.

Ranveer behaves the same with every female species just see his party pics he is self admitted chipku hugger and kisser

As comparisons are being made I will say that I believe the couple who wants more privacy who wants the intimacy behind closed doors are the more closer ones. This oogling into each others eyes like you are so in love in front of ten cameras is not real to me. I'm sorry. I do believe ranveer is an sxtremy sincere person and love him but I am not sure abou his other half. From her track record it id likely she doesn't mind all the attention on her love affairs as she knows how much attention in garners her. nywY like I said its more real when it's done not in front of the world. This is for the cameras. Behind closed doors is just for you and your other half.

well when the behind closed doors intimacy gets leaked to the press on daily basis don't you think that takes away the whole point of it,they want it behind closed doors coz one of them"rk"isn't in it for the long run and knows the day will come when they go their separate,which they will eventually,he would only say what he's already saying she's just an old friend

Or more like lights camera ...action !!

god are these two adorable or are these two adorable

did anyone else notice that these two mostly engender love and appreciation in here,while rankat mostly get hate or ridicule,not that am surprised people are seeing through their pr tactics and are sick of it,also deepveer looks genuine and happy while rankat look unhappy and forced or to be honest only rk looks like that,any way as a deepveerian i couldn't be happier

can I be honest I dont believe in body language. bcoz love cannot be detect its not a disease plus they are actors they know what they have to do. Even my brother had a love marriage but no way he behaved like this with his wife so does that mean he is not in love with her ? U know I cant find a correct word to describe the feeling but its in the eye of the person. Not all ppl are touchy in public in fact ppl who show their PDA I find it to be very filmy and fake. Bcoz if u love a person its not necessary that the world should know abt it. ( My opinion) nothing against this couple at all

"I cant find a correct word to describe the feeling but its in the eye of the person".....bless you for this sentence....finally someone who knows something about true love!

Thank u for liking my comment. Ignore the haters

i think it's just you trying to add to your comment and toot your own horn

hey the first comment is by me but the other one who liked it is not me. I am not stupid to comment on my own comment.

you're not stupid,just pathetic and desperate to prove that they are not in love,was that rude..whatever

I dont care if they are in love or not. What i said was I dont believe in body language thing that's it. And mind ur language u have no right to call me stupid, pathetic or desperate . I can express my view on the article. If u can read I did say I have nothing against this couple.

i'm glad you added the ff screening photo,this is the one that made me believe she's into him too

After doing so much intimate scenes in ramleela what is there to analyse?

What is expert's take on ranveer's poses he is giving these days by wearing some shirts having color dots on them.what's that body language says?

nothing new. The body language can be interpreted well if any one of us is using out instinct. I am not gonna pay an expert to tell me this :P

This is so freakin creepy... and all so obvious.

as much as this is weird, I have said it before...their body language and the way they talk to each other gives away too much in public...only a blind person will not see that they love each other...

All those who say Ranveer and deepika act like this with other people are definitely blind lol coz they can't the difference in body language and smiles and eye contact ..

wonderfully written PV..thanks for this post..but we don't need analyzers to read their body language...People woth eyes can see them that they are madly in love with each other....Anyhow analyzing every detail made me smie..Deepveer articles always do that...

Aww....I can look at their pictures on and on...it always puts a smile on my face.

They make a cute couple but this analysis is a bit strange and intrusive. Yeah they are celebs, their photos are everywhere, but even they should be able to get at least a tiny bit of privacy. It makes me feel a little sad for humanity when people get so over-obsessed with celebrity lives right down to the tiny details and minutiae.

If this is kat and ranbeer.. oh numbers of haters.. lol

Its Ranveer his is a hugger and kisser ..He does it to all.

fyi ranveer behaved the same with Sonakshi, Priyanka and anushka also

they are dating for more than a year now I saw them in Marriot in Mumbai together twice. first time I saw was last year Ranveer had moustache then and 2nd time was this year Ranveer was clean shaven with shorter hair they are definitely a couple they came out together they held hands and they keep looking and smiling at each other after every 5 seconds b4 they went to the lounge to talk to some staff members of theirs

this post is kinda creepy and Deepika does act like this with others. BUT OMG I hope they admit to their relationship soon such a beautiful couple!

Anyone who says this is not love.You have to fall in love then comment

Is it pick on Deepika month?

if someone has enough time to google, they can come up with similar pictures with all her other co stars...

yes especially ranbir kapoor

Yeah, but she was seeing RK in the past so it wouldn't be too hard to find such pictures...

Deepika behaves like this with all her costars & directors. She gets around. He is the one who looks in love-but then again he could just be acting.

what a joke! you can find all such "poses" with any of either's co-actors.

nice couple. they seem very happy with each other....everything has been going good for them since they are together. shows how high the compatibility is between the two. they might marry

Not trying to be hypocritical or anything, I mean I am all for the pair but this post gives a whole new meaning to creepiness.

Thanks , my life depended on this analysis

Hahaha!! Good one!

a special feature for the most special couple

she behaves the same with homi, arjun kapoor, and sometimes even with shahrukh....you behave like that with people you like and appreciate, and you trust them enough to let them enter your intimate zone as meaningful people in your life....but does it mean you are in love with them??? i don't think so, true deep love in my humble knowledge, is beyond staring at each other eyes, touching,...etc. it's a feeling of belonging, when you are with someone, it's like you are home. when you are around each other, you can not talk, not touch, not dare to maintain staring at each other eyes (because you know it disarms you), ....but, you feel a warmth in your soul, you are your true messed up self and you are ok with it, and the other person knows how messed up you are or you can be, but he still feels blessed to have you, and he would happily handle your messed up self rather than staying away from you for a second, you feel empowered to be the best version of your self every day, you feel the other person will always protect you even from himself or even from your own self, you feel the other person will let you be even if the price is him not be able to be, you feel you are looking at life from the same window, and it's pleasently enough for both of you, even if all other people are looking at it from a totally different window, you feel you are not alone,.....and so many more things.... true love actually is something much more deeper than a body language can display....body language means only that you like the person enough to allows her to get in your intimate zone.

i have seen thr YJHD promotional interviews and on the bases of my observations i think he is the one for whom dp can do anything....she becomes too conscious in his presence...In 1 of thr promotional interview ranbir said "i hv all the qualties tht shd match deepika's ideal, and deepika was staring at him" but din say anything at tht moment (cz she dint want to interrupt him)...later she said tht "ranbir doesn't have any quality tht meet my exceptions (in a comic way or whatever she knows better)...she seems very shy, dreamy, choi moi type of girl, if ranbir ko koi bat buri na lag jaye....alwasy laugh at his jokes and always look at him when she cracks any joke herself to see if he is laughing or not...i like the way she looks at rk and when she keep looking at him.

in your dreams

she can do anything for ranbir,ha,well she didn't do roy or ayan's new movie,or the workshops for WS,she also brought rs her "boyfriend "on set of their movie,she risked kjo's wrath and signed BM,because ranveer signed it,she took a month long vacation to spend time with him in europe,she left rk hanging and went to turkey to be with rs on his bday, so it's safe to say she will do anything for rk in your dreams and maybe his

nicely worded

i like how you penned that ,but i don't know how do you know that they aren't that to each other,also fyi,she doesn't gaze into homi',arjun's or srk's eyes,she only does that with him,she only gets shy around him,that sets him apart don't you think,finally this might shock you but the world is crawling with madly in love people gazing into each other eyes

well, i don't think i said they are or they are not that, to each other...i said body language is not enough to tell if it's true and deep love, or not, between a couple, because this is what this post is about, so i gave my personal opinion on the matter that's all. having said that, i think she gets shy around ranbir too, and there is many pictures and videos about it from YJHD to NDTV awards show , and she gazed into arjun's eyes and srk many times (with ranbir they avoid it for some reason), just go check FFF and chennai express pictures and videos during promotions, so i'm sorry it doesn't set RS apart, in my eyes. and yes, people madly in love with each other, do stare into each other eyes (and i've never said the opposite), but i was talking about maintaining eye contact with your lover for a long time and in public (forget about being a celebrity and all the cameras and eyes are on you!), if there is true love out there, you will get disarmed and vulnerable, and it will show, and you will want to express your love more intimately, it's human, and it's a very private and pure moment, and i dont think you would want to expose it in public!! but if you do, i don't think a celebrity would want to...but again, this is a personnal opinion.

ranbir ha,ok now i get it

you got what you wanted to get....but it doesn't matter.

right back at you

seeing them together gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling

i loved their trailer launch photos the most

does anyone else think rs looks better with a stubble

that summed it up perfectly

i never get tired of hearing,reading about and watching these two together they are magical

she wasn't shy around them back then,now when ever they are together,she's blushing and feeling shy, i think she only started opening up to him recently,during RL,she was just having fun

Wow! it was very nice! thank u PV!

god he is so caring and loving,don't let that one slip dp

i like their FF premier photos way more,but these are nice too

i think when you're in love it shows,you can deny it,but you can hide it,those who say that if you truly love someone you don't need to act lovey dovy have never been in love,coz when you're in love you can't help it,that's why ranbir and deepika were all over each other when they were dating,because they were genuinely in love,and that's why rankat never look like they are into each other,at least rk doesn't,anyway am so glad that unlike ranbir,deepu is happy and better off without him

Lol we already knew that they are deeply madly passionately in love.God bless dp and rs.

the baba and the babe

One couple that I feel are not a pair but ohhhhhhh how badly I wanna be wrong 'cause I ship them goooooossshhhhh!

I love it! My favourite couple :)

wow,this just made my evening,pv muah

my cuties,my OTP,they own my fangirl heart and they fill it with so much happiness

LOL, can't believe this a post. Not complaining though, any excuse to sigh over these two. It should have included some of the more recent pics though, all the lovely dovey gazing ones from the many FFF premieres. But I guess those don't need a body language expert to interpret what we could all see already. :)

Wow!! Loved the analysis!!

love these two to the moon and back

Super like

i love their recent sightings more,she seems more into him now

Aww this just reminds me how cute they are...love them ...big smile on my face while reading this article:) ;)

This is so cute ♥ ♥ ♥

woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......................no words...................................wonderfully written...........

i miss seeing them together,can't wait for the day they go public,so that i can see them together more often

thank you for the walk down the memory lane pv

all i want is a guy like ranveer in my life


can't wait for BM and its promotions

Lol, she's the same with Homi

Rephrase... Same with everyone..

ah god,that put a huge smile on my face

thank you pv,i love you for this

the matchy matchy couple

relatioship goals deepveer

my favorite is the one with them holding hands

i loved ramleela's promotions,a deepveer sighting every day for two weeks,good times

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