Irina Shayk - a Deepika Padukone look alike?

If you are wondering who Irina is, she is Ronaldo's steady girl friend and a super model.
Another similarity is that they are BOTH Capricorns and LITERALLY a day apart (Deepika is a day older then Irina)

They look quite similar. What do you think?

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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lol dpk

Bullshit! Irina shayk look more like amala paul

Oh Dan they do look similar.

okay!!!! in the tumbnail i thought d right pic was of deeps.. i was so wrong

Irina is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


Deepika is smoking hot and damn elegant and charming as hell at the same time...dnt knw who irina

Deepika actually look like a supermodel and exqulsite beauty.

Irina is attractive & Deepika is beautiful

nooo.........not@all.......i think deepika is much more pretty zan her

@Tue, 2013-07-23 01:16 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
lol..deepika is an ordinary indian girl who manage to look good with make up ..comparing her with irana is just stupid ...its like comparing silk smitha with marlin monroe..get a life u indians....
+ 1. Only those who have never been outside of India can think that Deepika is the most beautiful girl. She is an average looking indian girl, there are girls who look better in India. Irina is toooo beautiful to be compared with Deepika. She is a Godess

Irina's top lip actually makes her look weird at times and her nose is slightly weird as well but she still looks very pretty-her body is amazing! Deepika is average.

lol..deepika is an ordinary indian girl who manage to look good with make up ..comparing her with irana is just stupid ...its like comparing silk smitha with marlin monroe..get a life u indians....

They are both beautiful.
Irina is one of the most beautiful women alive, next to Aish, of course.

Deepika is better looking !

Deepika is miles better

Irina looks just as much as Adriana as she looks like Deepika. She does NOT look like Adriana very much at all.

You don't see it when Sonakshi tries to ape Aishwarya's looks and poses yet you're trying to say that Deepika and Irina look alike? no. Irina looks like the twin of Adriana Lima. That's all.

from what angle they look me both are beautiful but if I've to choose I'll go with DP

Irina is beautiful

Irina is so hot.

dey look alike in dis pic....other wise dey r quite diff...

Too many katrina fans on pv, too many.

In comparison, Deepika is better looking.

No way! They don't look alike at all!!

I actually think their smile and eyebrows look similar (after pin pointing) :) Both have dimples and thick eyebrows.
I agree with Fiza_Khan their smile and eyebrows look similar and both have dimples. Actually Irina has a little bit similarity with Deepika in some pics only. In real life she looks nothing like Deepika but both are gorgeous women.


She looks more like Amanda!

Hmm..Irina has pouty lips whereas Deepika has thin lips;Irina's nose is way better too.However,both are gorgeous women and even Filmfare stated they look similar.

She looks nothing like Deepika. Both are stunning but very different.

To me, Deepika looks hotter!

No, she doesn't look like Deepika at all!! Agree with Anon below..Deepika is unique!!

Deepika is way more gorgeous

If someone does look like of deepika , it
Has to be richa pallod.

No Not really Deepika is unique!\

Pls dont insult irina

Sun, 2013-07-21 20:36 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
NO WAYY! deepika looks more like miranda kerr I thik
AGREE if she is anything like any supermdel,its miranda she looks llike

I am offended,i love deepika but IRINA can only be comparedto ADRIANA(i knnow someone else said it too),anything below adriana nop,sorry
But deepika is still very cute.

Keeping the whos-more-beautiful debate aside, i must say they have ample similarities.

Deepika and Esha deol can be compared not this one

twins much. deepika is the ultimate hottie.

GOOGLE Irina's images guys :/ she looks nothing like DP. I am a fan of DP but seriously Irina Shayk can only be compared to Adriana Lima.

I don't think their eyes, nose or face structure looks same at all :S Irina has a square shaped face, a very thin nose (DP's nose is pointy but she has flared nostrils) and Irina's eyes are more catty like Adriana. DP has pretty doe shaped eyes.

I actually think their smile and eyebrows look similar (after pin pointing) :) Both have dimples and thick eyebrows.

i really want to know who posts such silly questions? deepika is 0 compared to Irina. Irina is a international supermodel, and comparing them on an international level - there is nothing 'different" or "striking' about deepika. Shes an average looking banglore girl who got extremely lucky.

Irins shayk is much hotter than deepika

NO WAYY! deepika looks more like miranda kerr I think!

lol deepika wishes she was half the beauty irina is.

what a joke!

Irina is way better....

Irina is full of Botox. While deepika is naturally stunning!

Irina is disgustingly hungry for fame. Currently she is using Christiano to gain fame internationally. Meanwhile deepika is dedicated, stunning and top actress.

Yes, they do to an extent but only the eyes and nose. Besides that, perhaps the face cut. But I wouldn't call them look-alikes!

i searched up pics
deepika is much more graceful and gorgeous

I was just thinking about this today. I think they look similar! Like the way Deepika looks a tad like Miranda Kerr. Both of them are gorgeous of course.

I'm a capricorn and love Capricorn girls:)
ok honestly she only looks like deepika in this pic, specially the eyes and the eyebrows.. but in real she looks nothing like her. she's much prettier than Deepika and has smoother features.

Maybe this one picture alone resembles Deepika, but irina does not look anything like Deepika. All I had to do was bing her pictures to see how she looks, instead of going by this One pic.


Irina is wayyyyy prettier

she looks more like Camila Alves,infact almost identical


i swear if westerners saw this they wpuld laugh their asses pff...

Orina is one of the most beautiful women in the world!!! Deepika is hardly good lookign even amongst her contemporaries.

Serious pr overdrive...

deepika is n 29 th and irena in top 5 we cannot compare deepika to irena

Wow, they really look alike....Irina looks super hot!!!!

Nothing alike and Arina is just so Beautiful with striking features

Irina looks like Priyanka

yeah sure!

No Irina's more beautiful and sexier.

No.. Irina looks more like Adriana Lima than Deepika

I think the actress Amla Paul downsouth like mini version of Deepika

Only in this pic.

I just googled more of irinas pics..and she is quite different from deepika
both are hot,irina a bit more

irina looks more like scarlett johansson than deepika

they are both 10s!

which one is deepika?

yeah they look alike, irina has nicer lips, deepika has nicer eyes. both their noses are perfect.

in this picture they look alike but otherwise no..but they both have striking features and a similar bone real life irina is much more magnetic and confident while deepika is more graceful and nuanced

they look nothing alike!

no way


lool i dont like Irina's features. Deepika has prettier facial features

You have put similar looking pictures. Personally i think they look nothing alike....their features are quite different.


Loooooooooooool, hell no. Irina Shayk is a 10.

Both are gorgeous but they do not look alike.

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