unseen picture of deol family


Credits: http://media.photobucket.com/image/Seeta%20Aur%20Geeta%20posters/e_lain/indd/esha%20deol/family_022.

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Just like he Will never leave hema of course he will never leave his first wife

esha still looks the same..

OMG look at dharmendra hand.I heard about his hands everywhere inTV.True his hands are of HE MAN, really .

cutting hair really short, makes you get better hair.. like trimming your split ends.. as a child, the more times you cut, the more energy your hair takes.. the better hair grow.. why else do we shave off newborns head? that's what was told to me.. anyway, they look like a happy family.. good.. tho dharmendra was always a coward to appear beside his daughters in public

handsome dharmendra and beautiful hema but their kids do not have their beauty

I agree, he will never leave his wife. Old is gold.

i agree with anonymous on Wed, 2009-05-27 20:10...when i was younger my mom made me do the same...so damn annoying!!!!!!!!!

i have baby pics of me of when I was younger with either short or no hair at all!...I looked like a boy!...lol

@mgurlgurl on Wed, 2009-05-27 00:32---->i guess it was to prevent headlice or something!
my mom used to do the same to me...it used to be really embarrasing!
So happy live by myself now...every summer i had to shave my head when i was younger!

i'm sure this happened to many indian girls when they were younger, if not shave the head then atleast cut the hair really short...right????

hema is so dumb...she made ahana shave all of her hair off!!!!
do they want boys that badly????...lol:)

he never left his first wife

I agree why the short hair?? I think they want their girls to look like boys.

Ahana's hair luks like she shaved it all off and now its growing slowly...luks kinda like a boy...LOL!

Indian mom's cut their daughter's hair coz they do other stuff in the house instead of just leaving kids ti

shorter the hair, less headlice

dey both luk so cute...but i always wondered dis abt indian families=====> why do dey make da girls hv really short hair...i mean esha n ahana luk adorable with da short cut..but still...why do da mothers make them keep deir hair so short?:>

i have neva cn esha n her father 2geva b4....shes neva cn wid her bruvas eitha bobby n sunny?

dharmendra baelly

anyone hv a pic of sunny n bobbys mum? wats her name

They look like Abhay Deol.

aww this is a adorable picture.

id like to c a pic of the 1st deol family with the bys n his 1st wife

wht a coward, he left his wife for her

esha n ahana looks twins...same looking.

esha n ahana looks twins...same looking.

thats so so cute......

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